UFC 174 – Bagautinov vs Johnson

johnson vs bagautinov


The line-up for UFC 174 boasted all the potential of a typical UFC event that built up a variety of emotions leading up the night itself. (Sorry it’s a bit late!)

Main Card

Ryan Jimmo vs Ovince Saint Preux 

The opening Light-heavy bout of the night started off with a good few exchanges, displaying the range of skills invloved in MMA however OSP quickly began to dominated the fight with his Karate skills. A series of head punches soon gave OSP the 2nd round but just as the final seconds began to tick the match was stopped as Jimmo announced he had broken his arm in a takedown. OSP is the winner through verbal tapout by T.K.O


Andrei Arlovski vs Bredan Schaub 

The return of the legend Andrei Arlovski overshadowed this match against Brendan Schaub who was determined to overthrow the old school fighter. Considering the heavyweight Arlovski hasn’t been inside the Octoagon sin 2008 as the rounds went on he slowly got back into his stride. Many could say that the energy of the fight was long and drawn out as a lot of people expect TKO’s in heavyweight battles. Even though there were various takedowns and hammer fist combos, this match lasted till the end and went to decisions who gave Arlovski the fight.


Rafael Feijao vs Ryan Bader 

Feijao came out ready to take this fight to the ground with some good jabs and takedowns but once set in his stride, Ryan Bader came back and turned up the pressure. In his true unpredictable style, Bader continued to dominated the fight with clear takedown that resulted in some intense ribs jabs. Feijao tried to recover from the blows but in the end Bader’s attacks led him to win the match by decision.


Rory Macdonald vs Tyron Woodley 

The Co-Main event certainly had a lot of pressure behind it as these two welterweight fighters had a lot to prove. From the get-go, there was obvious change to Woodley’s style who is normally very aggressive. Rory Macdonald managed to gain control of the Octagon early on and even though he faced some brutal blows, nothing was able to put him off target. Some beautiful takedowns and exchanges led to the judges giving Macdonald the fight.


Main Event

Ali Bagautinov vs Demetrious Johnson 

The Flyweight division is one of the best weight classes to watch in terms of skills, as fighters aren’t held down by masses of muscle, speed, tactics and athleticism are all on their side. The current champion Johnson has a unique style though he had his work cut out for him in this match against 11 fight winning streak Bagautinov. From the 1st round we saw the adrenaline rise as both fighters gave all they had in order to be the champ. By the 3rd round we saw Bagautinov start to slow down with his offence whereas Johnson maintained his fast footwork and sharp jabs. By the end of the 5th round it was clear to see the difference in stamina between the fighters as Johnson landed his blows on target, not enough strength for a knock-out yet getting the job done. Demetrious Johnson remains the UFC Flyweight champion.


Overall I feel that UFC 174 lacked some of the show-stopping, breath taking moments that usually shine through in main events but it was good to see technique play a bigger role in fights instead of always going for T.K.O’s.























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UFC 173 – Barao vs Dillashaw

ufc 173

UFc 173 came through to please and shock as this high energy sport always does. Big names and underdogs filled up the main card giving us a mixed perception of what was going to happen.


Main Card

James Krause vs Jamie Varner

Brought to us from Las Vegas, UFC 173 kicked off with a quick and turbulent match up between James Krause and Jamie Varner. These 2 fighters were equally matched in talent and spirit however early on, injury would decide fate. After coming out strong Krause to a aggressive opponent in Varner,he landed a hard leg kick to Varner which blew out his ankle. The next few minutes were excruciating to watch as we watched Varner try to power through with injury but his ankle gave out on him each time. Proudly he managed to make it through the first round where he decided to end the fight as he couldn’t go on. Krause won by TKO but knew the he was yet to see the best of Varner.


Fransuco Riviera vs Takeya Mizugaki

This fight came down to skills as even though both fighters gave their all it was clear to see who would prevail. Riviera did his best trying to push forward in the 1st 2 rounds but didn’t have enough to overpower Mizugaki’s boxing skills. Riviera was taken down but didn’t get into offense mode in time to do any damage. The right hand blows came thick and strong, stunning Riviera on many occasions but the fight went the distance. Mizugaki took the win by decision.


Jake Ellenberger vs Robbie Lawler

Lawler came into the fight strong, fresh after his previous loss to Ben Henderson, hungry for the win. Continuing his dominance, Lawler  carefully exchanged with Ellenberger, not taking too many hits. It seemed Ellenberger got a good few counter attacks in against Lawler, with good body shots and knee exchanges. Following 2 takedown attempts Robbie’s defense flew up and after landing some serious blows, Ellenbereger was defeated by a hard knee.


Dan  Cormier vs Dan Henderson

With a destructive right hand, Dan Henderson was expected to put DC through his paces to a win but boy did we get a show. From the 1st round DC came in so strong with some good elbows followed by take downs. Considering Henderson is a weighty guy, DC wasn’t fazed and continued to rag doll and dominate Henderson throughout the fight. It was almost uncomfortable to watch as we saw that Henderson was taking a beating that his right fist couldn’t save him from. As the rounds went on Henderson grew tired and let Cormier get into position and take him out with a submission. Cormier won by TKO.


Main Event

Renan Barao vs TJ Dillashaw

Undisputed Bantamweight champion Barao entered with a sense of ownership in this title fight. Previously feared and undisputed, Dillashaw knew he would have to go to work for this one. From the 1st round we saw a change in dynamics and whether it was his light footwork or his technique but Dillashaw came through and dominated one of the worlds greatest fighters in Barao. After the 3rd round it was clear that Barao would have to submit or KO Dillashaw to keep his belt and sadly for him by the 5th round it was too late. Dillashaw completely dominated this match up. He prepared perfectly, changing direction and throwing sharp straight jabs and body shots, in the 5th round Dillashaw landed the shot that would crown him the NEW Bantamweight champion of the world.


Great main card that proved that you should never get too comfortable in 1st place……


















UFC 173 – Barao vs Dillashaw was originally published on The Many Words Of Aic3la

UFC 172 – Jones vs Teixeira


This event was dominated by aggression whether it be a knock-out or being confident in your skill/talent, UFC 172 got some stress out tonight!


I usually don’t touch on prelim fights but the Bantamweight bout between Patrick Williams and Chris Beal was absolutely brutal! They both came out with an intense force, to get that knock-out finish. After Beal was hit and slowly walked off an early low blow , we thought it could be over for him as we saw his tempo reduced slightly. The way Williams’s offence dominated him had us thinking it was a done deal until a BEAUTIFUL flying knee to the head took Williams out cold and he fell flat. It goes to show that even when your luck is decreasing you can still come back and Beal sure did!

Main Card

The night started with a Featherweight bout between 2 youngsters wanting to strengthen their reputation in the UFC. Andre Fili came out full of energy however Max Holloway played it cool countering the punches and kicks coming at him. After some take-down attempts and some classic jabs, Holloway came through with a barrage of big hits followed by a guillotine for the submission win.

Next up was Yancy Medieros and Jim Miller who both have experience on their side however were desperate to make to the win to get closer to a title shot. These 2 lightweight fighters mean business coming out with power. Medieros started off strong but later into the fight Miller showed his true colours and began to weigh in on the Hawaiian fighter. In the end Miller took the win by submission with a guillotine to a very proud Medeiros who chose to be choked out instead of tapping out of the fight.

Then it was the turn of the middleweights who didn’t waste any time giving a result. Tim Boetsch came out with a confidence of domination thinking he would submit Luke Rockford. As soon as the bell rang Boetsch ran for a take-down but got caught up in the Rockford’s web who slipped him into a kimura leg triangle and just when we thought he could escape Rockford sealed the submission win by going for an arm bar. Amazing diversity of submission techniques at one time.

Co-Main Event

This fight was probably one of the most wince worthy fights as we saw the potential damage before they entered the Octagon. Failing to make weight in the heavyweight class and having to leave the UFC, Anthony Johnson returned to the UFC with such power it was almost impossible for Phil Davis to find a win. Talented Phil Davis gave it his all throwing some hard hits and kicks all while avoiding Johnson’s right hand. Struggling to hold off those punches Phil David got caught many times by a wave of hard punches from the ‘heavy-light-heavy’ weight fighter and even though it went to decisions everyone respected to heart of Phil Davis who refused to give up. Johnson took a unanimous win from the judges.

Main Event

In all honesty I didn’t know what to expect from this fight, I am a Jon Jones fan and was intrigued to see the skills he had against this hard fisted Brazilian. After a long time away from the UFC due to visa problems Glover Teixeira came back to the UFC on full form ready to take on the light heavyweight champion. The rounds were full of adrenaline, Jones landing shots, knocking out mouth-guards and Teixeira gritting teeth due to various eye pokes and a shoulder injury. The fight was undeniably well matched as we saw both fighters go head to head. Jones made sure he secured the win by keeping his hits accurate and even though he didn’t get the take-downs the judges saw how he dominated the fight and gave him his 7 title defence success.

Overall a great event from the UFC, full of good old fighting and aggression. So many knock-outs to choose from, I wonder who will get the bonuses for ‘Knock-out’ and ‘Fight Of The Night’…… HARD CHOICE!!

UFC 171 – Battle of the Welterweights

ufc 2 171

One of the most anticipated main cards had arrived and the focus was mainly dwelling in one division.
The night boasted potential to the brim and the night did not fail to impress but rather worked out some aggression and ego’s.

The opening fight between Nikita Krylov and Ovince Saint Preux (who had my treadmill jam – Rick Ross ‘Can’t Hold Me Back’ as his walkout song!) was in one word quick. Both relatively unknown to main events but they got a chance to show their strengths tonight. Almost as soon as the fight began we saw Ukrainian Krylov go in for Haitian Saint Preux and take him down. From the outside we saw Krylov managed to get a guillotine on Saint Preux and somehow thought he had the submission set. Little did he know that while in half guard, Saint Preux was setting up one of the rarest UFC moves: the ‘Von Flue Choke’. While already in a clinch, he snuck an arm over Krylov’s head and squeezed into a guillotine. Within a few seconds, Krylov went limp and Ovince Saint – Preux got the Submission, definitely can’t hold him back now!

Next up was Jake Shields vs Hector Lombard who highlighted the importance of being an all round fighter and not relying on one advantage. The strength of Olympic Judo champion Lombard was evident throughout as he threw Shields around the octagon with no problem however, a downfall on his part was that he failed to deliver on any groundwork. It is a shame to see such a good stature of fighter lack the range of skills so well advertised in the UFC. Shields managed to hold out until decisions taking a barrage of hits, even trying to throw in a last minute guillotine but it was too late and decisions gave the fight to Lombard.

After these 2 relatively lacklustre matches, we had our energy levels cranked up by way of Diego Sanchez and Miles Jury. In a way it was like seeing the winning fighter against the newcomer and Sanchez was the winner of the TV Series ‘Ultimate Fighter’ Series 1 and Miles Jury was quite new to the octagon. In true Sanchez style, we got a whole lot of ‘mean muggin’ and chanting before they started but that was short lived. Jury had obviously done his homework and wasn’t fazed by Sanchez’s trademark wild ways. Jury landed a lot of punches and good takedowns that were visibly effective including a cut to Diego face nonetheless The decisions spoke for themselves and Myles Jury managed to defeat and somewhat tame Diego Sanchez.

Co – Main Event

The co- main event was between Tyron Woodley and Carlos Condit and even though the fight had all the potential to be a slug fest it was not to be. The 1st 2 rounds were pretty equal with Woodley getting some good takedowns and Condit landing a few shot but round 2 would see Woodley start to open up to techniques and power. Already having strength behind his fists, Woodley began to use leg kicks on Condit which paid off in the end. As Woodley got a takedown, he managed to hurt Condit’s knee however he recovered back to stand up. It was a kick that deflected onto Condit’s leg that took out his right knee and gave Woodley the T.K.O. Some were upset with the result but sometimes thats just the way it goes.

Main Event

With the Welterweight champion George St Pierre vacating the title for a while, the race was on to crown new champion and there were none hungrier than Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler. Both losing to the vacated champ in the past they knew what they came to do: finish what they had started.
The opening rounds saw Johny Hendricks shine through with some great combos, concentrating on jabs and leg kicks. He planned to keep up the tempo and catch Lawler off guard. By round 3 Lawler was on form and ready for what Hendricks had on the menu, he began deflecting attacks and landing some combos of his own, leading to a various cuts on Hendricks face. Round 3 and 4 went to Lawler which he backed up with some hard hits that almost took Hendricks out with 2 minutes still left on the clock but he held on. Round 5 would be the decision maker as both fighters got a serious pep talk in their corners and came back in to win the belt. Blatantly stunned by Lawler’s blows, Hendricks put up a good fight, gaining back momentum and landing some perfects hits to counter act Lawler’s blows. In the end both fighters went the distance and proved they were worthy of the title fight. After some deliberation the judges crowned Johny Hendricks the New UFC Welterweight Champion of the World.

Well deserved.

Roll On UFC 172

UFC 170 – McMann vs Rousey

ufc 170

Straight into action (apologies for my intoxious delay!!!)

We started of the main card with a welterweight bout between Robert Whittaker and Stephen Thompson and both fighters made it worth our while. It’s something we had to take care of and I think that this was an amazing TKO by Whittaker that gave us an insight into his passion. Whittaker got his win in the 1st round showing us he meant business and wanted to prove himself. A relatively new fighter to main card events has now got our full attention!

The 2nd main card fight was between TJ Waldburger and Mike Pyle, which started off with equal potential in a way they built up a good fight but as time went on we saw that Waldburger had more technique and power in his fight which inevitably led him to his win over Waldburger.

The next event was between Rory MacDonald and Demian Maia,at welterweight level, from the count in we saw Maia dominate the floor with MacDonald with the mount and hold it with the offence. He managed to put a few blows onto his offence but Maia firmly held the offence in the first round. In round 2 Maia started off strong with a lead of kick an punch combos yet going to into round 2 he knew he had to crank it up a notch as MacDonald as he grew into his style. Opening of round 2 saw McDonald get into the acrobatic offence and blow off his opponents reactions. Rory got worn down by the attacks of Maia and began to show weakness that MacDonald took advantage of. By the 3rd round MacDonald had a grasp of escaping the take downs of Maia and was starting to throw on point.After a comeback from MacDonald the display of talent was amazing talent for the overall result MacoDonald took the technical sides and held onto the methods to lead the judges decisions of the night. Rory MacDonald taking the fight by unanimous decision.

Co Main Event

In the co-main event we see 2 egos of Daniel Cormier and Pat Cummings (Cummings took the fight after an injury of Rampage Jackson) 10 days notice and all the might in the world we saw the effort and determination put into a light heavyweight fight taken on a personal level. After mentioning some locker room incidents to ridicule the contender, Cormier decided to take it to the octagon and make it known he was a worthy opponent regardless of circumstances. The amount of trash talk between fighters only added fuel to the fire of this fight. It only took 1 round to show Cummings what time it was and it was TKO time, he kept the punches flowing in a way he couldn’t come back and kept the pressure at a high level. An amazing display of power from Cormier taking the win by TKO that was well deserved. Taught him a lesson for real!!

Main Event

2 Olympic level female UFC fighters going at it for the title is what we have all been waiting for and we didn’t not have to wait too long. Following on from her previous win, Ronda Rousey had built up a strong fan base coming into this fight and on the other hand sparked an interest in the potential opponents she has around her. Sara McMann has taken up the challenge of a title bout and no doubt she is the best to face her at this level.
Her talent is undeniable and she kept her faith throughout her build up, both fighters have prepared for this fight and we were in for a battle. Bantamweight women’s title on the line, we set off strong with both women diving straight into action.
Storming in both ladies went for in with bug hands but as it went up to the fence Ronda Rousey showed a a stronger shadow over McMann in a way that was kind of controversial. In a sport like UFC you have to defend yourself at all times (especially after we just saw the controversial Faber/Barao decision) so when Rousey landed a liver shot to McMann it was clear that the fight would be stopped as there was no defence. The fight was over very quickly but it can’t be denied that the rules were followed. I don’t think McMann was prepared enough to not show defence therefore the stoppage can’t be blamed. As a result Ronda Rousey remains the Women’s Bantamweight champion…..

I am team Rousey yet I can’t wait to see the full potential of a fighter to go against Ronda Rousey afte Miesha Tate.

Until next time peepz!!!

UFC 169 – Night of Controversy and Comebacks….


Whether you came for the tightly packed main card or to see the 2 title bouts and clash of the titans, UFC 169 did not fail to entertain tonight. The fights tonight were full of almost every emotion and i’m sure you will agree!

Main card

Abel Trujillo vs Jamie Varner

The 1st fight of the night had me on my feet literally the whole fight. You could see the passion from both Trujillo and Varner was waaay past boiling point and boy did they give us a show. With almost equal stats, these men knew they had to go all out to win the fight. The tempo of the fight was fast and wild with both men being caught at various times with train speed blows, yet somehow managing to recover for revenge. After round 1 we knew the fight wouldn’t get to decisions and thanks to Trujillo we didn’t have to wait long. In a brutal, blow by blow, slanging match we saw Varner smother Trujillo and back him up to the fence and then Trujillo dug DEEEEEP and came back with an almighty right hand that landed Varner flat on his face. It was spectacular!!! Trujillo winner by T.K.O

John Lineker vs Ali Bagautinov

Following the adrenaline filled opener, the next fight calmed us down and drawed on our attention spans as we saw the Russian Bagautinov slowly wear down his opponent Lineker. From the start Bagautinov dominated control and made calculated moved on Lineker making sure he wasn’t caught out. Blocking takedowns, checking body shots and reversing leg locks, kept the russian on his toes and took the fight the distance. Judges scored Bagautinov the winner.

Frank Mir vs Alistair Overeem

Clash of the Titans!!! One of the most anticipated fights of the night, these two heavyweights had a lot on the line tonight with Mir wanting to prove his relevance in the sport is still valid and Overeem wanting to put the fear back into his division. Both fighters have very heavy handed techniques which made endurance and stamina a must have in this fight. Following his time in Thailand we saw Overeem enter the octagon a reformed man. You could tell from his style and approach that he had scaled back on the aggression and timed his offence perfectly. From the 1st round we saw Overeem take the lead with a takedown attempt but Mir managed to regain himself. After 3 rounds it was obvious that Overeem had done enough to take out Mir who put up a good fight but just didn’t manage to follow through his submission attempts. Winner by unanimous decision was Overeem. He even called out ‘retired’ heavyweight Brock Lesnar after hearing a rumor he was returning to the UFC….. We shall see!!

Now onto the 2 title fights.

Jose Aldo vs Ricardo Lamas

The featherweight title bout has been covered heavily all across the MMA world and both Ricardo Lamas and Jose Aldo had their work cut out and we both on top form tonight. Throughout the rounds we saw Aldo suss out Lamas early on and landed some significant leg kicks and combos to wear Lamas down. It was great to see two fighters get into the mentality of assessing moves instead of going in wild. At times Aldo took control and could have got the win, he almost ended it with a guillotine submission but Lamas managed to get out. In the final round Lamas warmed up and dominated the round, taking Aldo to the ground but in the end it wasn’t enough to take the belt. Jose Aldo is still the Featherweight Champion by Unanimous Decision.

Barao and Faber

A perfectly matched up headliner by 2 talented fighters, one of the biggest matches in both their careers. Faber was coming off a winning streak and a complete style overhaul. He had majorly improved his technique and came into the fight strong. Barao the ever talented fighter also came in with his signature style, dominated with leg kicks and taking advantage of Faber’s recovery time. In the 2nd round Barao managed to strike Faber and take him down to the ground and what happened next is one of those moments you wish you could rewind and change. Barao was on top, Faber with his back up head tucked down taking a barrage of punches to the head. Ref Herb Dean was assessing the situation and decided that due to the force of Barao he wanted a reaction. He allegedly said to Faber to ‘give him something’ as in a sign to say he was alright. Faber proceeded to give him a thumbs up HOWEVER Herb misread the sign and decided to stop the match, thinking Faber wanted out. Along with the rest of the world Faber then sat up at looked at Dean like’ I’M FINE, WHY DID YOU STOP IT’ while Barao samba’d nearby. It was an unfortunate error that Herb acknowledged yet led to Barao retaining the Bantamweight belt. In my opinion Faber was defending himself perfectly, his elbows was tight, defending his head and you could see he was still aware and alert so Dean shouldn’t have got involved. Barao looked at Dean while punching Faber which could have put him off but i believe Faber still had a long way to go before stoppage was even an option…. (I’m still Team Herb though!!)

Overall an amazing display of MMA and the politics of sport will no doubt lead us to a rematch and more examples of great sportsmanship.

UFC 169 PreLims: Makadessi vs Patrick

Patrick flew out with some power, high energy from the get go kind of stunned Makadessi for a hot second but once they got into Makadessi gave a good few punches while avoiding Patrick’s adventurous spinning moves. Great match up as these 2 fighters are obviously good at what they do, in the end making Patrick the winner of that match.