Event Review: The Afro Hair and Beauty Show 2013

Event review: The Afro Hair and Beauty Show

Date: Sunday 26th May 2013

Location: Business Design Centre, London

Event Review.

As a natural hair transitioner i decided to go and check out this event with a dear homie Amu.Dat and see what this famous exhibition was all about.
Brought to us by Black Hair and Beauty Magazine this event boasted everything and anything to do with Black Hair and Beauty all under one roof…
Over 2 days there would be a chance to see new products available, try out new styles and socialize in general.
In my opinion this was a great event but it lacked some vital features that could have made it a lot better.
If you are new to my blog, you can see my natural hair journey in previous posts from my days in Mexico up until now and as many other transitioners one of the main topics between us is that we lack general advice and versatile style tips that don’t take more than an hour to do!
One of the things that blew me away just from walking around the exhibition was the amount of people actually going natural and the variety of styles i saw. Amongst other looks, the attendees made sure they were on point!
The Business Design Centre was a good location for the event however i do feel the layout was a bit overwhelming. Upon entrance you were introduced to the fashion side of Black Hair and Beauty with stalls selling from ethic inspired clothing and jewelry to general clothing stalls including one that had the aptly named ‘Natural Girls Rock’ T-Shirt.
Once through this section you then had to go up to the main section which to me was a tsunami of products and demonstrations. There was nothing wrong with the amount of products on display but to get an equal amount of time with each stall was impossible as some aisles were so narrow it was impossible to pass. I saw many people stop and think about how they would tackle the route around. Maybe a suggested route or a simple stall map would have been useful, that way if you missed a certain stall you had the information with you to take away.
Once we had a gander, we saw a lot of the big brands in Black Hair care which was nice to see because we recognized the products and most of us have already had some contact with their products. However from a natural point of view, even though we are all about integration there was no real direction for people with natural hair. I personally approached a few stands and asked about their products and was mainly told that the products for natural hair were mainly the same and it was personal choice on which ones to buy. I felt that it could have had a bit more support in that sense as i’m sure some people came out of there with repeat purchases.
Shout out the these two fashionistas who approached us for an on the spot review!



During the day there were various fashion shows and stage events including a ‘Battle of the Barbers’ which kept people entertained. One of the highlights were fashion shows inspired by the British Heart Foundation and another by Sleek Hair and Cosmetics. Check out my slideshows below! (Do excuse my amateur photography skills!! Got some good shots though!)

British Heart Foundation

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Sleek Hair and Cosmetics

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Here are some of the Beautiful attendees i met today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall it was a must do event even if it was just to see what was out there because in an age where people are rebelling against style and fashion conforms it was nice to see the amount of people supporting this event. In the mainstream we may be seen as a minority but today we definitely were not alone.

All images were taken by me.
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