Swag will not fund our future…… (this is 4 us regular folk!!!)

Okay so anyone whose got a Blackberry will know what i’m on about….

Yesterday i ‘borrowed’ 2 display pictures from a friend and they said:

‘More Girls need to start searching for Guys who have Goals, Ambition and crave success because 10 years from now ‘Swag’ isn;tgoing to pay your bills’


‘Your weave may be Brazillian but your still from….. Peckham, Harlesden or wateva version you got’

Although i love swaaaaaaaag as much as the next person i can;t help wonder what the hell our future is guna b like?!?!?

I mean yeh this is directed at women but even guys r goin through hell right now cz us gurls have lost our minds…

Seemz like as soon as The Kardashians came out they created a monster n made us believe we got cameras on us mortals!! WE R NOT REALITY STARS, WE LIVE IN REAL LIFE!!

I can honestly say i have fallen victim 2 it myself, whether it be wanting to wear wet look leggings all day everyday or wearing heels wen i kno i got slippers at home we r all warped in this image that society has FAKED us into.

There are an amazing amount of real people out there men & women who r not conforming to the norm but it sad cz they r often over looked.

They guy who don’t run AC’z or shott just so he kan roll up inna rave wearing a GUCCI SCARF sweating like a sprinter or who actually understand the value of a glance n dnt wana stamp u out with the man dem are gettin as rare like an albino tigers.

I personally know a lot of good men who do what they gotta do but they were of a time where they got an education n actually know something (Y they still on road will b their wife issue, not mine!!) But somehow its filtered through and now we have a generation of 13 to 19 year old boys walkin around like flippin Wu Tang Clan using thier FREE OYSTER CARD (sort it out London… SKOOL DONE AT 4PM, LOCK DAT ISH OFF!!).

Yeh badboys r cute n etc but damn how r u guna accept the fact that wen we hit bout 30 we r guna b goin on dates before 7pm cz hes on Tag or we gotta avoid certain areas cz the man you love got beef out of ends n all u wana do is go West End without gettin moved to by a herd?!?!?

These r the lost souls that society has created and it about time we stop critisicin these young men n start making them wana go 2 university even though they wud have a better income off road considerin da loan bullshit n making them see that a gucci scarf won’t keep your family warm wen ur all 35 n still on road….

Time to make as change…

Now to the beautiful females…..

We all wana b rescued at some point but ladies dat time has long gone. A new evil has entered our lives at that is ATTENTION SEEKING…..

I can’t tell you the last time i heard a young girl aspire to be more than her bottom… Itz not a bad thing to wana b curvy or anything but dammit U R MORE THAN UR BATTY!!

Wear a wear, get a fake tan but just remember at some point your guna have 2 see yourself n you shudnt neglect your true beauty just 2 pay for someone else’s. 1 thing i will say that beauty is a business so if you find youself wonder where your baby hairs or hairline is goin or y ur nailz r like greaseproof paper, i beg you don’t run back to the same people causing you the problem, THEY WANT YOU TO KEEP COMIN BACK!!!

Just cz dat hottie from dat rave loves you off cz u kno wa gwan doesn’t mean he will love you when he flips u back over…. (sorry 2 b harsh!)

First impression mean everything n yes b sexy but please please please don;t forget that looks fade and eventually you will have a child of your own and you don;t want to have to tell them you stuffed you jeans or bullshit like that.

WE R ALL ATTRACTIVE IN OUR OWN WAYS….. Maybe some gotta dig reeeeal hard 2 find it but we r!!

Make guys know that respondin 2 a sound is not acceptable, you are someone’s daughter, niece, grandaughter, maybe even mother and you need 2 demand your respect from jump.

Ent nothing wrong with making mistakes, its life but when you wake up n see the world for what it is don’t be the girl who he points to the night bus stop. Im not sayin marry him straight up but at least let him drop u some cab fare or summink….. lmao

I guess all i’m tryna say is look as good as you can for the person you see in the mirror cz i guarantee you our future is not guna b easy so start by loving yourself….. (Trey Songz or Nicki Minaj ent comin 4 none us so we need 2 wake up real quick….)


P.S. Some food for thought for even myself….. We might wana actually calm down on the tattoos (I got 9.. lol) cz i was thinkin the other day what if when god blesses me with children one day they come home from school all scribbled up like a back street saying they wana b like mommy and daddy (When i somehow find ma Mr)…

We gotta lead by example n yeh they r sentimental n have meaning but people please remember Wiz Khalifa already has his money stacked 4 him n his family….


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