UFC 154 – Return of the Champ GSP….


It might have been that everyone in the world was waiting for the main event but the vibe of the Main Card fights excluding the Co – Main event had strange energy coming off them….

The Featherweight match up between Pablo Garza and Mark Hominick was an early disappointment for Canada with native Hominick just not being able get into his zone. He did try and execute a few standards challenges but kept letting Garza get at him with his long limbs. You could see the potential of Hominick but after delivering a few good connects in the 1st round he failed to recuperate at the same level and left the match bloodied up while Garza was practically untouched.

Following suit with the 1st match up the Mark Bochek vs Rafael Dos Anjos fight was just as one sided even though we expected more. From the first round we saw that Bochek was not going down without a fight, making some good jab attempts and an occasional good defense outburst however once Dos Santos got into his zone there was no stopping him. He dominated the majority of the fight and the judges saw the same in their equal 27 – 30 win to Rafael Dos Anjos. Proved the amazing Light Weight fighter he has become and no doubt we will see him again soon.

In what was probably the closest fights of the night, Francis Carmont and Tom Lawlor showed us what they came for, holding out till decisions showcasing their Middle Weight strengths. Tom Lawlor had some good chances to get Carmont where he wanted him but it seems lack of technique or fatigue didn’t pull the choke holds through letting Carmont slip away each time. Unfortunately for Lawlor this lost him the match as it gave Carmont the advantage as he kept a steady pace going throughout each round and escaped the submission attempts. You could see the frustration on Lawlor’s face at decisions but i hope he doesn’t fall back because he is a good fighter just needs to think outside the box a lot more when he is on the ground.


This Welter Weight fight took us back to a time in UFC when people were trying to stunt and distract the fans from their talents with a bit of tomfoolery however this backfired last night in the Martin Kampmann vs Johny Hendricks Match-up. I mean there is nothing wrong with the usual banter but something about Kampmann didn’t add it up and it definitely didn’t in that fight either. No more than 50 seconds into the 1st round, Hendricks unfolded a beautiful left hand combo that BLEW Kampmann straight to the floor giving Hendricks the win. With all that fighting ability and technique that Kampmann possesses i think after last night’s performance we may see a humbler Kampmann in the future but props to Hendricks for keeping it real and staying faithful to the Octagon. Goes from strength to strength in every fight and would love to see him in a title bout.


I have sooo much respect for George Saint Pierre since becoming a fan on UFC as he is an amazing all round athlete that knows how to play to his strengths yet respects his art forms. After an 18 month absence from the sport due to injury, we were all wondering what his condition was like. He could have been nervous about Condit trying to damage the right knee even more or maybe he could have developed fight anxiety since his last fight……….. HELLLLL NOOOOO!!

From the moment he was cartwheeling around the octagon, cheering on the crowd, i knew our GSP was back in action. Giving a lot of credit to Condit though as fighting in GSP’S hometown must be difficult. He did put up a good fight and definitely gained me as a fan as well as thousands more. The fight was quite clear from early on that GSP was taking control.

However that heart attack moment in round 3 when Carlos Condit delivered that beautiful leg kick to GSP’ head and he went down i think a lot of people held there breaths, praying he would shake it off and he sure did. You could see it from the damage on both faces, they they wanted this more than anything and were willing to go the distance. With Condit trying a few good reversals and GSP with his takedowns, this fight was the stuff UFC dreams are made of.

We all knew at the end George St Pierre was still the Welter Weight champion but there is something about Bruce Buffer’s voice that made you have to get on your feet clapping and screaming with the rest of Canada. The unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45,50-45)  from the judges showed us exactly what MMA fighting is about and the endurance talented fighters should possess.

Almost 2 years out the game, and George St Pierre still managed to have our hearts and that why he is the Octagon Champion he was, is and always will be.

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