Ace Hood – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Ace Hood

Date: Thursday 19th Sept 2013

Location: Indig02

Concert Review

For the first time in a long while a real ‘urban’ artist has had a chance to play at the Indigo2 and i was happy to be able to go along. After a bit of confusion at the box office (complaint letter drafted) i got my ticket and went into the venue to join the windy queue of fans waiting to enter. I was under the impression the main act would be on at 9 but thankfully there was a good line-up of support acts that gave everyone time to file in safely.

The main support of the night was an artist called ‘J Spades’, now i’m not going to indulge like i am knowledgeable about him but after tonight and the vybe he created, i would say yeh, UK music is getting into the swing of things. Check out one of his songs below.

So now onto the main act, Mr Ace Hood!!! After a nice warm up set from Raw FM, we were graced with a very acoustic entrance from the rapper who decided to start off with a drum kit accompanying him. At first the crowd were waiting to the beat to drop but then you saw everyone appreciate the mood he was setting and start to jam to the beat. Rarely have i seen a rapper come out with this kinda of musicality and it was a breath of fresh air. But as we wanted, before long the Broward County rapper blew us away with his big bass line classics new and old, giving us the soundtrack to his struggle.

At 25 years old, Ace Hood has had his fair share of fame, underground and mainstream however it still amazes me that some people STILL don’t know who he is. For the calibre of his music, i would of thought he would have reached far and wide but thankfully tonight, London showed him we know exactly who he is. From his album ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ that gave us the get up and go anthem ‘Hustle Hard’ through the ‘Body Bag’ mixtapes and more recently into his sophomore album ‘Trials and Tribulations.’, Real name ‘Antoine McColister has remained faithful to who he is, which in my opinion is a God fearing man who loves his family and isn’t afraid to work hard and divulge in his earnings’ and quite right too. Signed to the ever popular ‘We the best’ record labelled fronted by legendary DJ Khaled through Cash Money Records, Ace Hood maintained his showmanship tonight in London and didn’t miss a beat.

The highlight of the show included his classics ‘Bugatti’, ‘Hustle Hard’ and various features he appeared on. Now again, to me, i don’t think people reeeeealllly came to see Ace Hood, i think a lot of people were caught up in the hype and came to hear 1 or 2 songs. I make it a habit to mainly listen to the artist i will see the hours before a concert and i can honestly say i entered that arena filled with ‘spiritual energy of a young generation who weren’t afraid to show success yet for me,’ Ace Hood didn’t give himself enough range until the end of his set. A good number of people left after he performed ‘Bugatti’ which was a shame because that is when the his other side started to show.

Overall i’m uber happy i went to see the show but as a die hard hiphop fan, a lot of fakers could have got through with having a good time tonight. Songs like ‘Lord Knows’ and ‘Hope’ never got their time to shine. The street rapper does have a very spiritual side that i think should have come through more. Although i did spill my Brandy and coke a few times while ‘gettin down’ to my songs without givin a damn! (very rare….)

As always i will leave you with classics and i will throw in 2 of my favourites as well.

Support Act: J Spades

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