Once upon a now…….

Once upon a now there is an old girl/young woman who is living in a world of beautiful shit and ugly masterpieces.

She, herself, as like everyone else, is barely keeping her head above water in the global sea of problems. Finances, Love or lack of, Health, Career, even Carbon Footprints?!?!?!?!

At times she wants to escape into a closed space with a multi-coloured packet of sharpies and scribble her every last dream onto the whitewash walls because in her fear of failure, she thinks that would be as real as they’d get. in permanent ink…

At other times she feels as fit as a fiddle, wearing a perfectly co-ordinated outfit, T&A (Tits and Ass) set to ‘flirty’, her work life gaining gold stars and she’s so confident she can talk 2 anyone cz she’s cool like that.

All this, same old girl…..

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