Miguel – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Miguel

Date: Saturday 12th January 2013

Location: 02 Sheperd’s Bush Empire

Support Act: Daley (UK artist)

Letting one of my longtime homies help out in my world of concert reviews. Miss N Luke (@nandyluke) is an everyday multi-cultural fashionista and always has a unique opinion about everything so when she told me she was going to see ‘Miguel’ I jumped at the chance of getting her voice out there, so here it is:

“Sold out venue, hence it was little over crowded.  Great vibes, there were as many men as there were women, which was a little surprising seeing as he is a male R’n’B artist who predominately sings love songs. However, in my opinion he is the ‘Prince’ of our generation and is vastly becoming recognisable  and is transcending through gender, race and social background.

 The biggest cheers of the night went to his successful ‘Adorn’ which had the crowd roaring.  His other hit singles ‘sure thing’  and ‘quickie’ also received a good response.

 Overall the concert was great, worth every single penny, people really enjoyed themselves. He is an amazing performer and vocalist.”

My Opinion

With a secret love for R’n’B i must admit Miguel was a breath of fresh air in the music world as he is one of few artists that fought adversity to be who they are. Even though he is a blend of many styles including classic rock and neo-soul, Miguel has managed to captivate millions throughout the land with his breakthrough R’n’B single which is a thumbs up for any artist.

From Los Angeles, California, Miguel sought out following his dreams from an early age and over the past decade has learnt many hard yet valuable lessons about the music industry that many artists would shudder at however he still came through and released his talents upon us.

From the responses he is receiving all over the music industry, I feel that Miguel has finally found his niche and from here will continue to morph into the artist he no doubt will greatly personify.

Here is the song that is introducing us all to this great vocalist and beware ‘you might just bust a small groove when you hear the bassline!!’


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