Trey Songz – Concert Review

Trey Songz


Concert Review

Artist: Trey Songz

Date: Thursday 31st January 2013

Location: Hammersmith Apollo

Support Act: Bluey Robinson

Handed the review pen over to another blog friend of mine who gave her personal spin on the London show of RnB superstar Mr Trey Songz. I have seen this artist at least 3 times so i thought it would be interesting to get a fresh point of view. After reading her review, check out JayBee’s blogs and get involved!! heres a link to her page :


The show opened with Bluey Robinson serenading the crowd with his beautiful angelic voice and soon after UK artist Angel took to the stage in a comical bulletproof vest. Why he was wearing a vest no-one knows – after all it was an RnB show full of chicks!

Bang on time like clockwork Trey Songz took to the stage at 9. Opening up with one of his biggest club bangers ‘Say Ahh’. The girls went crazy, the screams were deafening  Three girls actually fainted from the excitement and had to be carried out. But Trey was just getting started….

We were treated with hits after hits from ‘Can’t help but wait’ to his many collaborations including the steamy ‘Can’t get enough’ with J Cole.

After that the stage went dark and Trey Disappeared. In his place we were greeted with a video of him preparing for a seductive night with a mystery lady. And we knew that we were in for a hell of a ride.

He then popped up topless and sang all his greatest love songs from ‘Neighbours know my name’, ‘Invented Sex’ and his newest sexual song ‘Dive in’. The ladies melted.

The show was fantastic and Trey Songz definitely got the crowed on his side. The sensual nature of the show was to be expected but one that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Imma about to Dive in now and say goodnight.


My Opinion

For those who don’t know this young man has been on the music scene for a while gracing us with pure, honest, R’n’B music. At times he does describe some of the worlds deepest fantasies to a catchy bass-line but there is no denying the man can sing!!

From Petersburg, Virginia, USA Trey Songz has been one of the most humble artists of our times as he never forgets his overseas fans and makes an effort to give back and show his appreciation. He even has a community foundation project movement called ‘Angels with Heart‘ where he uses his success and fame to give back to various communities and people in need.

A lot of people are very critical as Trey often uses his dashing good looks and sex appeal to cause palpitations across his audience and many feel that he would not have been as successful if he looked different. In times like these, everybody is using their attractiveness for something but when it comes down to it, you will not have longevity and respect in your field if that all your bringing to the table. And after 5 studios albums and close to 10 years in the ‘game’ Trey Songz has long proved the haters wrong.

Its almost as if this once shy singer still hasn’t come to terms with his rise of fame and somehow understands the need to remain part of the ‘normal’ world despite his success. With collaborations with artists such as Fabolous, Nicki Minaj and Drake there is no denying that Trey Songz is here to stay.

I will leave you with one of his most successful songs to date

Enjoy! xoxo




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