Officially workin nw!

¿Wat up homies y familia?
Az ma first workin week draws to a close n i snuggle dwn 4 ma daily nap! (dnt watch ma granny behaviour) i fort i’d give u an update.
So my job is a Profesor of English working within an independent & private language center. I love my job n love ma team, makes a difference wn u enjoy wat u do. The clientz range in levelz of english bt all r very enthusiastic about learning so itz nice.
Workin hrz r btween 6AM (big gyal timez!) until bout 11am then we r back from 5pm until 9pm allowin me 2 indulge in ma napz in btween. One of the challenges i have as an english native speaker is that we were not taught how 2 identify grammer (i kno i lived a cloudy life bt nuff ppl dnt kno it! N no they didnt go 2 JK lol).
So i have been sitting in other classes to learn them az it kud b useful 2 know.
Went out 4 dinna on wednesday at a lovely sushi place, u kno wat i had tho, stir fried veg n CHICKEN n it twas scrumptious, im all up 4 tryin new thingz bt run belly iz nt a social sickness n ima delicate gurl! (well ma digestion iz!)
Apart from that just been lesson planning n combating mosquitoz. Got bitten twice n i was balley’d up (balaklavad up) in no time. At work we r slappin dm in front of our clientz bt we r guna gt pluginz cz u kno me n ma bad language already.
To close this entry i just wanted to remind you all that anything iz possible if u believe n work hard bt 4 godz sake STAY SAFE!
I kno im living in the land of drugz cartelz bt over the past day, i have been reminded just hw easy it iz 2 lose everything 4 nothing.
2 wrongz dnt make a right n nw…….
God iz a major part of ma life n i may live a random life bt god iz spinnin the wheel in the twister game of ma life so im nt guna fall or let no1 bring me dwn.
I have been thru so much to get to this point in ma life n wil nt stop believin in maself of God.
I wana wish ma hearthomie a safe trip 2 the motherland n mek sure u tuck in dat net tight in2 ur matress. Herd dm mosquitoz r on dis ting!! (kudnt help dat!)
Goin out lata n 2morow nite so will holla once i recover!
N b4 u ask, yes i am a rebel of the english language n will never fail 2 customise ma wordz n yep ima english teacher.
Az ma breadcrumbz wud say: BOYAKASHAAA
Take care mi gente. Xoxo


One thought on “Officially workin nw!

  1. Mosquito repellant girl!! Do u want me to post you some?! I still have cuban bottles left over… lol! x x x x x x x

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