UFC 170 – McMann vs Rousey

ufc 170

Straight into action (apologies for my intoxious delay!!!)

We started of the main card with a welterweight bout between Robert Whittaker and Stephen Thompson and both fighters made it worth our while. It’s something we had to take care of and I think that this was an amazing TKO by Whittaker that gave us an insight into his passion. Whittaker got his win in the 1st round showing us he meant business and wanted to prove himself. A relatively new fighter to main card events has now got our full attention!

The 2nd main card fight was between TJ Waldburger and Mike Pyle, which started off with equal potential in a way they built up a good fight but as time went on we saw that Waldburger had more technique and power in his fight which inevitably led him to his win over Waldburger.

The next event was between Rory MacDonald and Demian Maia,at welterweight level, from the count in we saw Maia dominate the floor with MacDonald with the mount and hold it with the offence. He managed to put a few blows onto his offence but Maia firmly held the offence in the first round. In round 2 Maia started off strong with a lead of kick an punch combos yet going to into round 2 he knew he had to crank it up a notch as MacDonald as he grew into his style. Opening of round 2 saw McDonald get into the acrobatic offence and blow off his opponents reactions. Rory got worn down by the attacks of Maia and began to show weakness that MacDonald took advantage of. By the 3rd round MacDonald had a grasp of escaping the take downs of Maia and was starting to throw on point.After a comeback from MacDonald the display of talent was amazing talent for the overall result MacoDonald took the technical sides and held onto the methods to lead the judges decisions of the night. Rory MacDonald taking the fight by unanimous decision.

Co Main Event

In the co-main event we see 2 egos of Daniel Cormier and Pat Cummings (Cummings took the fight after an injury of Rampage Jackson) 10 days notice and all the might in the world we saw the effort and determination put into a light heavyweight fight taken on a personal level. After mentioning some locker room incidents to ridicule the contender, Cormier decided to take it to the octagon and make it known he was a worthy opponent regardless of circumstances. The amount of trash talk between fighters only added fuel to the fire of this fight. It only took 1 round to show Cummings what time it was and it was TKO time, he kept the punches flowing in a way he couldn’t come back and kept the pressure at a high level. An amazing display of power from Cormier taking the win by TKO that was well deserved. Taught him a lesson for real!!

Main Event

2 Olympic level female UFC fighters going at it for the title is what we have all been waiting for and we didn’t not have to wait too long. Following on from her previous win, Ronda Rousey had built up a strong fan base coming into this fight and on the other hand sparked an interest in the potential opponents she has around her. Sara McMann has taken up the challenge of a title bout and no doubt she is the best to face her at this level.
Her talent is undeniable and she kept her faith throughout her build up, both fighters have prepared for this fight and we were in for a battle. Bantamweight women’s title on the line, we set off strong with both women diving straight into action.
Storming in both ladies went for in with bug hands but as it went up to the fence Ronda Rousey showed a a stronger shadow over McMann in a way that was kind of controversial. In a sport like UFC you have to defend yourself at all times (especially after we just saw the controversial Faber/Barao decision) so when Rousey landed a liver shot to McMann it was clear that the fight would be stopped as there was no defence. The fight was over very quickly but it can’t be denied that the rules were followed. I don’t think McMann was prepared enough to not show defence therefore the stoppage can’t be blamed. As a result Ronda Rousey remains the Women’s Bantamweight champion…..

I am team Rousey yet I can’t wait to see the full potential of a fighter to go against Ronda Rousey afte Miesha Tate.

Until next time peepz!!!