B.o.B Live at the Indig02 Arena, London, 21.09.2012


Artist B.o.B Featuring Special guests

Date: September 21st 2012

Location: Indigo 02

Support Act: Smiler

From the moment he came on stage till he finished his set B.o.B or Bobby Ray Simmons Jr had all the elements that make an amazing hip-hop concert. No distractions, no showing off, just true to his nature and his music.
He opened the concert with his Album intro ‘Bombs Away’ that includes the Legendary Morgan Freeman on the LP and he went from strength to strength from there. He ran through his major hits such as ‘Nothin on You’ feat Bruno Mars, ‘Bet I’ feat Playboy Tre and T.i., ‘Airplanes’ feat Hayley Williams as well as an acapella version of ‘Don’t let me Fall’ from his first album ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray’ before divulging into his latest offering ‘Strange Clouds’ including ‘Castles’ feat Trey Songz, ‘Both of Us’ feat Taylor Swift and ‘Strange Clouds’ feat Lil Wayne.

One of the highlights were definitely his special guests that he performed with from the Home Grown talent of Giggs who came through to perform their hit ‘Don’t Go There’ to the high energy hit ‘Million Dollar Misfit’ which included Iggly Azelea, a new Australian female rapper signed to T.I’s label Grand Hustle.

Being one of his biggest UK dates, the U.S rapper did us justice and brought his best. The height of the concert was his performance of his ‘Out of My Mind’ which originally features Nicki Minaj. He dropped the track wearing a straight jacket complete with dancers. He chose his most recent hit ‘So Good’ to complete our B.o.B experience.

Overall I would say it was a concert that was well overdue but as the saying goes ‘Better late than never’ and B.o.B definitely showed us why he is one of the most best yet underrated rappers in the game.

Review by Aic3la

Image courtesy of rap-up.com

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