Where the fuck is Ken???

So this entry is based on a lesson I had today.

The lesson was based on the stereotypes based put on female managers in the workplace, if the woman wants to become successeful. It was basically saying she has to become ‘more masculine’ to suceed n etc… I don’t agree but sometimes we got stop smiling n stand up for ourselves n if that makes u a man then u go Tommy boy!! Im kool tho thanx!

Anyhoo ma chain of craziness brought me back to my childhood. I was obsessed with two films The Lion King and The Little Mermaid (Still am!!) now content wise 2 very different films, one talk about family pride, betrayal, murder, hakuna matata of course while the other talks about rebellion against your family to follow your heart with an amazing caribbean crab as ur side kick BUT WHAT IS MY POINT…..

Well i never really played with dolls, i was more of a teddy bear girl but i think about todays society and i have many young female family members comin up and i have noticed a MASSIVE ABSENCE.

In a world of the working women who were raised buy Barbie AND Ken doll sets, making them kiss and wondering y ken kudn’t have real hair, im thinking is society trying to a independent future for women. I mean we are always hearing about career women who freeze thier eggs and throw themselves into thier jobs however these same women were the barbie generation who has the horse and cart, the shelly babies, that infamous play kitchen and all that good stuff and look how they reverted against those ideals….

Is society making our little girls believe men don’t exist??

Obviously with high school musical (Zac E…..) n the one and only Justin Bieber they are seeing men in the limelight but what about in a family environment??  We complain about the level of teenage preganacies and the fact gurls r running around wearing those STRANGE butt cheeks shelf shorts but from the beginning society has lacked to inspire them of a family.

Now before i get buss up 4 bigging up stereotypical families i was raised by a single mother and am an only child so i had ma own struggle but I can’t help bout wonder if i had played with barbie and ken together would i have tattooed into my mind a family even though my reality was very different?

With the rise in Universitiy fees n the silly Olympics coming to steal our parking spaces (Y DIDN’T THEY SPREAD IT OVER ENGLAND AND ADVERTISE THE COUNTRY INSTEAD OF SQUEEZING IT INTO ZONES 1-6????)  I think its time we start really question the children of our future and ask ourselves…


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