Educate OUR youth….

Stop blaming us and educate us!!

I’m speaking on behalf of myself and all of my alter egos when I say I am sick of the way the media represent young people, both male and female.
Yesterday I read an article about gangs and gang rape talking about rape being used as a weapon against rivals and the fact the young women are being abused thinking it is normal due to their environments.
It is no shock to hear that gangs
are a huge problem in the UK, especially inner cities. However my main problem lies with the fact that we have not been and are not educated enough if at all about sexual responsilbilties or how to value ourselves as women.
You can come from the most respectful family but grandmas isn’t holding your hand in your first rave!
My sex education at school lasted one week and came from very ‘liberal’ woman who spoke of her ‘experiences’ with oral sex and showed us the infamous hairy video from flinstone age….
Now I assume it has been updated since then but they are still lacking major factors.
Criminals will always exist becuase someone will always want ‘quick money’ but if you educate our youth, the rewards are priceless.
Instead of blaming miley Cyrus for ‘twerking’, show more examples of successful young women who don’t sing or act.
We respect them but at the end of the day why wait 4 years for 10 GCSE’s when you and your friends can be youtube superstars after dinner and get a slot on rudetube.
Patience is a virtue and most young people treat Google as God and the microwave as Gourmet.
Malala Yousafzai is a global inspiration to us all but how about leading by example saving our British young women using education.
The social system needs to address the amount of vunerable females before they are victims.
The police need to stop trying to recruit women as snitches in order to get them to safety. It’s not going to work when you gave us TopBoy…..
I am a regular young woman who NEEDS to see a social shift for the futures sake.
My heart goes out to any victim of any abuse and I pray that one day your hearts will be happy.

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