My last saturday being 24……

Technically i should be out dancing up a storm trying prove to myself i’m still 21 but in truth im sooooo happy to be where i am in life now. Yeah i will probably not like the first time someone ask me my age after next saturday but i think it is a blessing in itself that i get to enjoy my quarter decade on a Saturday!!!

As i reflect back on the past few years of my life i survived some of my deepest darkest moments and managed to drag myself and follow the light to my dreams. I am not a religious person by show, i believe in God through every part of my soul and body but don’t have a specific place of worship. In saying all this NONE of this would have been possible without him and i am eternally grateful.

In the last 4 years i:

Intensely and almost lost myself to grief from losing loved ones and managed to pull through

Studied Spanish for a year in Havana, Cuba

Spent the past 3 summers teaching English in Catalunya, Spain

Taken at least 1 holiday a year including The Bahamas, Florida 3 times, Turkey, Madeira, France and Jamaica.

Worked and lived for a year in Mexico

Received a Bachelor’s Honors Degree in Caribbean, Spanish and Latin American Cultural Studies

Started learning Brazilian Portuguese

Saw the Paralympics live in London 2012

Transitioned to Natural Hair after many relapses

Happy and proud of everything i am flaws and all….

In life i think we have to go through trials and hard times to appreciate the sun and good times when they come, whether it happens when you are young or on your deathbed, someday it will all click into place and  you will smile at your existence.

Might start writing down my bucket list cz i have ticked off a lot already!!

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