Tyga – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Tyga

Date: Tuesday 29th May 2013

Location: Indig02

Concert Review

First thoughts upon the venue choice was that i was praying it wouldn’t lose it’s hip-hop vibe in such an upscale venue. With his previous shows at other venues, Tyga has reached a caliber that many rappers dream of. To play the the Indig02 London. I decided to get standing tickets as i had been to the venue before and personally felt that the seated tier above made you feel light-years away….

I arrived just after the support act P Money had finished his set and waited a fair 40mins for Tyga to come onstage. One of the let downs in the waiting time was that there was no DJ to play us through, we had to listen to tracks RIGHT to the end and there were even a few repeats (Not good!!)
Thankfully before we knew it the stage had been decorated with an Egyptian theme complete with pyramids, sphinx heads and Anubis (Egyptian Dog God) we knew we were in for a show to say the least.

Promoting his latest album ‘Hotel California’, Tyga graced London with his inked up presence in a simple black outfit with his signature ‘LK’ snapback hat. He opened the show with ‘400 Degrees’ and from that point of the energy never dipped. It was a bass lovers dream as all his hits had the classic heavy bassline, keeping our arms bass bouncing.

Coming out of Compton, California, this rapper had all the influences of his great state as well as across america to help him inspire his work. From a mixed backgroud (Jamaican and Vietnamese), Tyga was the first fresh image to Young Money Entertainment label YMCMB (Fronted by Lil Wayne and Birdman). From style to swagger, there is no way to ignore the lure of Tyga’s Music. With a little help from his cousin Travis McCoy from Gym Class Hereos, from the start in 2008, with mixtapes including Fan of a Fan with Chris Brown and 2 albums, Tyga (stands for Thank You God Always) has been going from strength to strength.

He is famed for hits such as ‘Bitch betta have my money’, Make it Nasty’ and ‘Dope’ however tonight i saw a humbler side to Tyga, one that paid homage to the city that raised him in ‘Switch Lanes’, his gratitude for being able to make music and his ode to the late great Tupac Shakur on his song ‘Hit Em Up’. It was nice to see him take the time out of the hype and be himself. It was obviously very important to him.

The show itself was a crowd pleaser, with a mixed audience of all races Tyga was sure to drive us into a frenzy, I even managed to touch his hand as he jump on the shoulders of a security guard!! Excuse the groupie moment!!) He also had some ‘pre selected girls’ on stage while he sang ‘Do My Dance’ although they were promptly shoo’d off stage as soon as the song finished!

Overall i think it was an breath of fresh air in terms of concert and i’m not just saying this as a fan. Tyga managed to keep the atmosphere on point and had us all having a good time. Some may say he is just a club rapper that never connects to reality but as shown tonight, he is simply a young man living his dream. T-Raww himself knows how to deliver a good set list of both fantasies and reality indeed!

I will leave you with his absolute classic ‘Rack City’ (Even the people under the rocks know this!!) and his new single ‘Molly’ Featuring Wiz Khalifa.

Tyga – Rack City

Tyga feat Wiz Khalifa – Molly

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