After the heartbreaking injury pull out from Dan Henderson followed by Jon Jones refusal to fight Cheal Sonnen, and then when Machida was set to go against Jones he decided to say no!!  UFC was tugging on my emotions until the event was finally confirmed. I didn’t know this amazing sport could bring out the girl in me!!!

Sooooooo tonight is the night, we have our Headliners Jones vs Belfort, which is going to be a reeeeeaally intense fight. Will be interesting to see how Jones has developed his style since the backlash of his controversial ‘NO’ to his initial opponent Sonnen and also how Vitor Belfort plans to avoid those legendary long limbs.

In the flyweight we have 2 fighters who i believe are equally matched just not in the same styles. Should be  a good fight.

And finally in the Mr Micheal Bisping is back with a bang in his Middleweight bout against Brian Stann, an important match for both fighters.

Overall we know what we will all be waiting for but the build up to the main event will be worth watching.

All i know is that when i hear Bruce Buffer i’m running to the TV Screen!!!

R.I.P UFC 151

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