My first night out in Mexico!!!! (Por Fin!!)

Wassup everyone!! As i sit here hanging a head in Tequila shame i fort it would b the perfect time to tell u about ma first authentic raving experience.

Now i’m sure a lot of you are aware of the safety situation in Torreón (regarding the drug wars n etc…) but obvz us young people need a place to go out n put down some squares so along with me housemates n ma new mexican homies we decided to hit 1 of the most popular gay nights in Torreón.

Now i know some of you have very strong views about gay people and etc but let me tell u now I straight always have and alwayz will be and if this club is the only SAFE place open until late then so be it. I have my faith in God and his world but i will not let secular views change the way i live my life. Theres a difference in being surrounded in sin and staying strong to your beliefs and being a sheep n bitches i don’t baaaaaaa!!! (phew, rant over!!!)

Anywayz, had an amazing time at the club, music was decent even though after a month of random dance music ima have to have a quiet word with the DJ!!! Me n Terry being the only gurls of colour for MILES we literally took center stage n we had major GIRAFFES INA FARM moments but it was all good vibes, i just think they have never seen morenas in Torreón and thought we were lost n forced to groove but NO PEOPLE!!! We are here to STAAAAAAY!! for now anyways…….

Met some kool people and the night had a superhero theme so there were random bodypainted superheros all over the place so u kno i had 2 paparazzi those mofo’s!!! oh yeeeeeh the Tequila in Mexico is soooooooo much nicer than the poison they give u in the UK!! Might b a problem soon tho!! lol

Can’t remember what time we left the club but all i remember was the words ‘Burger King’ n i was ready to go!!! My FIRST EVER Burger King experience was classic and yeh the chicken tenders they do r sayin a lot to me but regardless….. I WILL ALWAYZ B 1 OF RONALD MC’DONALDS chicas!!!

We got a cab home after our Mega Munch n when pulling up to our abode we realised we didn’t have the key…. Im sure if we were inthe UK we would have had riot police tapping on our backs the way we attacked our house from every corner!!! Me fighting the doors with a hair pin while Terry and Emma took turns being spiderwoman over our garden walls (as well as ripping off a window guard n being chased by our squatter cat that tries to live with us….. U kno hw i feel bout intruders…….) After bout 20 minz we managed to get in n we all scattered to our rooms n dived into bed.

All in all had a really good night and as time goes on i will deffo find ma Reggaeton/ HipHop/ Dancehall scene in Torreón and if all else fails i got a talented homie coming to Mexico real soon that will have to come up n do some special sets n im guna have to learn to hit the Dj Decks as well…..

Start work tomorrow so will hit y’all again around midweek…

Peace out homies xoxo


One thought on “My first night out in Mexico!!!! (Por Fin!!)

  1. Hi Leecee, knew you’d seccle in jus fine, good to hear u find a club to party n let loose, hope trainin/work goes well dis week and anticipatin yur next blog, love Anty S xxxx

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