2 Chainz – London Concert Review

Concert Review

Artist: 2 Chainz

Date: November 14th 2012

Location: Electric Brixton

Considering the doors ‘opened’ at 7pm, the queue i joined at 8.45 was quite long but thankfully moved quickly and got us inside at a reasonable time. This was my first time at this venue and my first impressions were positive, security tight but polite, good location for travel connections and even though the area had a reputation for trouble, there was a nice mixed audience. The place has a nice concert vibe of  everyone enjoying the music, no annoying barriers in random places (how i imagine HipHop shows in the 90’s to have been) so was nice to see.

Once inside it didn’t take long for 2Chainz to hit the stage however i wondered how long the hundreds of people had been waiting if they had came earlier……

For those who are still getting your brain around his stage name, 2Chainz is not a stranger to the rap industry as he was once part of a duo named ‘Playaz Circle’ under Ludacris’s label ‘Disturbing Tha Peace’ under the name ‘Tity Boi’. Thankfully after some maturing (well at least a bit) he decided it was time for 2Chainz to change the game, and that he did. This veteran rapper has got a reputation for his catchy lyrics and unique flow that has got him many collaborations with artists including Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and T.I.

Coming out of Atlanta, Georgia he carries the same style as his fellow Atlantians of major swag and flow. The show was kept simple with him and his DJ but was far from basic. He gave his first UK performance everything he had, from audience interaction to going through his classic collaborations and hits from his album ‘Based on a T.R.U Story’.

I must admit growing up listening to rappers like Nas, Jay-z and others i was a bit skeptical of 2Chainz’s lyrical simplicity but after seeing him live i can see he is definitely popular for a reason and has a special something.

The concert itself lasted little over an hour and a lot of people were left bewildered that it was over so soon but considering the ticket price of £15, we definitely got waaay more than our money’s worth.

Only downside was that the concert publications speculated ‘Special Guests’ who failed to materialize. It could have been to ensure a weighty crowd but i think 2Chainz saw tonight he was enough to fill the venue without sneaky ploys.

Overall it was a good concert, everything we need from a standard rap show.

During his many speeches to the audience he stated many of his traits and trademarks but one that stuck out in my mind was ‘I’m Different……’  (before he played a hit from his album of the same name and 2Chainz i’m happy that you are.

Here is his biggest hit so far with Rapper Drake: No Lie


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