I love Lionel Richie

Just putting it out there because one day he’ll have to depart…



Found my travel inspiration from my youth!!!

So we are having a bit of a clear out of my house and i’m selling stuff on eBay to help my Honduras funds as as my mother was clearing out the attic i stumbled upon this gem and had an instant flashback of having me being about 5, with this massive book in front of me telling my mum i want to travel the world.

I have no idea who bought me this book and their intention but i believe this was the first time i fell in love with the world and my love for travelling. Playing games like find the country and telling my mum the main exports from various countries definitely made me the unique nomad i am today.

Here are a couple of pictures from the book itself!

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If anyone knows the authors, THANK THEM FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! (P.S. Also that they forgot to even put small dots to represent islands such as Madeira, a Portuguese island close the coast of Morocco that i have been to and loved!!)

Tis funny how your childhood shapes your life and desires, i totally forgot that i had this book but my heart obviously didn’t.