My Bachata Outburst – Mi explosión de Bachata

Soooooo i’m moving to Honduras in January to teach for 11 months and as music forms my soul i thought i would tune into some online radio stations over there and see whats going on….

I’m happy to report that i will be absolutely fine over there cz they have my beloved reggaeton, bachata, salsa and punta, a genre derived from Central American as a result of intergration with Afro-Lations. (Very similar to dancehall to Jamaicans). As well as HipHop, R&B and my other loves.

I was listening to a station called Caliente 96.9 fm and this song jumped out at me that i now find myself havin random outbursts of lyrics trying to escape my untrained voice box or a random bachata dance off with my shadow.

The song is called ‘Que Vuelva’ by Alex Bueno an artist from the Dominican Republic who is a legend in the latin music world.

The song isn’t only amazing but speaks to me on a different note….

To me the song acted as a metaphor for my travels serenading me to get back onto a plane and follow my dreams. And no i was not under the influence when i had this epiphany!!!

Here are some of the lyrics……

‘Dile que vuela’ – tell her to come back = The foreign lands calling me back

‘Que sin ella no puedo vivir’ – that without her i can’t live. = ‘Her’ is my love for travelling

‘Dile que aquí esta el hombre que la ama , Que siempre ha sido el dueño de su vida’ – Tell her here’s the man who loves her that has always been the master of his life. = The man is God and the master the Ambition

‘Que me la encuentro siempre en cada sueno, que ya no duermo’ – That i find her in every dream and that i don’t sleep anymore’ = ‘Her’ is a reference to my goals in life.

‘Que si las miradas no me llegan, sé que pierdo la cabeza’ If the her looks/stares don’t come back to me, i know i will lose my mind = ‘her looks/ stares’ are the many amazing things left to see in the world.

‘Que me muero de angustia porque yo no la puedo ver y pierdo mil intentos en buscarla’ – I’m dying of anxiety because i can’t see her and i will lose a thousand attempts in looking for her = ‘Her’ is the world

Hope you liked my little Bachata analogy here is the link to the song (chose the craziest video so you have to listen to the song!! lol):

Alex Bueno – Que Vuelva: 

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