Battle of the refresh button


Hello Everyone!!

So today was the d-day of finding out my placement country and I couldn’t have been more nervous/excited!

I thought I would touch on the insanity of waiting for emails/texts/phone calls/post and today BOY did I feel it!!

Literally spent the longest time with my emails than I ever dreamed possible…. EVEN MORE THAN FACEBOOK!!

I remember when I would hear stories of people waiting by the letterbox for the mail to drop or actually waiting outside for the postman to hit the corner of the road and chase them down.

Well today was that day for me! If Hotmail had a doorbell I was sitting on it with my arm on through the letterbox and head-butting the door chime!

Our generation has been groomed into an instant result society and I didn’t realise it until today how anxious it makes us.

The internet, microwaves, Timetable apps even down to identifying the sex of babies, WE JUST CAN’T WAIT!!!

My time in Cuba a few years ago definitely forced me to exercise patience on a a different level and embrace human contact and maintaining relationships but yoooooooo….

As I soon realised today the refresh button will not ‘will’ your awaiting information any faster so try and sit back, relax and plan ahead.


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