LazyBones/PartyAnimal Syndrome

Hola mi gente!
Anutha blog gap n I’m guna b honest with u all…. I have become addicted 2 napz! I love them! I work from 6am til bout 9am n the best feeling once I’ve hit the gym n had a munch iz ma bed! So dnt b offended if I dnt reply, u’l undastand wn u nap sweetly!
So last weekend was a busy one, waz ma housemate Emma’s birthday so we visited a lil rock bar in the next town which was really fun. Guna have 2 start carryin a hipflask wid alcohol cz da beer iz closin in on me n I JUST CAN’T DO IT!!
Anyhoo we had a few games of pool (complete with exposed power cable hangin ova 4 the wild 1’z, no really, there was) n then we laid down sum mofo shapes on the dancefloor, startd off with sum randomz then thanx 2 ma homie ivan’z ipod (I hate apple) the groove was rescued! Highlight of the night: the sheer joy when they blasted out Vengaboys: Boom Boom Boom. All in all we maxxd out her bday n then saturday was UNFORGETTABLE!
We were invited 2 a wedding by a friend n twaz inna really massive swanky casino n the decor was very classic white n glass theme with very creative table decor. There was about 300ish people n it was a nice mixx of generationz. Night started of kinda slow bt they had this amazin band who kept us in chek. So we started groovin n b4 we know it they have actual carnival statues bussin thru the door n we broke loose up in there. They played from the 70’s right up until now n the best thing was they were giving out free stuff ALL night! Flipz flopz, all kindz of glasses, garlandz, chainz, hatz, maskz I waz in ma element bt I must say ma highlightz were the AMAZING DANCE BATTLE btween a profesh dance crew n the groom n hz mandem. Chek the video!

Anutha classik moment iz wen I saw the most amount of golden oldiez breakin it down 2 the new stuff, nearly gt boxd ova by a gdad jumpin around 2 Black eyed peas n then had a shuffle wid a grandma 2 PartyRockerz n she knew the shuffle!
So that waz last weekend. Apart from work, napping & gym the weekz r mainly the same bt this week is:
6 of october I’m guna b free allday 2 Skype n all that gud stuff so just send me ur names so we kan catch up. Believe me wn I say ma bday WILL be immense!!
Nehoo its ciao 4 nw. Xxx

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