Ricky Rozay – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Ricky Rozay (Rick Ross)

Date: Monday 7th October

Location: Indig02

Concert Review

This concert was a mixture of amazing and confusing times to say the least. Upon arrival to the venue, there was a queue that stretched far outside onto the parade which i have never seen before! I mean i know the concert was sold out but damn! That queue could cause nightmares!
Anyhoo i made my way to the box office to collect my tickets and encountered a worrying situation. I met a pair of ladies from outside London who had traveled in for the show. They were advised to go to the box office after problems with their tickets on the doors. In the end it turned out that the tickets had been purchased by someone ‘who couldn’t attend’ and they had bought the tickets at TRIPLE face value, only to be told the tickets had been already been issued that evening.
Basically meaning that people are posing as ticket sellers online, taking payments and forwarding the e-ticket but then going to the concerts themselves early, leaving the new buyers outside bewildered, money down and no ticket……

So back to the review.
The support act : Don Money came on stage at around 9pm and at first he did a great job of warming the crowd up. I have never heard of him but he seemed to be affiliated with DJ Khaled and performed some good songs. After a while the crowd grew impatient and began booing but this was no connection to him as an artist. If you want to hear more, check out his mixtape : Weatherman2.

Just after 10pm, DJ Semtex threw down a few bangers to get up limbered up for the main artist Mr Rozay himself and soon enough he graced us with his versace’d up presence. Bursting out with ‘John’ he sure knew what he came to do: Tear Shit Dooooown! I may be biased as this is my 4th time seeing him but he never fails to deliver a good show of all dynamics.

Born William Leonard Roberts II, He came onto the rap scene with a new swag of creating a new collective called MMG, which includes the talented Philly rapper ‘Meek Mill’ and bringing an new image to HipHop. Many dislike his upfront, crime gloifying approach to the world however as many fans will know he has an essence of inspiration about him that makes you want to get up and do something with your life. (hopefully good obviously!!). In his words ‘ BE A BAWSE (BOSS)’. From his mainstream hit ‘Hustlin’ early in his career to the more recent material, he has spread his talent across 5 solo albums, 3 group albums and numerous collaborations giving him worldwide success.

With a dubious employment history, health problems and legal battles which forced him to change his moniker to ‘Ricky Rozay’, This Floridian rapper has never failed to ignite controversy. His biggest cases include a lyric which suggested a drug rape scenario led to him being dropped by Reebok and he is now reportedly being sued by a London Promoter who paid for him and his music group to play a show in London last September but failed to fly over for the show or return any of the finances. His name is always being mentioned when you mention HipHop and i’m sure it will for a long time yet.

One of the highlights of the night and a first for me as a concert lover was the surprise cameo of rapper 2Chainz. Throughout the show Ricky Rozay played songs that would get the crowd going from the likes of Rihanna, French Montana and Acehood so when he dropped the new smash ‘Feds Watching’ from 2Chainz feat Pharrell we thought it was just another song. Little did we know before we knew it we saw the tall, dread swinging statue of 2Chainz!! I must admit, i went a lil bit loca as i am a big fan!

The crowd was jam packed to capacity and security sure had their work to do as there were a few fools who thought they could push people around and etc, only to get rained on with fists and thrown out. I DO NOT ENDORSE VIOLENCE BUT PEOPLE NEED TO BEHAVE OR ELSE!!

After pushing his set to the max he ended the night with his latest single ‘No Games’ feat Future taken from his upcoming album ‘Mastermind’ due out in November 2013.

Overall i’m soooo glad i went, sometimes i ask myself why i do this even if i have seen the artist live before but tonight showed me exactly why. Music is my passion and as long as i can i will continue to enjoy it and share it with those who didn’t make it.

As always here is a little history on Ricky Rozay for ya including the surprise guest 2Chainz. xoxo

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