Musicalize presents Eve and Lil Kim – Concert Review

Eve and Lil Kim

Artist: Eve and Lil Kim feat guests

Date: Friday 22nd November 2013

Location: Indig02

Concert Review

I arrived to the venue just before the main support act graced the stage. Radio 1xtra’s Ace and Vis made sure the crowd were warmed up ready to get the part started.

Krept and Konan are a UK hiphop act from South London making their mark on the music scene. They did a very well received set and no doubt these MOBO award winners will continue to grow and develop in the industry. I’ll include a link to one of their hits below to educate ya 😀

So onto the main acts…..

Firstly i must say that this is up there with one of the greatest concerts of my life, (and i have been to looooads!) not only because it was 2 of my favorite artists but for me it was amazing to see the support of 2 female rappers who have been in an out of the limelight for years, still carry the torch strong as ever.

First out, was Ruff Ryder’s first lady E-V-E, rocking an all black outfit complete with thigh high boots and a white chinchilla scarf (i think…) she exploded onto the stage with ‘Ruff Ryder’s Anthem.’ The crowd went absolutely loco and it was full steam ahead from there. With a bit of crowd interaction, Eve dropped some old classics including ‘Rock You’, ‘Rich Girl’ and the award winning ‘Blow Ya Mind’ as well as some new tracks from her upcoming album, Lip lock, definetly worth checking out when it’s released!

Eve a.k.a Eve Jeffers burst onto a male dominated hip hop scene in 1999 after a entering the scene as a vocalist with various hits and collaborations as well as a brief signing with Dr Dre’s aftermath Records. She found her feet with Ruff Ryders and became the woman we all know and love. With albums ‘Let there be Eve…. Ruff Ryder’s First Lady’ and Scorpion, Eve gave a female edge to a gritty genre where women where often degraded and put down, she wasn’t having any of that! And we love her for it!

Closing her set she invited a few lucky ladies up on stage and instructed us all to raise a hand as we all proceeded to ‘Shake our Tambourines’ . I couldn’t have imagined a better show from her as she kept it real as well as showed us how far she has come as an artist.

And to my delight…. THE NIGHT WASN’T OVER YET!!

After an interlude with Ace and Vis, we limbered up nicely to be graced with royalty herself, the infamous Lil Kim a.k.a Queen B. Once the theatrical curtains dropped, the stage was set with to Royal Guards, stood to attention (THE WHOLE SET!!) as she created a london-esque vibe on stage.

The live band in the background then began to play her hit ‘Whoa’ and then out of nowhere, dressed in her own ‘Royal Guard Uniform’ Lil Kim burst into action to our delight. She is definitely true to her name in stature but WOW she is nothing small!! With each song she interacted with us, enjoying every moment. It is very rare that you see a rapper actually enjoy their set and sing along to the music instead of just perform. I mean we do pay to see them but they are people too!

Kimberly Jones, a Brooklyn native, began her career on the streets of New York where she rapped to escape her reality and eventually her talents led her into the path of infamous rapper Notorious B.I.G. A controversial relationship with the rapper exposed her to a new lifestyle and she eventually joined his crew Junior M.A.F.I.A and her notoriety grew from there. Her 1st solo album ‘Hardcore’ broke all kinda of rules with an explicit cover and full of sexually charged lyrics that blew the heads of audiences worldwide, it was the beginning of the Queen B we know now.

Inspired by Diana Ross early on in her career, Lil Kim has never failed to wow us with some showstopping outfits that will go down in Hip Hop history. Her most famous Lilac ‘one boob dress complete with nipple cover flower’ was recently worn by Miley Cyrus for Halloween showing that her image is timeless, however daring!

She took us way back to the beginning with hits like ‘Drugs’, ‘Magic Stick’ ‘Crush on You’, ‘How Many Licks’ which threw the crowd into a frenzy. She was still the fierce woman who all knew and loved and we could genuinely feel the love she brought to the stage. Another side that was coming through was her vocal ability as a singer, as well as ‘Lady Marmelade’ she gave us covers of Rihanna’s classic ‘Man Down’ and in homage to her hometown Alicia Key’s ‘New York’. Now we knew she could hold a tune but her singing is coming along nicely.

Mid Set she brought out a new Artist by the name of ‘Tiffany Foxx’ (every bit as Foxxy as her name!) Wwo performed a few tracks with Queen B. She recently signed to Lil Kim’s IRS label so expect to hear more from Ms Foxx soon.

Probably my fave part of the set was when she did her Dancehall inspired song ‘Lighters Up’ and made us all do a verse accapella along with her. Needless to say there were some painful silences but she was determined to teach it to us and 3rd time round we all got it and she continued with the track, lit up by lighters and mobile phone lights.

After thanking everyone for coming out, including D – her hairstylist and The CEO Girls her dancers, straight outta London! she closed the show with ‘All About The Benjamins’.

Overall both women made my dreams come true and did themselves justice tonight. In a time where Us artists are touring the UK more it is so good to see old school hip hop still remember us and come over.

As always peeps here are some classics to enjoy!


Eve – Tambourine

Lil Kim – Lighters Up

Krept & Konan – Don’t Waste my Time


4 thoughts on “Musicalize presents Eve and Lil Kim – Concert Review

  1. I loved reading your review couldn’t attend I had to work 😦 but my night was made as Tiffany Foxx sent me a shout out… goaldigger woman that can still stand in a male industry such as the entertainment business need to be respected and looked to for better understanding as how to make it’s a woman without lowering your beliefs or standards. Thank you for Eve, Kim, Mary J, Mc Lyte, Lil Kim, Missy, YoYo, Queen Latifah the list goes on 🙂

  2. HI Babs

    I can read and I can almost here the music coming from your room when you were a teenager.
    Enjoyed your review if I didn’t know it was you I would think this is an article from a music reporter.

    love mama xxx

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