Last day as a carbon copy of society, first day as a rebel of my heart…….

I originally started this blog as a way to inform you all about my travels and etc in Mexico but i have now answered my calling and be using it as a way to voice my many and very random opinions on anything and everything…..

My first topic is about transitioning…..

If you know me then you will know the endless battle i have faced with my hair. Yes Its a stereotype of Black women but come on its 2012 now move on!!!

So i’m basically decidin to throw in the towel and cut my hair. For the past few months in Mexico i was successfully growin out my perm by braiding out my hair but now the time has come and my hair REFUSED in the form of matted hair and i couldn’t take it n hacked into my first piece of hair……

Now im not sayin i’m going crazy but society has pushed this beautiful light skinned caribbean female into a corner making her believe she has to fit certain sterotypes… I SAY FUCK IT!!!

iI’m through with people telling us what is beautiful or not…. Do what the hell makes you happy cz we sure a hell haven’t got anything else to do while we cry about not having jobs or wanting to grow a bigger booty so ‘he’ will notice you.

I will probably have a breakdown as 24 years of hair falls onto the salon floor but WHAT IS THE POINT OF HOLDING ONTO SOMETHING OF BAD QUALITY FOR THE SAKE OF SOCIETY….

n yes ladies the same thing applies to shoes, jeans and yep ima say it even men!!


Hold tight for the next blog!!

Wana shout out to ma homie Mariam for inspiring me 2 do this! Folloe ur heart homie i’m following mine right behind you.

Check out her amazing blog at

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