Settling into ma new life……

Hey familia y amigos!!!!

Sorry about the delay i have had a busy few weeks but im back now n can tell ya all about it!!!

Soooooooo a few weeks ago i met up some Mexicanas at a club n we all became friends n they decided 2 take me out Mexican style last weekend. Now after debating wat i was guna wear n etc i decided to go for a sexy (Leggings n a cute top) casual look as im already ‘a giraffe ina farm’ n wasn’t ready to be a peacock just yet!!! So anyhoo we went to a outdoor club/bar called La Palapa. Now i had seen this place when out in the day but never thought to go cz it looked very outdoorsy but was pleasently surprised with the place. It was set out like a massive beer garden with loadza tables n chairs n the main focus point was a stage at the front vs a large plasma screen that they played music vids on. Now being a newcomer to Mexcian music i spent a lot of time people watching seeing how ppl got dancing n etc n it was quite normal, u had the couple doing their thing n then the group of gurls that wanted all the attention n then groups of friends like us. Throughout the night we had a few bands come on stage n do some live stuff that everybody seemed to know n then they wud blast tunes n vids through the tv. Now i was very impressed with the music selection he had goin on very current n good bassline on there, before we knew it we were pushin chairs out the way n fist pumpin with the waiters on chairs loooool. Was a bit bummed wen he didnt bless ma night with any hip hop or bashment then ina drunken haze ma heart nearly came through ma chest when he played ‘Jump Around’ n ‘Here comes the Hotsteppah’ in the same set. (I personally believe it was dedicated to me but wateva lol). Generally a good selection of music n i found out that i have a natural love for Cumbia music, youtube some n u’ll b surprised how much similarities there are the music styles. Also i wana get a t-shirt that sayz ‘YO NO QUEIRO AGUA, YO QUIERO BEDIDA!!!’ which roughly means ‘ i don’t want no water, i want a strong drink’…..

Now for all u gossip mungers the good stuff……… The guys at the club were well how can i put it…. very mexican, there were some cuties bt i found maself havin to imagine them without the stetson hats n point off shoes n practically restyle them before i could even think about liking them. Don’t get me wrong i have seen FEW cutie (I kno!!!) but i think being in London n America so much im sadly addicted to the ‘bad boy’ or ‘cute nerd’ looks n here dey ent feelin it at all. The ppl that do dress like that i refuse 2 even look at cz dey ent playin with the cartelz in Mexico n im too grown to b playin Bonnie n Clyde (been there done that n got out alive, thank god everyday 4 it) But i did have a dance with this guy that claimed he was venezuelan cz im obvz nt Mexican but ma gurlies sussed him out n despite his wonderful drunken slurs of affection mi leff him same place. Not about been some1’z trophy i respect maself to much for that N HE WERENT EVEN THAT CUTE ANYWAY!!! So im slowly makin progress on the raving scene…..

Back to the land of the sober, i was getting really ill at work n i found out that im suffering from vertigo cz of the altitude difference, tried to be a big gurl n just blame it on early mornings, change in diet n etc bt nah i was jst plain ill, so i got some tabz n am feeling a lot betta but im hoping it will wear off soon. London like 24 metres above sea level whereas Torreón is 3,000 metres above sea level so when i wake up ma body feels like we r ina airplane or summink!!!

Been hitting the gym like a mofo as well, I kno im not a MichelinChick but i got an idea of how i wana b in ma head n by the way i feel muscles expanding n fat disappearing in certain places, i will b hittin a beach proudly soon enough. ina polka dot bikini guuuuuurrrrllll (Kudn’t help it!) Was on the weights n was feeling demotivated n the Gym MTV screen started playing ‘Im On One’ by Dj Khaled feat Drake, Ricky Rozay n Lil Wayne, now all those that know me will kno i got a mad obsession wid music espesh rap n hip hop so i just took it as a sign to keep on goin n i did. Only missed 4 days out of the past 2 weeks, im definetly on one……. #SELFMADEBEAUTY

Also i was planning to hit Cancun for my birthday but after changes of planz i decided to do me n enjoy ma birthday how i want so im guna b in ma town 4 ma Bday then at the end of October im guna go to Guadalajara to watch my kuzin Jovan in the PanAmerican Games. Im still amazed that somehow he’s guna b here at the same time as me and i didnt even know he was guna b there until anutha kuzin told me at my leaving do. Ma family is massive but wat i love is that we all support each other when we can so im keeping the trend going. Plus i can fulfill ma secret hobby of watching Boxing n UFC live!!! So unladylike but WATEVAAAAAAA!!!

Other than that life has been aight, MOSQUITOS R DYING OUT!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY so i can finally turn off the aircon sometimes but it is getting rather chilly on the 5.30 am stroll to work (Hustlin time i kno but we teach outside the working hours so our clientes can still go to work & have lessonz)  so maybe have 2 drag on a cardi soon enuff. The job is goin well, im learning a lot n meeting some really nice people along the way.

Thats all for now folks, i’ll try n hit u up again in the next 2 weeks but im tellin u ent much happenin realli…….

Finally i would like to end this blog with a few things……

LION KING 3D IS COMING OUT, i feel like this is guna b the most amazing thing ever n im have 2 roll 2 the cinema with ma shades on cz u kno that scene when mufasa gets killed is guna b emosh n i dnt want the little kids 2 see me bawlin!!! I still tear up wen i watch it now!!!


n Apologies 4 all the ppl on ma twitter,i have become a bit of a tweet addict n its not healthy but i assure u i do try my best 2 not stalk famous ppl n im trying to keep positivity flowin through ma NUMEROUS tweets. lol

n finally…………



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