It’s Britney, Bitch!!

Anyone who knows me from school days knows that music was, is and always will be my life!! From going to as many live concerts as possible (Check out my review section) to religiously checking I had my trusty cassette player with me.

Growing up in London as black teenager, I was often judged for listening to pop music such as NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and Britney to name a few yet my room was plastered with HipHop and Dancehall legends. I was the embodiment of Eclectic and didn’t give a damn.

Developing into a woman I encountered and survived many a bad relationship and Britney was always one of the strongest glues that put me back together. There is seriously nothing like listening to ‘Stronger’ with a chilled glass on Hennessey and coke in both hands.

I even worked ridiculous overtime so me and 3 friends (Shout out to Jennifer, Krystal and Christy) could go and see her live, a frickin dream come true a thousand times over.

So when I heard Britney was doing the BMA’s 2016 I honestly wanted to sit down and take a minute to calm myself and remember the road is tough but I will make it.

We all remember Britney in 2007, hell I even referenced it when I was in my last semester of university trying to make word counts and find the right bibliography style. This young woman has come so far I feel like we were by her side the whole way.

This picture is somewhat freeing if not completely intriguing as we see a beauty of the modern world literally shave off the reigns of the media and celebrity norms.

If any woman, anywhere in the world can’t relate this this need to liberate and be one’s self then my dear, the wave will soon reach. I’m not condoning or praising Britney’s spontaneous balding sesh but as many people have yet to understand celebrities are people and sometimes they crash and burn just like us, but they too can shine again.

So this is for you Britney, thank you for showing us your crazy and getting back to the star you always were….










*Covers face and sneaks to the back of the class*



I have been back in my glorious Barranquilla for almost 3 months now and I had planned to continue strong on my blogging wave but I ‘wiped out’ again!!

Here I am back on my board, ready to catch the next wave.



These cases WILL NOT DEFEAT ME!!!!

mountain of cases


Heathrow beware…… This could be a potential reality for you to check in for me!

I swear  I have been at these things all week and I don’t whether I have case anxiety or I just can’t be asked to get done…… My previous track record in terms of packing has been far from minimal to say the least but this time I want at least pack logically (i.e. 1 pair of heels and 1 pair of trainers MAYBE! instead of day heels, club/dinner heels and my infamous ‘show-off trainers’ and my neglected gym runners).

Not to mention the art of rolling your clothes around your toiletries and making sure you won’t need them BEFORE you leave!!

Also everyone always forgets extra bags! I mean weekend bags, little black bags, work bags and etc, I know I’m a bit of  flashpacker if that but jeez these things r important and bring comfort away from home.

When I say toiletries I’m putting my fro maintenance jewels in that category, I managed to braid back the beast so can deal with it at a later date….. (queue future Super Sayan Battle)

Either way, whatever happens……






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What are WE waiting for???

banksy change 2

What are WE waiting for???

In a world where are have been brainwashed into instant gratification, WHAT ARE WE STILL WAITING FOR TO MAKE A CHANGE THAT LASTS????

Growing up in London, as a young woman (I’m not bringing race into this) I was exposed to a lot of things that I didn’t know how to interpret yet didn’t have the time to make an educated decision because I was already present.

You can’t revise life like you do for an exam, more than likely you are going to be thrown into life situations that no-one can prepare you for at a times when you are most vulnerable.

Teenage years are one of the most compelling times in anyone’s life yet completing this era is becoming as endangered as rhinos in the wild.

We are told to grow up yet we are expected to know what to without being taught. Most people make an educated decision based on another person’s experience before finding unbiased information which has resulted in a us SURVIVING in a world gravitating to TAKE TAKE TAKE.

I am a woman so I will never understand the plights of boys or young men growing up but I will say that at some point in time we have to come together and create families which is scary because the values we have are all experience based without knowledge.

I’m sick of being scared for the sun to shine because there is a chance that young people will die due to street violence.

I love the sun so much yet the problems it causes breaks my heart.

I’m sick of being told not to have parties because the fear of the unknown visitor outweighs my want for happiness.

Not because I’m naive but because I don’t want to see any more bloodshed with my naked eye.

I’m sick of the media and statistics blaming young people for their failures as a social power.

How do you expect us to be inspired if our futures are plagued with debts? The amount of dirty money pumping through the system is disgusting. With rising property prices and over population, it’s sad to say the streets are holding too much value and people are dying for every single paving stone.

I was blessed enough to hear a short presentation by 2 young men using their lives to try and create a better future, they were not there to sugar coat life yet they were not being overly clouded.

They touched on the turbulent fight to have places where they could help elevate young people in basic life skills and the fact the our older generations have let us down by allowing problems to worsen by turning a blind eye. I was personally compelled to what they had to say, not because i had been through the same but I respect the reality that they put forward.

They weren’t trying to gain fans or rounds of applause, they fact they were still alive was applause enough to them.

We are told to respect our elders but respect is mutual and I was shocked to see the attitudes of some grown ups, if roles were reversed I know the discipline would have rolled right out. Sad because are they people who are supposed to set us an example…..

I managed to speak to both men afterwards and congratulate them on their successes, they are so humble and down to earth. I’m positive there plenty of other mentors and examples out there, who want a better present and past and with people like them trying to make a difference however small the change, it WILL come…..



Personal Thank you to Bilal and Robyn, Keep up the good work dudes. Inspiration to say the least.

Battle of the refresh button


Hello Everyone!!

So today was the d-day of finding out my placement country and I couldn’t have been more nervous/excited!

I thought I would touch on the insanity of waiting for emails/texts/phone calls/post and today BOY did I feel it!!

Literally spent the longest time with my emails than I ever dreamed possible…. EVEN MORE THAN FACEBOOK!!

I remember when I would hear stories of people waiting by the letterbox for the mail to drop or actually waiting outside for the postman to hit the corner of the road and chase them down.

Well today was that day for me! If Hotmail had a doorbell I was sitting on it with my arm on through the letterbox and head-butting the door chime!

Our generation has been groomed into an instant result society and I didn’t realise it until today how anxious it makes us.

The internet, microwaves, Timetable apps even down to identifying the sex of babies, WE JUST CAN’T WAIT!!!

My time in Cuba a few years ago definitely forced me to exercise patience on a a different level and embrace human contact and maintaining relationships but yoooooooo….

As I soon realised today the refresh button will not ‘will’ your awaiting information any faster so try and sit back, relax and plan ahead.


UFC 170 – McMann vs Rousey

ufc 170

Straight into action (apologies for my intoxious delay!!!)

We started of the main card with a welterweight bout between Robert Whittaker and Stephen Thompson and both fighters made it worth our while. It’s something we had to take care of and I think that this was an amazing TKO by Whittaker that gave us an insight into his passion. Whittaker got his win in the 1st round showing us he meant business and wanted to prove himself. A relatively new fighter to main card events has now got our full attention!

The 2nd main card fight was between TJ Waldburger and Mike Pyle, which started off with equal potential in a way they built up a good fight but as time went on we saw that Waldburger had more technique and power in his fight which inevitably led him to his win over Waldburger.

The next event was between Rory MacDonald and Demian Maia,at welterweight level, from the count in we saw Maia dominate the floor with MacDonald with the mount and hold it with the offence. He managed to put a few blows onto his offence but Maia firmly held the offence in the first round. In round 2 Maia started off strong with a lead of kick an punch combos yet going to into round 2 he knew he had to crank it up a notch as MacDonald as he grew into his style. Opening of round 2 saw McDonald get into the acrobatic offence and blow off his opponents reactions. Rory got worn down by the attacks of Maia and began to show weakness that MacDonald took advantage of. By the 3rd round MacDonald had a grasp of escaping the take downs of Maia and was starting to throw on point.After a comeback from MacDonald the display of talent was amazing talent for the overall result MacoDonald took the technical sides and held onto the methods to lead the judges decisions of the night. Rory MacDonald taking the fight by unanimous decision.

Co Main Event

In the co-main event we see 2 egos of Daniel Cormier and Pat Cummings (Cummings took the fight after an injury of Rampage Jackson) 10 days notice and all the might in the world we saw the effort and determination put into a light heavyweight fight taken on a personal level. After mentioning some locker room incidents to ridicule the contender, Cormier decided to take it to the octagon and make it known he was a worthy opponent regardless of circumstances. The amount of trash talk between fighters only added fuel to the fire of this fight. It only took 1 round to show Cummings what time it was and it was TKO time, he kept the punches flowing in a way he couldn’t come back and kept the pressure at a high level. An amazing display of power from Cormier taking the win by TKO that was well deserved. Taught him a lesson for real!!

Main Event

2 Olympic level female UFC fighters going at it for the title is what we have all been waiting for and we didn’t not have to wait too long. Following on from her previous win, Ronda Rousey had built up a strong fan base coming into this fight and on the other hand sparked an interest in the potential opponents she has around her. Sara McMann has taken up the challenge of a title bout and no doubt she is the best to face her at this level.
Her talent is undeniable and she kept her faith throughout her build up, both fighters have prepared for this fight and we were in for a battle. Bantamweight women’s title on the line, we set off strong with both women diving straight into action.
Storming in both ladies went for in with bug hands but as it went up to the fence Ronda Rousey showed a a stronger shadow over McMann in a way that was kind of controversial. In a sport like UFC you have to defend yourself at all times (especially after we just saw the controversial Faber/Barao decision) so when Rousey landed a liver shot to McMann it was clear that the fight would be stopped as there was no defence. The fight was over very quickly but it can’t be denied that the rules were followed. I don’t think McMann was prepared enough to not show defence therefore the stoppage can’t be blamed. As a result Ronda Rousey remains the Women’s Bantamweight champion…..

I am team Rousey yet I can’t wait to see the full potential of a fighter to go against Ronda Rousey afte Miesha Tate.

Until next time peepz!!!

Support this act of kindness!! #getmichealhome

In a world where we are all stuck in the monotone march to the our jobs, we can often forget to be human and lend a hand to those in need. When i came across this story my heart went out to Ms Baker as she was inspired by selflessness and decided there and then she wanted to make a change.

Regardless of what people thought and bear in mind it wasn’t part of her day Jenny has decided to do the unthinkable and i’m behind her 1000%.

In a nutshell, Ms Baker got talking to a homeless man in Dalston, East London and conversation took over. She found out that he came to the UK to look after his sick mother and since her passing, he had fallen on hard times, became homeless and wasn’t able to fund his return back to Jamaica.

His request for money didn’t come and in place was a beautiful request for ‘Ginger Beer’, a popular drink amongst Jamaicans and Caribbeans. One of the only things that remind him of happier times in his homeland. Ms Baker was captivated by his story and decided to create an online fund to help Micheal back to Jamaica.

Through the help of social media, Jenny (Twitter: @Bakeyboo) has raised over £800 with a target of £3000 of well wished donations towards his flight.

I wish her all the luck in the world, thank you for restoring faith in humanity!!

michael and jenny

To donate to #getmichealhome, click the following link: