Getting my ish together!!!

So after an emotional few weeks i can gladly say i’m feeling a lot better and am starting to get back to my normal crazy self. The health scare a couple of weeks ago really shook me up both physically and mentally and i had tiny meltdown because it dawned on me that i’m not in control……

Turning 25 was a milestone enough but now i have had 2 force my brain to catch up with my age and focus. Due to my many travels abroad i sometimes feel a bit left behind by society in terms of social aspects because it’s almost like i pick up where i left off before i left and no1 is still there.

One of the biggest things i have had to accept is that hardly any of my people go raving/clubbing anymore, they all have valid reasons for not going but for some reason my brain is refusing to play along. Not that i don’t spend my weekends doing anything else but i guess i don’t wanna grow up and things like that don’t compliment my ‘eternal PartyRocker’ dream!!!

I have my temporary job here that is funding my move to Honduras and spending time improving my nutrition and health these are what i need to focus my energy on. At times like this you realize what priorities are and even though i do miss the wild days with my friends i am just happy to spend time with them.

There is nothing like a hospital stay to scare the crap out of you and make you behave so just like a tazer when my body tries to plan a wild night out or 4 i remind it of the pain we survived and we soon reduce it to one mediocre wild night out!


Yep another insight into the mind of Aic3la.





La Idioma de mi Corazon….

Primero donde esta los acentos y todo de eso en WordPress ingles si creo escribir bi lingual!! Ya fue mucho tiempo para aprender cuando los uso y ahora que!!! jajaja

Pues bienvenidos a mi otro lado, lo llamo la idioma de mi corazon…..

He aprendido Espanol hace 12 anos desde secundaria pero como todos con segundas lenguas voy a comitir errores asi te bienvenido ayuda de todos lados. Tambien he vivido a Espana, Cuba y Mexico asi tengo una mezcla de dialectos de estos paises y pronto Honduras tambien WHOOP WHOOP!!

Pues me llamo es Aic3la y voy a tratar de poner algunos puestos en Espanol asi mas gente pueden disfrutar mi locura!!

Mi primer amor en cualquier idioma es la musica, sobre todo los generos me cae en amor con canciones y hay algunos muy cerca a mi corazon k quiero compartirlos con ustedes y te lo juro hay miles maaaaas……

Disfrutar! x

Primero es tu mi primero encuentro con espanol, soy caribena y mi profe trataba de unir mis mundos y culturas y la resulta era esa:

Segundo era el himno de Cuba cuando fui en 2009 para estudiar Espanol en la Universidad de Habana, CADA DIA, CADA FIESTA!!:

Unos de mis memorias mas fuertes de Catalonia, Espana cuando estaba trabajando en un campamiento de ninos, han ganado La Copa Mundial:

Desde mi querida Mexico tiene k ser el grupo Jesse y Joy:

Uno de las leyendas de Mexico Selena:


Un Clasico:

Y eso k casi me pone a punto de llorar cada vez lo escucho:

Y finalmente, mi precioso reggaeton, no me importa k nadie dice es musica, si no te gusta, es tu cosa!!!


Espero k te gustaba mi primer puesto en espanol y disfrutaste!!!

Deja un comentario si quieres y te escribo pronto!!!

Disfruta! x




Fear….. Friend or Foe????


Hey guys, so i’m officially around 12 weeks to my big international move to Honduras and for the first time i can say i was thrown back into my chair by fear and began to rethink my dream….

For those who don’t know or are new to my blog i spent the past year in living in Mexico in what was described as one of the most dangerous towns in the world, Torreón, Coahuila. Now before that trip i had a slight relapse on my dreams as i was moving alone to a non touristic part of Mexico for 11 months to teach adults English but to my surprise i ended up having another amazing experience abroad (i have also lived/studied in Havana, Cuba) of my quarter century life.

The state over-run with cartel intimidation. my year was full of ups and downs which included the occasional gunshot lullaby and our ‘spot they army truck’ game which was never below the count of 5 on some days. Overall my time in Mexico was simply wonderful as even though you could not deny the negatives i got to see the beauty of the country in it’s natural state (well… apart from PLAYA DEL CARMEN!! A.K.A CANCUN’S YOUNGER SISTER!!)

This chain of thoughts brings me to my present issue, HONDURAS…

Studying the history and cultural integration of Central America in University has made me so intrigued by this part of the world as they are so culturally rich yet through corruption, loss of power and extreme poverty these countries are now battling a negative image that the media has glued to them.

I must say that i take precautions and warnings very seriously however i believe everyone deserves a chance and God has put me here to inspire those chances in challenged places.

As you may know from the media reports the Honduras has a deadly gang problem and with the city of San Pedro Sula named the Most Dangerous City of 2011, the tourism has been sporadic to say the least. The deportation of gang members from the USA to Central America created some of the most dangerous cartels/gangs in world history and they are still devastating society to the present day.

One of my main problems is the stigma of having tattoos which has been said to be enough to be a victim in various cases as rival gangs identify their enemies by markings but sometimes regular citizens get mixed up too. I’m not going to live in the capital but it kind of worries my human nature as i have 9 tattoos and am a very outgoing person so i know already that i will have to change my persona to not stand out over there. I’m sure people have tattoos but with such violent associations it is not common. I have spoken to my co-workers and Hondurans and they do not have any issues out there however i will be doing some more research of my own to ease my spirit.

As always the media tend to focus on the negative points but as with everything Honduras does have a beautiful side and without the violence has a lot to offer holidaymakers. Check out this video below:

I have been offered a very good opportunity to teach in Honduras and even though at times i do freeze with fear i am praying 24/7 for God to protect me and give me the strength to follow my dreams and help contribute to the reconstruction on Honduras.

Any thoughts or advice would be very welcome!!!






Global Food Cravings……

Hey so as i sit here enjoying every crunch of my crisps i thought i would do a quick blog about foods i miss from the countries i have been to and what i miss when i leave the UK….

UK: it has to be Walker’s Cheese and Onion Crisps and Heinz Salad Cream (My extreme addiction to salad cream led me to take 4 bottles to Cuba with me on my study abroad, they last 10 months!!!)





Cuba: The avocados and guavas were sooo fresh and tasty. Also the man 2 blocks from made house who made what could be the best and freshest churros in the world.



Jamaica: Jack Fruit and Sugar Apples…… AMAZIIIIINNNNGGGGG In generally crave anything from Jamaica as its in my heritage and we even though eat the traditional dishes in England, there is just something about eating home food in your home country that makes it taste so much better!!



U.S.A : Well most things you can buy here in the UK but nothing is like Aunt Annie’s Cinnamon Pretzel with a Strawberry Lemonade to wash it down or a ‘Love It’ size cup of French Vanilla and Cookie Dough Ice Cream, Cookies, Fudge, Caramel and chocolate sauce.


Mexico: My undying love for Gorditas especially carne asado con queso or a burrito con salsa valentina (Any one know where i can get Salsa Valentina in London?) OMG mole chicken with real chocolate sauce with rice or chicken pozole is the best winter warmer!!! Bombas or tortilla with melted cheese and salsa are a good party dish as well. Although i could eat most Mexican food without a problem!!



Greece: I fell in love with tzatziki sauce when i went there 6 years ago and i still but it thanks to Tesco!!!


Catalunya, Spain: There is a Seafood Paella call Fideua that i have when i spend my summers in Spain !! It is made with little noodles cooked with seafood. Anyways i love that too!!


After all that i think i’m going to go a bit mad then maybe find a gym because the thoughts alone must have given em a few calories!!!

Next place i’m off to is Honduras and i’m already excited about the food there!! Any recommendations are welcome…..

My Bachata Outburst – Mi explosión de Bachata

Soooooo i’m moving to Honduras in January to teach for 11 months and as music forms my soul i thought i would tune into some online radio stations over there and see whats going on….

I’m happy to report that i will be absolutely fine over there cz they have my beloved reggaeton, bachata, salsa and punta, a genre derived from Central American as a result of intergration with Afro-Lations. (Very similar to dancehall to Jamaicans). As well as HipHop, R&B and my other loves.

I was listening to a station called Caliente 96.9 fm and this song jumped out at me that i now find myself havin random outbursts of lyrics trying to escape my untrained voice box or a random bachata dance off with my shadow.

The song is called ‘Que Vuelva’ by Alex Bueno an artist from the Dominican Republic who is a legend in the latin music world.

The song isn’t only amazing but speaks to me on a different note….

To me the song acted as a metaphor for my travels serenading me to get back onto a plane and follow my dreams. And no i was not under the influence when i had this epiphany!!!

Here are some of the lyrics……

‘Dile que vuela’ – tell her to come back = The foreign lands calling me back

‘Que sin ella no puedo vivir’ – that without her i can’t live. = ‘Her’ is my love for travelling

‘Dile que aquí esta el hombre que la ama , Que siempre ha sido el dueño de su vida’ – Tell her here’s the man who loves her that has always been the master of his life. = The man is God and the master the Ambition

‘Que me la encuentro siempre en cada sueno, que ya no duermo’ – That i find her in every dream and that i don’t sleep anymore’ = ‘Her’ is a reference to my goals in life.

‘Que si las miradas no me llegan, sé que pierdo la cabeza’ If the her looks/stares don’t come back to me, i know i will lose my mind = ‘her looks/ stares’ are the many amazing things left to see in the world.

‘Que me muero de angustia porque yo no la puedo ver y pierdo mil intentos en buscarla’ – I’m dying of anxiety because i can’t see her and i will lose a thousand attempts in looking for her = ‘Her’ is the world

Hope you liked my little Bachata analogy here is the link to the song (chose the craziest video so you have to listen to the song!! lol):

Alex Bueno – Que Vuelva: