UFC 173 – Barao vs Dillashaw

ufc 173

UFc 173 came through to please and shock as this high energy sport always does. Big names and underdogs filled up the main card giving us a mixed perception of what was going to happen.


Main Card

James Krause vs Jamie Varner

Brought to us from Las Vegas, UFC 173 kicked off with a quick and turbulent match up between James Krause and Jamie Varner. These 2 fighters were equally matched in talent and spirit however early on, injury would decide fate. After coming out strong Krause to a aggressive opponent in Varner,he landed a hard leg kick to Varner which blew out his ankle. The next few minutes were excruciating to watch as we watched Varner try to power through with injury but his ankle gave out on him each time. Proudly he managed to make it through the first round where he decided to end the fight as he couldn’t go on. Krause won by TKO but knew the he was yet to see the best of Varner.


Fransuco Riviera vs Takeya Mizugaki

This fight came down to skills as even though both fighters gave their all it was clear to see who would prevail. Riviera did his best trying to push forward in the 1st 2 rounds but didn’t have enough to overpower Mizugaki’s boxing skills. Riviera was taken down but didn’t get into offense mode in time to do any damage. The right hand blows came thick and strong, stunning Riviera on many occasions but the fight went the distance. Mizugaki took the win by decision.


Jake Ellenberger vs Robbie Lawler

Lawler came into the fight strong, fresh after his previous loss to Ben Henderson, hungry for the win. Continuing his dominance, Lawler  carefully exchanged with Ellenberger, not taking too many hits. It seemed Ellenberger got a good few counter attacks in against Lawler, with good body shots and knee exchanges. Following 2 takedown attempts Robbie’s defense flew up and after landing some serious blows, Ellenbereger was defeated by a hard knee.


Dan  Cormier vs Dan Henderson

With a destructive right hand, Dan Henderson was expected to put DC through his paces to a win but boy did we get a show. From the 1st round DC came in so strong with some good elbows followed by take downs. Considering Henderson is a weighty guy, DC wasn’t fazed and continued to rag doll and dominate Henderson throughout the fight. It was almost uncomfortable to watch as we saw that Henderson was taking a beating that his right fist couldn’t save him from. As the rounds went on Henderson grew tired and let Cormier get into position and take him out with a submission. Cormier won by TKO.


Main Event

Renan Barao vs TJ Dillashaw

Undisputed Bantamweight champion Barao entered with a sense of ownership in this title fight. Previously feared and undisputed, Dillashaw knew he would have to go to work for this one. From the 1st round we saw a change in dynamics and whether it was his light footwork or his technique but Dillashaw came through and dominated one of the worlds greatest fighters in Barao. After the 3rd round it was clear that Barao would have to submit or KO Dillashaw to keep his belt and sadly for him by the 5th round it was too late. Dillashaw completely dominated this match up. He prepared perfectly, changing direction and throwing sharp straight jabs and body shots, in the 5th round Dillashaw landed the shot that would crown him the NEW Bantamweight champion of the world.


Great main card that proved that you should never get too comfortable in 1st place……


















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