UFC 172 – Jones vs Teixeira


This event was dominated by aggression whether it be a knock-out or being confident in your skill/talent, UFC 172 got some stress out tonight!


I usually don’t touch on prelim fights but the Bantamweight bout between Patrick Williams and Chris Beal was absolutely brutal! They both came out with an intense force, to get that knock-out finish. After Beal was hit and slowly walked off an early low blow , we thought it could be over for him as we saw his tempo reduced slightly. The way Williams’s offence dominated him had us thinking it was a done deal until a BEAUTIFUL flying knee to the head took Williams out cold and he fell flat. It goes to show that even when your luck is decreasing you can still come back and Beal sure did!

Main Card

The night started with a Featherweight bout between 2 youngsters wanting to strengthen their reputation in the UFC. Andre Fili came out full of energy however Max Holloway played it cool countering the punches and kicks coming at him. After some take-down attempts and some classic jabs, Holloway came through with a barrage of big hits followed by a guillotine for the submission win.

Next up was Yancy Medieros and Jim Miller who both have experience on their side however were desperate to make to the win to get closer to a title shot. These 2 lightweight fighters mean business coming out with power. Medieros started off strong but later into the fight Miller showed his true colours and began to weigh in on the Hawaiian fighter. In the end Miller took the win by submission with a guillotine to a very proud Medeiros who chose to be choked out instead of tapping out of the fight.

Then it was the turn of the middleweights who didn’t waste any time giving a result. Tim Boetsch came out with a confidence of domination thinking he would submit Luke Rockford. As soon as the bell rang Boetsch ran for a take-down but got caught up in the Rockford’s web who slipped him into a kimura leg triangle and just when we thought he could escape Rockford sealed the submission win by going for an arm bar. Amazing diversity of submission techniques at one time.

Co-Main Event

This fight was probably one of the most wince worthy fights as we saw the potential damage before they entered the Octagon. Failing to make weight in the heavyweight class and having to leave the UFC, Anthony Johnson returned to the UFC with such power it was almost impossible for Phil Davis to find a win. Talented Phil Davis gave it his all throwing some hard hits and kicks all while avoiding Johnson’s right hand. Struggling to hold off those punches Phil David got caught many times by a wave of hard punches from the ‘heavy-light-heavy’ weight fighter and even though it went to decisions everyone respected to heart of Phil Davis who refused to give up. Johnson took a unanimous win from the judges.

Main Event

In all honesty I didn’t know what to expect from this fight, I am a Jon Jones fan and was intrigued to see the skills he had against this hard fisted Brazilian. After a long time away from the UFC due to visa problems Glover Teixeira came back to the UFC on full form ready to take on the light heavyweight champion. The rounds were full of adrenaline, Jones landing shots, knocking out mouth-guards and Teixeira gritting teeth due to various eye pokes and a shoulder injury. The fight was undeniably well matched as we saw both fighters go head to head. Jones made sure he secured the win by keeping his hits accurate and even though he didn’t get the take-downs the judges saw how he dominated the fight and gave him his 7 title defence success.

Overall a great event from the UFC, full of good old fighting and aggression. So many knock-outs to choose from, I wonder who will get the bonuses for ‘Knock-out’ and ‘Fight Of The Night’…… HARD CHOICE!!


UFC 152 reminded us it’s not always about the K.O

So as the smoke clears and we all rest into another wait i must say that UFC 152 was one of the best especially in terms of the title matches n not just the Jones n Belfort fight.

Cub Swanson is getting better and better, i remember him vaguely from the past but that fight yesterday will keep him firmly in my mind, amazing technique that led to that KO but Charles Oliveira just needs to have a bit more fire behind him then he will get up there with the rest.

Now i actually can’t decide which was a better fight between Bisping vs Stann or Johnson vs Benavidez…..

Bisping has improved significantly since his last fight and he proves why knows more than one fight style will pay off in the end. It was a close match but i’m happy for Bisping. This match was one of the rare fight when i actually couldn’t predict what the judges would score!! Now maybe a title shot can be set up…….

The surprise of the evening was the flyweight title shot as even though they were both relatively new to me, i could see why this category is so necessary. From the intro i could feel the adrenaline of the fight and even though they did manage to slug it out until the final round, i must say that they are both winners in my mind. The absence of the high energy knockouts we are used to in the flyweight probably disappointed the audience but this in it’s entirety was a perfectly matched fight. Johnson did have the edge of Benavidez but the last judge was a bit harsh scoring him only 46 to 49.

Now onto the main event of the evening as Bruce Buffer would say….

From the reaction of the crowd at the start of the fight you could feel the crowd had developed a slight anger towards Jones after the ‘UFC 151’ incident. Not sayin that Belfort couldn’t hold his own but i could see from Jones’s attitude he felt like he had to win this simply to prove why he deserves it.

The last 2 fights for Jones have been a bit predictable from him and we are starting to see his opponents takes advantage of his down time, (Machida’s punch to the face and Belfort’s amazing arm bar submission attempt), As much as i love Jones i really wish he would develop his skills more and become an all round better athlete. It’s fair to say that he relies on his huge reach ability and power to take his opponents rather than going in at them. I’m #TeamBones for life and can see him going from strength to strength but if he’s not careful someone is going to study him as he studies them and catch him off guard.

Overall an inspiring event with the first Flyweight belt awarded to Johnson and Jones retaining his title but more importantly doing what he had to do and brushing all those haters off.

UFC 151 should be proud xx

P.S. UFC 153 – Return of Big Nogueira!!!!


After the heartbreaking injury pull out from Dan Henderson followed by Jon Jones refusal to fight Cheal Sonnen, and then when Machida was set to go against Jones he decided to say no!!  UFC was tugging on my emotions until the event was finally confirmed. I didn’t know this amazing sport could bring out the girl in me!!!

Sooooooo tonight is the night, we have our Headliners Jones vs Belfort, which is going to be a reeeeeaally intense fight. Will be interesting to see how Jones has developed his style since the backlash of his controversial ‘NO’ to his initial opponent Sonnen and also how Vitor Belfort plans to avoid those legendary long limbs.

In the flyweight we have 2 fighters who i believe are equally matched just not in the same styles. Should be  a good fight.

And finally in the Mr Micheal Bisping is back with a bang in his Middleweight bout against Brian Stann, an important match for both fighters.

Overall we know what we will all be waiting for but the build up to the main event will be worth watching.

All i know is that when i hear Bruce Buffer i’m running to the TV Screen!!!

R.I.P UFC 151