Getting my ish together!!!

So after an emotional few weeks i can gladly say i’m feeling a lot better and am starting to get back to my normal crazy self. The health scare a couple of weeks ago really shook me up both physically and mentally and i had tiny meltdown because it dawned on me that i’m not in control……

Turning 25 was a milestone enough but now i have had 2 force my brain to catch up with my age and focus. Due to my many travels abroad i sometimes feel a bit left behind by society in terms of social aspects because it’s almost like i pick up where i left off before i left and no1 is still there.

One of the biggest things i have had to accept is that hardly any of my people go raving/clubbing anymore, they all have valid reasons for not going but for some reason my brain is refusing to play along. Not that i don’t spend my weekends doing anything else but i guess i don’t wanna grow up and things like that don’t compliment my ‘eternal PartyRocker’ dream!!!

I have my temporary job here that is funding my move to Honduras and spending time improving my nutrition and health these are what i need to focus my energy on. At times like this you realize what priorities are and even though i do miss the wild days with my friends i am just happy to spend time with them.

There is nothing like a hospital stay to scare the crap out of you and make you behave so just like a tazer when my body tries to plan a wild night out or 4 i remind it of the pain we survived and we soon reduce it to one mediocre wild night out!


Yep another insight into the mind of Aic3la.




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