We HAVE to take care our our ‘Vintage’ generation…

This post comes close to my heart so please do excuse a bit of rambling…

My grandparents are the structure of my life. The perfect combination of their love created the enigma that entertains you now. Pver the past few years, during the care of my late Grandfather who passed in 2008 from Prostate Cancer to the present care of my Nana who has reduced mobility, i could not be more grateful for the outside support provided to them in their time of need. 

In a society where the Elderly are often viewed as a burden i am finding it hard to stomach the horror stories and lack of government and public support towards them. This post was inspired by an article posted on the my local council Website, detailing briefly the plight of 2 elderly men having to face care cuts and how they feel about the way they are being treated.

I will post a link to the article but i can imagine everyone in the world has a connection to these kinds of stories, if not directly affected.

Especially as a young woman, it is very easy to think my generation will never get old and that we will never need anyone to look after us. I feel society is making the generation gap even bigger by scaring old and young people further away from each other. 

Of course, the are scum of the earth who will prey on the elderly to commit crimes but for the rest of the population it is hard to understand how Vintage people cope with everyday life especially when they are not supported.

Many cultures around the world live in the same house as their elders or nearby so they are integrated into the family however for various reasons, this is not the case for everyone.

Many elderly people are moved into care homes or simply abandoned by their families due to the amount of care they need. It is inevitable that the time and financial cost will rise as we age however this is no reason for the treatment they receive today.

Many are sent bills and letters yetthey have limited sight, some are veterans of past wars and want to feel independent yet the do not have access to the outside world. Some crave interaction and recognition yet health reasons have caused them to retreat into themselves. 

Brought to light most recently is an incessant need to hold onto old memories which create dangerous living conditions also known as Hoarding. 

and unfortunately they are only found once it’s too late, showing they lack of regard for their lives.

Not every vintage person is the same but i think we as a society need to respect them and at least let them know somebody is watching out for their well-being.

Our failing economy will never be adequate for the ever growing population so we need to start relying on each other instead of waiting for ‘things to get better’.

Apologies if this is not what you expected as a blog post but….. on the other hand i really don’t.

If we are lucky enough to get old, it will make sense one day……

Here is the article


This is my opinion and should not be attached to the people or companies mentioned whatsoever.

Thank you.


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