Never give up!!

Sometimes I get lost, blinded through social media, lied to by money and greed, burnt by other people’s opinions n tripped up by society’s expectations. Well I declare that I, Aic3la, just want to be happy so if you’re not trying to encourage and support as i do to realness please leave the table….

May 2016



*Covers face and sneaks to the back of the class*



I have been back in my glorious Barranquilla for almost 3 months now and I had planned to continue strong on my blogging wave but I ‘wiped out’ again!!

Here I am back on my board, ready to catch the next wave.



Been gone for a minute, now i’m back with the jump off!!

arnie im back

Apologies for the pic but I felt Arnie would soften the blow of my return!!!

For those who have faithfully blogged over the past year I salute you with both hands. I thought I was strong and could hold on forever but no….. nope…. I wilted liked a defrosting rose. Foreign living got me way too excited!

But as I am I strong believer of ‘nunca te rindes’ = never give up, here I am ready to roll on the next film reel and press play!!

So I will give up a quick update on my life since August 2015 (Cringe! has it been almost a year!!) and will be doing random throwback Thursday posts to highlight the best bits.


  • I spent August until June 2015 working at Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla.
  • I travelled to Cali, Medellin/Guatape, Cartagena, and Santa Marta as well as 2 trips to Florida, USA to see my lovely family.
  • Started teaching Undergradutes Level 2 English (University curriculum = A1 Level in my opinion).
  • Made some AMAZING friends.
  • Moved into my own ‘cute as a button’ studio flat!! (A la Carrie from Sex and the City).
  • Found a beautiful love in a hopeless place (wouldn’t expect anything else for me!) and yes it’s still going strong!

And most exciting of all……. I’M ABOUT TO DO IT ALL AGAIN!!!!

As me and Barranquilla are absolutely mad about each other we have decided to continue our transatlantic romance and embark on a 2nd year.

Only change will be my place of work which will now be at Universidad del Atlantico, which is one of the best public universities in Barranquilla and the Caribbean coast.

So keep your eyes peeled for Throwback Thursday updates and saddle up for a new year with the loca with the fro a.k.a ME!!

ūüėÄ Thanx for having me back!!

Ostrich in a Penthouse….

Right now i feel like i can see over my dreams and wants in life but there is an invisible barrier rising between us. I have worked for many a crazy adventure in my life and managed to succeed in all that i have wanted to do. Whether it be going on holiday at least 3 times a year or working 4 12hour shifts over the Christmas period i have done it.

So now when i am approaching the biggest pause button of my life, i am starting to fill up with anxiety. I know that i will recover and get back to my normal self but 2013 is not looking the way i wanted. I want to do so much and then i remember….. Oh yeh im have been diagnosed with an illness and i have to take at least a month out for recover from surgery. It has sunk in but sometimes i remember and it annoys the hell outta me.

Got me here drinking a Rum and Coke on a Monday night…….

As much as people tell me i will be fine and i should just take the time out to rest. There is nothing worse that craving the lifestyle you know you can work towards. My faith in God is abundant but he has blessed me with such ambition that my soul cannot rest until i have set up a new adventure or planned another outing.

My heart knows that in the long run i will be healthier and better off but im so ready to work some serious hours, get my butt into the gym, start using separate face and body creams, actually combing out my afro every night and greasing my scalp and all other sorts of madness but then i have a flashback and sigh deeply cz i kno the worst is yet to come.

So yep Mr Ostrich in a Penthouse i too can see my peers through the windows, gliding at my side through life as they please and although we are all in the clouds, i too cannot fly……


Found my travel inspiration from my youth!!!

So we are having a bit of a clear out of my house and i’m selling stuff on¬†eBay¬†to help my Honduras funds as as my mother was clearing out the attic i stumbled upon this gem and had an instant flashback of having me being about 5, with this massive book in front of me telling my mum i want to travel the world.

I have no idea who bought me this book and their intention but i believe this was the first time i fell in love with the world and my love for travelling. Playing games like find the country and telling my mum the main exports from various countries definitely made me the unique nomad i am today.

Here are a couple of pictures from the book itself!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If anyone knows the authors, THANK THEM FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! (P.S. Also that they forgot to even put small dots to represent islands such as Madeira, a Portuguese island close the coast of Morocco that i have been to and loved!!)

Tis funny how your childhood shapes your life and desires, i totally forgot that i had this book but my heart obviously didn’t.


My Bachata Outburst – Mi explosi√≥n de Bachata

Soooooo i’m moving to Honduras in January to teach for 11 months and as music forms my soul i thought i would tune into some online radio stations over there and see whats going on….

I’m happy to report that i will be absolutely fine over there cz they have my beloved reggaeton, bachata, salsa and punta, a genre derived from Central American as a result of intergration with Afro-Lations. (Very similar to dancehall to Jamaicans). As well as HipHop, R&B and my other loves.

I was listening to a station called Caliente 96.9 fm and this song jumped out at me that i now find myself havin random outbursts of lyrics trying to escape my untrained voice box or a random bachata dance off with my shadow.

The song is called ‘Que Vuelva’ by Alex Bueno an artist from the Dominican Republic who is a legend in the latin music world.

The song isn’t only amazing but speaks to me on a different note….

To me the song acted as a metaphor for my travels serenading me to get back onto a plane and follow my dreams. And no i was not under the influence when i had this epiphany!!!

Here are some of the lyrics……

‘Dile que vuela’ – tell her to come back = The foreign lands calling me back

‘Que sin ella no puedo vivir’ – that without her i can’t live. = ‘Her’ is my love for travelling

‘Dile que aqu√≠ esta el hombre que la ama ,¬†Que siempre ha sido el due√Īo de su vida’ –¬†Tell her here’s the man who loves her that has always been the master of his life. = The man is God and the master the Ambition

‘Que me la encuentro siempre en cada sueno, que ya no duermo’ – That i find her in every dream and that i don’t sleep anymore’ = ‘Her’ is a reference to my goals in life.

‘Que si las miradas no me llegan, s√© que pierdo la cabeza’ If the her looks/stares don’t come back to me, i know i will lose my mind = ‘her looks/ stares’ are the many amazing things left to see in the world.

‘Que me muero de angustia porque yo no la puedo ver y¬†pierdo mil intentos en buscarla’ – I’m dying of anxiety because i can’t see her and i will lose a thousand attempts in looking for her = ‘Her’ is the world

Hope you liked my little Bachata analogy here is the link to the song (chose the craziest video so you have to listen to the song!! lol):

Alex Bueno РQue Vuelva: