Tissue Issues in Jamaica….

toilet roll

You clean your toilet correctly, practice safe sex and regularly shower or bathe so your private areas should be protected right…… Well maybe not so much.

A current socio-hygienic pandemic is spreading through the private parts of Jamaicans across the island as they are demanding that the Jamaican government release the brands of toilet tissue involved in this alleged health scare.

According to reports, a gynecological was worried about the amount of female patients she was receiving with similar complaints regarding their intimate parts and decided to draw the attention of BSJ (Bureau of Standards Jamaica) to investigate the matter further.

Much to her concern and the concern of millions of Jamaicans, at present four toilet tissue brands were found to have ‘high bacterial content’ which confirmed the gynecological findings and fears are the amount could rise. However to the dismay of the Jamaican people, the government have decided to hold onto the details of the suspected brands rather than in their opinions, give the people the information they need to protect themselves.

Now this is a very sensitive topic as you can see the warning flags fly up all over it!

We don’t know as yet whether the brands are national or imported but the Jamaican customs authorities have never had a standard measure for the testing of hygiene products in that way therefore if the cases are true and brought forward, Jamaica has no way to protect itself as they have been accepting these products for a long period of time without ‘specific’ regulations.

On the other hand from a business point of views, companies and convenience stores wanting the government to support them as the sales of this everyday product are slowly decreasing and if the names are released they will have a stock pile of accused unsold toilet tissues. It would make a big financial impact all across the island.

Another big scare is the sexual health aspect of the case, a number of male patients have come forward showing similar symptoms. Does this now mean that this was transmitted also through hygienic practices or could we have a new strain of STD?

Products such as FemFresh were a huge demand on the market for women who were irritated by the components in everyday shower gels and creams.
Toxic Shock syndrome is caused by a bacterial toxin that women are exposed to when using a type of feminine hygiene product and if left untreated it can have fatal results.
So it almost questions how a product as intimate as toilet paper was overlooked in regulations creation…

It is something that we have to address as a society as there are many victims in this case but it needs to find a solution and fast.

(This blog is purely based on my opinion)

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