Speck of rouge freedom

Bursting out of the anthill is a stream of ants it was back to work for everyone.
The mission: search and destroy anything in their path and dismantle for the queen.
After making the 4th kill of the day, a small crowd began to gather behind a leaf, opening a gap in the prominent string of ants.
“Shes crazy!” someone said
“Maybe she’s high off tree sap” another gossiped.
In the middle of a chaotic pile of the rouge army, sat a ant who was fed up.
“Aren’t you fed up of doing the same shit??”
“This cant be life!”
“Im done following butt pheromones and living with my head down”
This was a first event of rebellion for this colony who rarely thought outside the box or spoke freely.
It wasnt that they were controlled, they were just so used to the routine of being an army ant, any other action sent them into major confusion.
Provoking various responses, this outspoken ant had had enough.
“Im leaving, you might be able to survive with no identity but me, i want more”
And just like that she became the speck of freedom chasing the dream.

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