The Game – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: The Game with Blood Money Artists: Kid Red and LA Kings

Date: Sunday 23rd February 2014

Location: 02 Shepherds Bush Empire

Concert Review

After waiting in line for no more than 40 minutes we entered the building and could finally get excited about seeing The Game. The venue was perfect for the atmosphere of his music and I managed to get hold of standing tickets (Thanx to the group of guys sorted me out with a ticket!) so I got to feel the madness first-hand.

DJ Semtex kept us entertained for a while with some new and old skool HipHop before the first support act graced the stage. Known as ‘KNytro’ the UK based American performed some of his hits which had a US vibe all over them. He kept the energy levels high which can be hard at urban events for a support act. One of his standout songs was ‘Gangsta Boogie’ which features UK award winning duo Chase & Status.

After another music break we were taken to the West Coast on an express train by way of Blood Money artists LA Kings and King Red.

The 1st dynamic trio ‘LA Kings’ came put on stage as I have never seen before! Think back to those typical gangster movie with low riders and bottles of 40oz beer and then imagine 3 men IN BALACLAVAS walking in front of you. I swear the audience fell silent when they took the stage as we all gasped in awe. It wasn’t that they came out aggressively but they had a persona to maintain and an vibe to ignite and boy did they do that. Once we realised we were safe, lol the crowd warmed up to their set nicely, beat bouncing and screaming out Compton like we were there. They took us on a musical trip highlighting the talent coming out of Compton, LA in a way we won’t forget in a hurry!! Hot track ‘Get this Money’ had us getting our Gangsta on for real!!

The 2nd artist to come out goes by the name of ‘Kid Red’, already creating a buzz on the underground this man has all the potential to make it big in the music game. Not only does he have a high top fade in fire red but his flow and lyrical presence is enough to make a statement we all got to party to tonight. His next release will feature The Game on a track called ‘Smile For the Camera.’

DJ Jersey Devil also gave us a few tracks and collabos as we waited in between firing us up with some major hiphop bangers.

And without further ado onto the….

Main Act

Following months of delays due to cancellations and visa issues which forced him to postpone other UK dates in Manchester and Middlesbrough, The Game could finally deliver his high calibre performance which was originally scheduled for October 2013.

With our W’s (representing Westside) up high in the sky, The Compton Rapper tore down the stage with his opening song ‘Who scared now?’ giving us all a reason to go loco and party. Dress in black with a thick gold rope chain The Game did not fail to impress and show us his gratitude for welcoming him back to the UK. The compton native played in the UK 3 years ago and is very vocal about his love for the UK.

Born in 1979, into a tough family where drugs and gangs were the norm, The Game real anem Jayceon Taylor, was almost destined to mature to the Gang lifestyle that plagued the infamous California town. From drug dealing to gang violence which cut his education short, The Game had not intended to become a rapper but after a close brush with death he knew what his heart desired and went after it with everything he had. While recovering from multiple gunshots wounds, he studied all the classic rap albums and began to craft his dream into reality.
Originally signing to G Unit records fronted by 50 Cent, the rapper took the music world by storm with an undeniable force. With turbulent relationship with his manager, The Game decided to leave the record label due to the mismanagement of artists and 50’s desire to hog the limelight. His rejection in slandering another artist along with his label also created friction which contributed to his departure form G Unit. He has infamously said ‘F*** G Unit’ and renamed the label ‘G Unot’ repeated on many accounts including tonight showing his blatant dislike for that part of his career. He is now rumoured to be signed to Cash Money Records although claims nothing has been set in stone as they continue to work out what’s best for both artist, label and all in between.
Since the release of his debut album ‘The Documentary’ in 2005 right up to his latest release ‘Jesus Piece’ in 2012, we have seen The Game go from strength to strength keeping his trademark Red lifestyle (a connection to The LA based Bloods Gang) with him at all times. Although he is known as a gangster rapper, The Game is a doting father of 3 children and an active campaigner against of police abuses and injustices taking place in the USA and sometimes further afield. One of his most famous plights is getting justice for Florida slain teenager ‘Trayvon Martin’, he even got a tattoo to commemorate the young man. His love of Tattoos has expresses a lot about the rapper as he has visual references to major events in his life for example the birth of his son, to album covers and the letters ‘LA’ on his right cheek paying homage to where he’s from.

That being said all those emotions are merely fuel to the fire that spits authentic West Coast hiphop music.
Taking us through some of his greatest hits, the rapper was heavily into crowd interaction, recounting funny stories and bantering with his fellow artist that were on stage with him. It was nice to see that he kept The LA Kings and Kid Red on stage with him as this showed that he views them as a group rather than bringing artists hierarchy onto the stage. Songs like ‘Dream’, ‘My Life’ and ‘How We Do’ had us all singing and rapping our hearts away as we kept up with the high energy performance in front of us.
My highlight of the night was seeing The Game down almost a full bottle of Grey Goose vodka in front of our eyes. At first we were all very sceptical, thinking it was done for show with what could have been water however as the night went on we saw the alcohol started to take effect as he enjoyed his songs and decided to zone out and enjoy himself instead of rapping. It didn’t bother us though, we were just happy to see him have a good time with us and he sure did! The man knows how to have a good time and ‘turn up’ as they say.

Ending the night in true style The Game performed his most famous hit ‘One Blood’ while his entourage sprayed the crowd with champagne to crank up the energy. However he wasn’t finished yet, after some deliberation he decided to bring the entire front row up on stage to perform with him. With his own security guards keeping fans a safe distance away, The Game rapped us out of the night, making a few dreams come true too.

He definitely showed us ‘how he do’ and we can only hope we did him proud!

As always here is some HipHop homework for you to enjoy! xoxo

4 thoughts on “The Game – Concert Review

  1. I saw the games last night waited till 10 o’clock then he finally came kn stage sang for 45 minutes then left just a big dissapoinpent I bought these tickets to see him last year in October !! he’s lost my respect of you ask me I saw him back in 2009 and he was amazing and was in stage for 2 hours. wish I just refunded my tickets

    1. Wow that was quite a short set! He was on for at most 1hr half in London. I didn’t see him on his 1st UK tour a few yrs ago so my review is based on what I saw last Sunday. Yeh the delay since October was ridiculous tbh but in the end i’m glad he came unlike others who have cancelled last minute. Thanx 4 your feedback!

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