Azealia Banks Concert Review – Birmingham October 5th


Decided to give  a voice other HipHop fans that i know are passionate about music so i gave my cousin Mr J Nicely the chance to review the Azealia Banks gig in Birmingham. Here it is:

“Azaelia Banks concert overall 5.5/10. I think the fact that she is fresh on the scene was the main contributor as to why her show wasn’t great. The saving grace was that it was £12.50 + bf so wasn’t a lot of money but to those who traveled a long way it was certainly not worth it.

The doors opened to the public at 6:30 and she did not come on stage until 9pm. I did not get to see the supporting acts so I’m not sure how good they were.

After her long awaited wait to come on stage she only performed for 40 minutes and barely said bye to the public without even doing an encore.

One aspect that I think ruined her actual performance was that after every song, she kept either coming off stage or talking to the DJ and telling him what to play and then she would tell the audience what songs she’s performing next instead of leaving them with that element of surprise when the first intro comes in.

However, the positive was that her rapping was on point and her performance was vibrant and full of energy which the crowd reacted to.”

My Opinion

For those who don’t know, Azealia is a relatively new artist to the music scene in England so this review of the concert is to be expected as she might not have felt her fan base is as established as it is. She hails from New York, U.S.A. A student of the famous LaGuardia High school of Performing Arts in Manhatten, she knew from an early age that music was her thing. A very promiscuous and turbulent childhood inspires the themes are lyrics that are being played all over the world. She recently won a NME and a billboard awards from her album ‘1991’ and mixtape ‘Fantasea’ both released in 2012. Even the wife of UK Prime Minister Samantha Cameron is a fan of the female rapper. Check out the article below:

Samantha Cameron talks about Azealia Banks

She is an amazing lyricist and will only go from strength to strength. She has a gig in London coming up so lets hope she gets her show on point by then. You must have heard her hot track ‘212’ but if you haven’t here it is and for everyone else, refresh your memory!!!

and her latest release ‘1991’

Be sure to check out her album ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’ due for release in February 2013.

Review by Mr J Nicely

Blog by Aic3la

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