Fight the powers that be!!!

So i have just seen a documentary by the amazing Cherry Healey called ‘ How to get a life’ and i must say i feel a lot more liberal for watching it.

The doc was about how people are fighting against prejudice and stereotypes in modern day society, the stories were:

A female firefighter

A Sikh who carries his Kirpan on a daily basis around London. A Kirpan is a ceremonial sword carried by baptized Sikhs as well as other artifacts that represent his commitment to his religion.

An adult entertainer in a wheelchair

A black male ballet dancer

A lesbian who faced discrimination at work

These people faced a struggle everyday proving to ‘society’ that they are just human like the rest of us and shouldn’t be treated differently.

From a very early age i have always had a mixed ethnicity group of friends so i didn’t see the initial social  separation tendencies of people until my mid teens however i’m proud to say it didn’t phase me and my life will never be lived through the eyes of a judge. People are people and i am a person too.

One of the most interesting times i felt like my background was influencing prejudice was on one of my travels i met a gay man who was curious about my views about homosexuality as i’m from a Jamaican background. At first i didn’t really know what to say as although i grew up listening to the infamous ‘burning blah blah’ and ‘gunshot inna whoeva blah’ i was now faced with a situation as a grown open minded woman that had to stand up for her mind. I explained that for me culturally it wasn’t something that i had personally come in contact with growing up so i was put into a mind frame of it being a bad thing but with age i realized that even though it was not for me, the violence and hate filled attitude was and is not needed.

I love my heritage and everything about it however i also think you need to live your life for you. They had a million questions including how people treat gay people in Jamaica and i had to say to them this world is for everyone and i had to remind them that in the past thousands of people were killed for simply existing and racial segregation was only ruled out a few decades ago. At first it will be hard but eventually people will be too busy with their own lives and accept the world or use their eyelids. He appreciated my honesty and educating him as he had never found the courage to ask those kinds of questions before….

I have many gay friends who i refuse to lose them over another persons ideas and i just to let you know as a chronic hayfever sufferer I DO BURN ROSES…….

I personally feel like parts of my life are fighting stereotypes as you all will know by now i’m a traveller who speaks Spanish n learning Portguese that loves Latin culture. One of my pet peeves is when people say ‘Speak Spanish to me then…’ I’M NOT A PARROT!! I get that you want proof but once i prove it i don’t want a ‘awww’ or a hug like i did something cute. i’m a 24 year old woman who learnt another language…. not impossible!!

On the flipside when i visit other countries where there are very little black people i find myself becoming the centre of attention. A very ‘interesting’ incident on another one of my travels was when a lady told me she wishes her mother slept with a black man to conceive her, she loves my big hair, my body (even though she had butt n boobs) n she wants to have a mixed race child because they are cute. I sat there silent as i couldn’t figure out whether she was trying to make me feel comfortable or having a verbal vomit moment at the shock of me being in an area where there were less than 10 black foreigners for more 4 hours drive away. Whatever her reasoning i assured her god made her the way he intended and we are all equal whatever colour we are.

Overall i do believe as i society we have come a long way in terms of getting rid of laws that stop us from living our lives however in turn we have created ‘vilgilante law makers’ who think it’s their right to judge people as the world is not.

I stand firmly by believing in unity and peace within the human race however just like when i tasted an Olive for the first time, just coz something looks pretty and you think you might like it, you can’t kill me if i don’t like it. I can have it on my plate, look at it, learn how they are grown, maybe even buy some for a friend but don’t expect me to eat it!!!

Over n out!! xxxxx

P.S. Shout out to Cherry Healey a.k.a the secret breaker that inspired this blog!! Keep up the good work 😀


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