Ricky Rozay – Concert Review #2


Concert Review

Artist: Ricky Rozay (Rick Ross)

Date: Sunday 18th May 2014

Location: The Roundhouse, Camden

Concert Review

This is my 3rd time seeing Ricky Rozay in total and I actually feel like its my first time every time! (clean minds folks!) I was a bit taken aback by the venue choice as The Roundhouse generally holds very mainstream events so it goes to show how much ROZAY has grown as an artist to sell out this venue. I got my tickets early as I knew this one off European show would sell out fast.

At around 9pm the queue was still windin around the venue as security ID scanned and let people inside. I was very impressed with the uptake of this policy as some venues are very minimal on security policies. I loved the mix of urban music fans all coming together for this show. You had you stereotypical groups of young men ready to grunt all over the place then a random group of refined ladies come to enjoy the vibe.

DJ Tim Westwood drew his support set to a close at around 10ish and the crowd went into a frenzy as a hype came onto introduce the man himself. To show love to his fellow MMG (Maybach Music Group) artist Meek Mill they played Meek’s new single ‘Off The Corner’ to start off the show.

Before I knew it the infamous ‘I’m a boss’ intro came in and we were offffffffffff!

Just a quick recap of the man himself taken from my previous review to refresh your memories:

Born William Leonard Roberts II, He came onto the rap scene with a new swag of creating a new collective called MMG, which includes the talented Philly rapper ‘Meek Mill’ and bringing an new image to HipHop. Many dislike his upfront, crime gloifying approach to the world however as many fans will know he has an essence of inspiration about him that makes you want to get up and do something with your life. (hopefully good obviously!!). In his words ‘ BE A BAWSE (BOSS)’. From his mainstream hit ‘Hustlin’ early in his career to the more recent material, he has spread his talent across 6 solo albums, 3 group albums and numerous collaborations giving him worldwide success.

In support of his latest release ‘Mastermind’, Mr Rozay gave us some new hits including ‘Devil is a lie’ and took it to the choir with ‘Sanctified’ while keeping it real with classics like ‘U know i got it’, ‘Can’t Hold Me Back’, ‘Diced Pineapples’ dedicated to the laydeez, ‘Stay Scheamin’ and ‘Bag of Money.’ Part way through the show he also addressed a certain london promoter that has been accusing MMG (Rozay’s label) of not paying him for a cancelled show, Rozay strongly denies any wrongdoings and was supported by a communal up middle finger salute from the fans.

You can’t deny the man’s ability to bring the house down in an out of control way. At times you actually find yourself zoning into a place where bass rules the world and all you can do is rock in obedience (well, that and the brandies I had!!) Health problems over recent years have been a problem in relation to Rozay’s lifestyle choices however I’m happy to say that even though he’s still a chunky mofo, he looks a lot healthier and has slimmed down a bit. He ended the show with a rendition of his new dance called ‘ 100 mill’ which consists of boppin around in a circle with your fists up, rockin from side to side. Do it….. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!! I’m already a profesh at it!! 😀

Overall the concert was a huge success and whether you are a repeat attender like myself ❤ or it was you first Ricky Rozay Experience, I'm sure you will know the answer to this question……


As usual my peeps, tiz homework time!!!

Enjoy xoxo

P.S. If you want to read my blog of Rick Ross's London Show last October… Click Here

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