My Fro-gress….

Hey peeps,

Thought i would update you on my natural hair journey and my latest throwback discovery!! So over the past few months i haven’t strayed from putting my hair into kinky twists and leaving my Afro out for a few days in between. (I’m 18 months natural btw no b/c)

So along came 2013 and i though i would try something different, i didn’t want to dye it or anything (even though i am tempted!) but needed a change.

So after a 6 week stretch in twist i took out my twists and this is what beauty i had waiting for me…

afro 2013



But in the back of my mind i was dreading the daily detangle and bed plait routine not to mention the dreaded wash day!! So i decided to go to the professionals and let them have fun with it this time.

So i arrived at the salon with an untamed Afro and after a good Blow Dry and Hot Comb Press (Old school straightening) i would pleasantly surprised to end up with this creation…..

hot comb 2013


I know some people don’t agree with heat on the hair and to be honest i do miss my Afro but this ease of finding my scalp makes me smile and i love that i achieved this look without chemicals!!

We’ve come a long way from Grandma’s kitchen but the Hot Comb is back!!!

Now lets see how long it lasts…..

Enjoy Napturalistas!! xoxo

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