My first night in Mexico….. i <3 ma team!

Hola everyone!
Decided to start a blog to keep u all updated with me turning into a Mexican parrot!
The journey here was LONG bt straightforward, nearly 10hrs to Texas ( watched lik 5 filmz n they have a classic welcome to Houston, Texas video!) then bout 2 hours down into Torreón, Mexico.
My bb had a minor tantrum along the way so the battery gt the naughty step until it fixed up n said sorry. (yeh, i miss supernanny!)
Was met by Oscar, 1 of my managers, at the airport who thought my luggage amount was amazing! I did my best n brought 2 cases, ma hand luggage case n ma Big handbag…… (Cuba ppl, u kno hw i roll n i only brought 2 bt itz all gud! Cz i kan shop here)
The drive from the airport reminded me of Cuba minus the propaganda and jamaica n florida cz of the houses n shops.
After picking up Sandra, my other boss (who had some hot heelz on!) we went STRAIGHT to a bar to meet the rest of the team/housemates, Laura, Terry and Emma. (n ma new homies Elizabeth, Angel n Iban). Gotta say im so happy already n feel like with the support i have, it will b an amazing experience!
It was so nice to meet them after so long and see them beyond Facebook! They r guna b immense fun times, i can feel it!
Terry did a live set when i arrived inc a AmyWinehouse tribute n she was amazing! She got well into it n im deffo a fam/entourage from nw on. 2 Nubian divaz in Torreon, we guna make history 4real! I made friends with Coronas too! Afta the bar we went to a Mexican cantina 4 some cheeky yet yummy tacos n i saw ma 1st mariachi band, they r so much better live n if any mexicano is thinking warm thoughtz bout me (LMAO) he betta organise a DJ Khaled Mariachi collab, u get me, cz im kool like that. N 4 all u gasserz nope i ent seen any hotties yet bt im sure i will soon enuff!
Once we finished eating, jetlag moved in on me so we came back to my new lovely abode! Itz lovely! N ma bed is sooo comfy! Im hearing there r mosquitoz r lurking so ima b mixing ma repellent into ma body cream, i ent playing with those pesky beastz!
Guna spend the day sortin out my stuff n pimping ma room n etc, u lot kno hw im am!
Tryna do blog entries at least twice a week 4 y’all n will b dropping some español nw n agen to spice it up so google translate at the ready!
Gotta love y’all n leave y’all so hasta luego!

3 thoughts on “My first night in Mexico….. i <3 ma team!

  1. Alecia I’m amazed you managed just 2 suitcases hahaa! HAVE A FANTASTIC TIME! I know you will 😀 TE QUIERO MUCHO! XXXXXXXX

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