My Trip to Guanajuato….

This is a few weeks overdue but it’s better late than never eh!!! Im terrible at keeping to this even though i have it on my mobile but it’s never too late so here is an update….

So on the 19th of October i visited my friend ‘Z-Loca’ for a week in anutha part of Mexico called Guanajuato. Now orignally i was meant to visit my cousin who was going to be in the Panamerican Games in Guadalajara but unfortunately he couldn’t make it. Because i already had ma ticket i decided to still put them to use and extend my trip to Z’Loca’s city. So the journey itself took around 11 hours on a coach…….

Now i know what your thinking…. 11 hours on a coach…. but it was actually flippin amazing. NOTHING LIKE NATIONAL EXPRESS who i despise… These coaches had 22 seats and an immense amount of leg room with even a foot rest compartment for when you recline ALL THE WAY BACK!! Separate toilets 4 gurls n boys and free WiFi so u kno i was travelling cushty!!! LUXURY CLASS BABYYYY!!

Left out at around 10pm then got to Guadalajara at 6am to change coaches to go to Guanajuato which took about 2 hours. All in all i was MASH UP!!

Guanajuato itself is a beautiful little city that you approach from the outside as it is build on hills. You circle the main centre on a highway before entering through a tunnel system which mirrors the main streets above. Was really interesting to see how they managed to construct a city on such a unique landscape.

It reminded me of a hilly camden as it has many little shops and stalls, loadza of ppl and small streets all over the place. 1 thing i will not forger tho is the hills. THEY WERE IMMENSE!! all kinds of gradients, i recommend a Ski Stick if your not used 2 walking  uphill like me!!

So finally i arrived at ‘Z’Locas’s’ house which would be my home for the following week.

Basic summary of the week if you don’t have my facebook is that i partied my hippo butt off as much as possible. i even went out on the first night after tha mammoth journey and no sleep….. (Yep i did get sick tho…) lol I decided to make the most of my time there by enjoyin wat i enjoy best. I kno i shud become a more cultured person but i looooove sleeping & raving way to much n the nightlife in ma ‘home city’ Torreon is not too friendly….

I did however go with my friend to her workplace at the University of Guanajuato which is a beautiful building to say the least.. once i finished climbing the hill obviously!! I also saw the Teatro Juarez which is so pretty at night and other various sites on my drunken stumbles!! It was also the week of the Cervantino which was a celebration of the Nordic Arts (Sweden, Norway n etc) Whcih was why the streets were so packed. Didn’t go many of the events as we didnt have a program but they were interesting from what we saw walking past.

I met some really nice people and bonded with ‘Z’Loca through Jersey Shore and Vybz Kartel (Yep we cool like dat! lol) Glad i decided to take the initiative and travel cz i can be such a homebody sometimes i only want to see the world from my bed. Will add some pictures to the blog once i work out how!!

Until next time!!! Whenever that may be….. LOL xoxo

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