Facing my social fears…..

Hey peepz! Been nearly a week since I hollered at u guys so fort i’d fill u in.
Last friday wnt 2 a mini pool party at ma bosses house n this night changed ma relationship with swimming!
The alcohol n beer wid lemon n salt (yeh, I kno!) were flowing n afta me, terry n laura did a photo sesh by the waterfall, the diving comp began.
Now everybody who knoz me will have heard about or understand the eternal battle between me n ma hair n kno that I dnt give a damn az long az itz clean.
But az I was watching every1 dive I started 2 feel like I was being pulled away from enjoying the moment. Terry, who has an amazing fro, was doin sum xpert divin while all I waz thinkin was I really don’t wana have 2 do ma hair 2nite n etc.
Then I gt a feeling from Big G (God) that I shouldn’t let my image stop from living n learn 2 enjoy nature. Before I knew it I was on a diving board 4 the 1st time in over 5 yrz n voila!! Ma 1st dive was kinda crap bt ma 2nd 1 was quite gud. Wil upload the pic when I get it.
N even tho I spent the nite drunk washing n blowin out ma hair, I dnt regret facing ma fear n enjoyin the pool.
Anutha major milestone dis week was karaoke! Now I have been with ma gurlz b4 all in the name of fun bt dis was a lot more intense!
1 of our work friendz invited us to a karaoke bar that he n his friendz rent out weekly n a lot of them r really gud.
Music has n always will b ma 1 true love bt singin iza nxt ting! So afta sum dark liquid courage (aka brandy n coke) I sang 4 the 1st time ona stage in front of ppl.
Fair enuf I sang a spanish song (TitoElBambino – El Amor) 2 gt more brownies pointz bt I waz pleasently surprised that I didn’t pass out n no1 ran out!! I also decided 2 the rep the UK n sing an adele song n all in all I got gud feedbak 4 a crazy amateur gurl like me.
I’m nt guna get in2 it aza career bt it waz jst nice 2 face ma fearz doin sumink I’m passionate about.
U shud try it sumtime!
Hasta luego!

2 thoughts on “Facing my social fears…..

  1. Woooow you are brave girl on all sorts of levels. I can’t remember the last time I let my hair touch pool water… maybe this week i’ll face a fear of my own!

  2. Gwan Leecee knw u ad it in yah!!. Wats nxt divin in olympics 2012. Me n lyd loving yr blog keep it up shinin star XXxxxxx

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