Waka Flocka Flame – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Waka Flocka Flame

Date: 4th December 2012

Location: 02 Academy Islington

Support Act: DJ Whoo Kid

After a last minute venue change from the Indig02 to the 02 Academy Islington, fans were dubious about the event as in the past few months there have been a lot of Hip Hop show cancellations that have left fans upset.

But thankfully this was not one of the cases. One of the things that struck me upon entry was the intimacy of the venue, it was so nice to see a rapper get up close and personal with his fans. N i made sure i was up the front losing my voice with everyone else.

For those who don’t know him Waka Flocka Flame (born Juaquin Malphurs) burst onto the scene form Riverdale, Georgia, USA in 2009 with a new energy that scared a lot of people yet you could not deny how addictive it was. His trademarks dreadlocks soon made him a permanent fixture in the rap game as he appeared on many remix’s and mixtapes. Although he gets a lot of negative press for his violent lyrical content  he can’t be denied his humane side as he famously posed nude for PETA to help bring an end to the killing of animals for fashion.

His set lasted over an hour and i can say this was a unique show, he drew a multicultural crowd of all ages into a Hip Hop mosh-pit and riled us up with every song. During his set some fans threw some ‘Ferrari Boyz’ t-shirts on stage which led to an impromptu set list change to which he performed a few bangers from the duet ‘Ferrari Boyz’ compilation mixtape recorded with fellow rapper Gucci Mane.

The highlights of the show were definitely the crowd interaction, him and his team pulled some guys out of the audience and let them run riot on stage, it was a hilarious sight! One guy who fought his way onto the stage ended up rockin Waka’s infamous ‘Rooster’ chain for a good 20 minz. The look on those guys faces were priceless as they span around bumping into one of their favorite rapper on random occasions. Very rare at a Rap show for a rapper to be so normal with his fans no matter how hype they are.

Towards the end of the show he did some songs for the ladies and brought a few female fans on stage who taught us all a bit booty acrobatics including the splits, one for the notebook i’d say! They all enjoyed their 5 minutes of fame and got the chance to go backstage and meet Waka in person.

Songs of the night were: ‘O Lets do it’,’ Hard in the Paint’,’ Get Low’ and ‘Grove st Party’ from his albums ‘Flockaveli’ and ‘Triple F Liffe: Family, Friends and Fans.’

Overall the concert reminded me of those underground clubs where it’s everyone for themselves, the energy is insane along with the people, plenty of good hearted pushing and jumping around. Waka’s music style is full of the stuff that makes us wanna jump with both feet into the air and punch the sky and that is exactly what we got today. If you ever wondered what no holds barred hip hop nights are like, Waka Flocka Flame is one of the best tutors.

Have a listen to some of his hits:


Using one his ad libs to bring fans together, it was an amazing show where London was definitely ‘SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD’


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