Schoolboy Q feat T.D.E Artists – Concert Review

schoolboy q


Concert Review

Artist: Schoolboy Q

Date: Thursday 29th May 2014

Location: Electric Brixton, London

Concert Review

I arrived at the Electric Brixton after 9 o clock just as the T.D.E (Top Dawg Entertainment) artist Isaiah Rashad finished so I can’t comment on his performance but judging by the aura from the crowd, he warmed the stage up indeed!! It was almost as hype as when the main act came on!! ALMOST!!

The venue itself was a bit overcrowded in my opinion. I previously saw 2 Chainz at the same venue and even though a packed audience is what artists want, the experience at Electric Brixton was a bit too close for comfort….

The main man Mr Q came on stage just after 10 o’clock fulfilling the anticipation on the sold out crowd. I have only jumped onto the Schoolboy bandwagon in the past few months but was pleased to see he had an array of fans singing along to his archives. He himself is a very creative and energetic rapper. Not too in your face but knows what his strengths are and that’s what he did tonight.

Following his previous UK appearance supporting Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q vocalised his gratitude for our support enabling to headline his own worldwide tour. YOUR WELCOME!!

Born within a military base in Germany and raised in L.A, California following his parents separation, real name Qunicy Hanley was heavily influenced by the gang lifestyle around him. Even though he had good grades and a passion for American Football, the street lifestyle soon took a hold and he dabbled in drug dealing and so forth. Picking up an an undisclosed charge at 21, Schoolboy Q was driven by the freedom of rap,continued perfecting his craft until he felt comfortable enough to leave the hood life and be a rapper.

Early on in his career, Q had some controversial beef with rapper 40 glocc which inevitably gained him fans in the hip hop world. His rise to fame increased over the years as he released various mixtapes and albums including ‘Setbacks’ leading up to 2012. In that year he came out with ‘Habits and Contradictions’ which featured artist such as A$AP Rocky and Currensy amongst others. At present he has one to the most critically acclaimed albums titled ‘Oxymoron’ which delves into his personal musical style as well as featuring various other hip hop artists.

The whole vibe of the concert was very edgy as he dropped songs such as ‘There He Go’ and other classics before mixing it up with recent hits such as ‘Collard Greens’ and ‘Gangsta’. In his trademark white Tee and fisherman hat, Schoolboy Q sure knows how to put on show. In case we zoned out for a second he quickly reminded us that we were not at an opera and we should ‘TURN UP’ a.k.a GO CRAZY!!

The show drew to a close when he threw down ‘Man Of The Year’,’ Oxymoron’ and ‘ Break The Bank’, the beat bouncing was immense and you could tell he was genuinely grateful for the energy in the venue. Whether you are a hardcore T.D.E Follower or a you have just joined in with crew, you will not be disappointed!

He may have started off as support act in the past but Schoolboy Q can definitely hold his own! :D



Isaiah Rashad – I Shot You Down

Schoolboy Q – Man Of The Year

Schoolboy Q feat Kendrick Lamar – Collard Greens

Schoolboy Q – There He Go
















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Nelly – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Nelly

Date: Thursday 8th May 2014

Location: The Forum, Kentish Town

Concert Review

Has been a while since i been to The Forum and in true THROWBACK THURSDAY style i went to see an artist who i have been wanting to see live for around 10 years!! The ‘Hot in Here’ man himself Nelly performed a one-off show and yes i was in there losing my voice with everyone else.

We had to wait a while for Nelly to come on but we were well entertained with DJ Swerve keeping the groove in the house. The venue was full by showtime came around and as the location boasts, the crowd was full of an eclectic mix of people.

Bursting onto the scene in 2000, Texas born, Missouri raised Nelly put his hometown of St Louis on the rap – map which had been dominated by the West, East and South coasts. With his unique rhyming slang, vocabulary and his boys firmly at his side, Cornell Hayes Jnr (aka Nelly) was ready to take on the world. After forming a HipHop ‘St Lunatics’ crew in high school, Nelly had a taster of the rapper lifestyle and after a slight setback (no record deal) he decided to go solo.

Over the past decade Nelly has gone from strength to strength, had an on/off relationship with R&B Ashanti, started a clothing line and starred in various advertising campaigns. He also set up an organisation to educate society about bore marrow diseases and the lack of donors, inspired by his sister’s plight with leukaemia, sadly she passed away in 2005. Not letting anything take away from his dream, he made sure that he gives back to the community in more ways than one.

The infamous plaster, Nelly wore on his cheek in the early part of his career was an ode to his younger brother and fellow St Lunatics Member ‘City Spud’ who was serving a lengthy jail sentence at the time.

In true Nelly style, he compacted years of material into an amazing set that definitely made up for his absence on our shores. Kicking things off with ‘Party People’, we were taken into a hype as he ran through hits such as ‘E.I’, ‘Country Grammar’, ‘Shake Ya Tailfeather’. I had an amazing sing along with some people I met to ‘Hey Porscha’, didn’t realise I was still so hardcore!! (doing my 15yr old self proud!) He included some other material which included ‘I’m so Faded’ and ‘Move that Body’ which kept the crowd in the zone with a fresh vibe.

As the show went on Nelly thanked us for sticking by him all this time and that we should to continue to support new music and gave advice to new artists to keep trying to reach their dreams. A highlight of the show was the crowd integration, Nelly pulled 3 ladies onto the stage and after various conversations, proceeded to serenade each one to his classics ‘Body On Me’, All In My Head’ and ‘Dilemma’. The looks on their faces were priceless as Nelly twirled and grinded with them….. (not jealous at all!!) Either way he was a good artist for doing that, some artists just expect you dance for/on them but he actually took the time out to do something different and unique.

The closing hits were somewhat sentimental as he wanted to show his gratitude as well as get the party started. The infamous ‘Hot in Here’ tore the house down and as Nelly took off his top SADLY many others felt the need to follow suit. I’m all for liberation but please, keep it civilised!! That song had us all jumping and singing along like it came out yesterday, timeless!!! On a more sombre note he spoke about his fight to get where he is now and closed the show with ‘Just A Dream’.

I know I’m biased as I am already a fan but this was an excellent show of MidWest’s finest, he made sure he came in top form to deliver the goods and as the saying goes: BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!!! ❤



Musicalize presents August Alsina and Ryan Leslie plus Angel – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Musicalize presents August Alsina and Ryan Leslie plus Angel and support

Date: Sunday 9th March 2014

Location: Indig02

Concert Review

Due to transport delays I arrived at the venue late and luckily managed to catch the main UK support act Angel halfway through his set. I saw the singer songwriter a few years ago and it was nice to see him develop into such a good artist. He had the stage presence and the talent to sustain a very mixed crowd and deliver a great performance.
Be sure to check out his upcoming EP ‘Possession with intent’ out later this year and I’ll include a link to one of his biggest hits below.

Main Acts

After the cancellation of a scheduled Hip Hop show I was pleasantly surprised to see Musicalize jump straight back into the light with a whole other show lined up. One veteran in the R&B game and a newcomer to the mainstream who is causing palpitations all over the globe!

Without further ado, after DJ EverOfficial got us warmed up, a hooded figure appeared from backstage and with the shrill of high pitched screams I knew it was the man they call August Alsina. Dressed in a big parka jacket and shades the singer/rapper came on stage and knew what he had to do. 21 year old August burst onto the scene in 2011 after various tragedies in his personal life including exposure to addiction and violence led him to take refuge in music and make a better life for himself. He began his career in a very modern way, uploading a video to YouTube which started ripples in the music industry. Starting through mixtapes and collaborations, August got his big break with a duet featuring US rapper Trinidad James called ‘I Luv This Shit’ and he’s gone from strength to strength ever since.

To the delight of his female fans and cringing dismay of their parents amongst other supporters August gave us a good performance introducing us to his music. I feel that he wanted to take a different approach to his career and instead of focusing on the US market only, with the help of social media he was able to create a global fan base and luckily managed to do an international tour before his 1st album has been released. Many top selling artists are yet the cross the Atlantic….
Although he had just left Amsterdam from a show and was suffering with fatigue and exhaustion, August still managed to vocally lift us and show what he can do. Some of the highlights were his crowd interactions, causing literal landslides as he moved across the stage and his performance of ‘I Luv This Shit’ which gave him the freedom to seduce us musically while showing us his ‘lovemaking moves’ (I can still hear the screams ringing in my head!!) Other stand out songs were ‘Ghetto’, ‘Numb’ and his lead single ‘Make It Home’ which are part of his musically biography album ‘Testimony’ due out April 2014.
Overall I think it was a good set that ticked all the boxes of a tour for a new artists, of course his good looks helped fill the arena but as seen tonight he is more than just a pretty face.

Onto the final main act.

Firstly I will say that I am not a huge follower of R&B music therefore the part of the review will only be based on what I saw tonight. Dubbed the ‘Black Mozart’ and supported by a live band complete with a keyboard for him Ryan Leslie graced the stage with immense energy and passion. By this time a lot of the younger listeners had began making their way home as they did not find a connection to Ryan Leslie, which is fair enough as they saw who they came to see.

From the get go I could tell this set was going to be very different to that of August Alsina and it was a nice way to end the night. Singer, Songwriter and Producer Ryan Leslie proved his talents tonight by bring a very acoustic sound to his music. I definitely felt like I was watching a live show and the band supported him flawlessly. I know Ryan Leslie through collaborations he has done so was nice to hear what he has been doing over the past few years.
From an early age, his love for music and playing instruments paved the way for Ryan Leslie, earning him scholarships and accessed to some of the top schools and universities in the U.S. Once perfecting his niche and working with other artists, Ryan Leslie burst onto the scene after collaborating with R&B singer Cassie on the track ‘Me and You.’ From the he gained the exposure needed to go into his own and build his own career. 3 studios albums later and one on the way we were given a musical history lesson in the life of Ryan Leslie. Songs such as ‘Addiction’ and ‘Diamond Girl’ definitely got the crowd going and wanting more. His next album titled ‘Black Mozart’ is due to be released by summer 2014.

Tonight was a civil mixture of urban music ranging from home-grown talent, new singers and r&b veterans. It was nice to see such a line up live as I doubt a mix of supporters would have ever come together if it wasn’t for the music.


French Montana – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: French Montana + Support Acts

Date: Monday 2nd December 2013

Location: Indig02

Concert Review

From the atmosphere outside the venue, i felt i was going to be a good concert but i didn’t expect such diversity and support for the main act, French Montana.

The venue was quite empty early on in the night as people were slowly arriving asking the question that would theme the night: When is he coming on stage????

Thankfully there were a few support acts who came on to fill the time and i want to say the quality of support acts in definitely getting better from UK artists. Was nice to see a variety of UK urban talent showing love and they built a vibe in there to warm up the stage nicely.

1st of the main support acts tonight was a grime MC called Ghetts formerly known as Ghetto. Outta East London, he burst onto the stage in a lyrical frenzy that literally ignited the place, there is something about UK music that will never leave us no matter how many American artists we see. He gave us the classics ‘Artillery’, and ‘Sing for Me’ along with other mixtape hits. I personally loved his set and i’m just getting into the UK garage scene so was a nice snippet of what to expect.

Lady Leshurr took the form of support act number 2 and this lady did not fail to delver in the slightest. Birmingham should stand up and represent for this young lady, who controversially declined an American record deal, wanting to stay true to her dreams. She got the crowd movin n jumpin and finished off her set with a syllable perfect freestyle/cover of Chris Brown’s ‘Look at me now’ (YES, SHE DID BUSTA’S VERSE TOO!!! CRAZY!!).

The next part of the line up took me by surprise and i’m not gonna lie, it took a while to warm on me. MC Mr barz from decided to host the UK Barz Battle on stage with a few rounds to mix things up an to be honest it was ok but not exactly good timing. People were restless and wanting to see French so the MC’s didn’t get an easy time at all. Eventually support did come through and after 2 rounds (1st over the ‘Pound Cake’ instrumental freestyle and 1 Acapella), the crowd decided that Osama should be the winner. Quite right too, that man is raw talent!!

So now for the main event!!!!

After another interval party brought to us by Alize and HotSteppah from Choice FM, it was finally time to see the Coke Boy himself.

Dj in place and entourage strategically placed on stage we heard his infamous trademark ‘Haaaaaaaaaan’ (Sound, not word lol) and the crowd went berserk! He came out and started as he meant to go on. Full of energy and just the right amount of swag to keep it cool. In general the crowd were mainly Moroccans who came out to support their boy however it was good to see the mixed crowd getting into the thick of it. Even throwing water and moshing at random times(I was not involved!!)

Born and raised in Morocco, French Montana was raised in a typical North African family unit, speaking Arabic, French and English to name but a few languages. After relocating to South Bronx, NYC in early teens, Karim Kharbouch was introduced to US Hiphop and began rapping and recording mixtapes to get his name out there. He had successful series called ‘Cocaine City’ that caught the attention of the rap industry very quickly. After building up his name he was signed to Akon ‘Konvict Musik’ but after the deal didn’t work out, he finally found his home with a joint venture between P Diddy’s Bad Boy Label and Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group. He then proceeded to release various mixtapes Including ‘Mac and Cheese 3’ to keep his voice out there before moving onto his feature. Both legendary rappers Diddy and Rozay helped produced his 1st album ‘Excuse My French’ which was released in spring 2013.

Back to the show, dressed in all black, French never failed to impress us jumping from fresh hits like ‘Freaks’ feat Nicki Minaj, ‘Pop Dat’ feat Rick Ross, Drake and Lil Wayne and ‘Stay Scheamin’ feat Rick Ross and taking us back to classics like ‘9000 watts’, ‘Ocho Cinco’ and ‘Chopper Down’ He also ran through most of his collaborations with the likes of Meek Mill, Fabolous and to my surprise we even got a guest cameo from his rumored girlfriend rapper Trina, as they performed ‘Tic Toc’ together. She looked goooood!! lol

He closed the show with his show stopping hit ‘Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin’ which was controversially covered by Miley Cyrus. The crowd went crazy and as the crowd leaked out of the venue someone started a random rendition in the foyer and before i knew it i was singing along with around 50+ others like we were on stage!! (Good Times!)

Overall it was a really good show, French Montana definitely made sure he left a good impression in London and i think he was shocked at exactly how much support he had out here, looks like he will be back at some stage in the future. The whole line-up tonight was incredible and even though we had to wait a long time for the main act, they entertained us well.

As usual, here are the links to educate you!! Shout out to CT and the security team at the venue! Didn’t forget y’all!

Here are the links to educate ya as usual!! xoxo

Ricky Rozay – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Ricky Rozay (Rick Ross)

Date: Monday 7th October

Location: Indig02

Concert Review

This concert was a mixture of amazing and confusing times to say the least. Upon arrival to the venue, there was a queue that stretched far outside onto the parade which i have never seen before! I mean i know the concert was sold out but damn! That queue could cause nightmares!
Anyhoo i made my way to the box office to collect my tickets and encountered a worrying situation. I met a pair of ladies from outside London who had traveled in for the show. They were advised to go to the box office after problems with their tickets on the doors. In the end it turned out that the tickets had been purchased by someone ‘who couldn’t attend’ and they had bought the tickets at TRIPLE face value, only to be told the tickets had been already been issued that evening.
Basically meaning that people are posing as ticket sellers online, taking payments and forwarding the e-ticket but then going to the concerts themselves early, leaving the new buyers outside bewildered, money down and no ticket……

So back to the review.
The support act : Don Money came on stage at around 9pm and at first he did a great job of warming the crowd up. I have never heard of him but he seemed to be affiliated with DJ Khaled and performed some good songs. After a while the crowd grew impatient and began booing but this was no connection to him as an artist. If you want to hear more, check out his mixtape : Weatherman2.

Just after 10pm, DJ Semtex threw down a few bangers to get up limbered up for the main artist Mr Rozay himself and soon enough he graced us with his versace’d up presence. Bursting out with ‘John’ he sure knew what he came to do: Tear Shit Dooooown! I may be biased as this is my 4th time seeing him but he never fails to deliver a good show of all dynamics.

Born William Leonard Roberts II, He came onto the rap scene with a new swag of creating a new collective called MMG, which includes the talented Philly rapper ‘Meek Mill’ and bringing an new image to HipHop. Many dislike his upfront, crime gloifying approach to the world however as many fans will know he has an essence of inspiration about him that makes you want to get up and do something with your life. (hopefully good obviously!!). In his words ‘ BE A BAWSE (BOSS)’. From his mainstream hit ‘Hustlin’ early in his career to the more recent material, he has spread his talent across 5 solo albums, 3 group albums and numerous collaborations giving him worldwide success.

With a dubious employment history, health problems and legal battles which forced him to change his moniker to ‘Ricky Rozay’, This Floridian rapper has never failed to ignite controversy. His biggest cases include a lyric which suggested a drug rape scenario led to him being dropped by Reebok and he is now reportedly being sued by a London Promoter who paid for him and his music group to play a show in London last September but failed to fly over for the show or return any of the finances. His name is always being mentioned when you mention HipHop and i’m sure it will for a long time yet.

One of the highlights of the night and a first for me as a concert lover was the surprise cameo of rapper 2Chainz. Throughout the show Ricky Rozay played songs that would get the crowd going from the likes of Rihanna, French Montana and Acehood so when he dropped the new smash ‘Feds Watching’ from 2Chainz feat Pharrell we thought it was just another song. Little did we know before we knew it we saw the tall, dread swinging statue of 2Chainz!! I must admit, i went a lil bit loca as i am a big fan!

The crowd was jam packed to capacity and security sure had their work to do as there were a few fools who thought they could push people around and etc, only to get rained on with fists and thrown out. I DO NOT ENDORSE VIOLENCE BUT PEOPLE NEED TO BEHAVE OR ELSE!!

After pushing his set to the max he ended the night with his latest single ‘No Games’ feat Future taken from his upcoming album ‘Mastermind’ due out in November 2013.

Overall i’m soooo glad i went, sometimes i ask myself why i do this even if i have seen the artist live before but tonight showed me exactly why. Music is my passion and as long as i can i will continue to enjoy it and share it with those who didn’t make it.

As always here is a little history on Ricky Rozay for ya including the surprise guest 2Chainz. xoxo

Ace Hood – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Ace Hood

Date: Thursday 19th Sept 2013

Location: Indig02

Concert Review

For the first time in a long while a real ‘urban’ artist has had a chance to play at the Indigo2 and i was happy to be able to go along. After a bit of confusion at the box office (complaint letter drafted) i got my ticket and went into the venue to join the windy queue of fans waiting to enter. I was under the impression the main act would be on at 9 but thankfully there was a good line-up of support acts that gave everyone time to file in safely.

The main support of the night was an artist called ‘J Spades’, now i’m not going to indulge like i am knowledgeable about him but after tonight and the vybe he created, i would say yeh, UK music is getting into the swing of things. Check out one of his songs below.

So now onto the main act, Mr Ace Hood!!! After a nice warm up set from Raw FM, we were graced with a very acoustic entrance from the rapper who decided to start off with a drum kit accompanying him. At first the crowd were waiting to the beat to drop but then you saw everyone appreciate the mood he was setting and start to jam to the beat. Rarely have i seen a rapper come out with this kinda of musicality and it was a breath of fresh air. But as we wanted, before long the Broward County rapper blew us away with his big bass line classics new and old, giving us the soundtrack to his struggle.

At 25 years old, Ace Hood has had his fair share of fame, underground and mainstream however it still amazes me that some people STILL don’t know who he is. For the calibre of his music, i would of thought he would have reached far and wide but thankfully tonight, London showed him we know exactly who he is. From his album ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ that gave us the get up and go anthem ‘Hustle Hard’ through the ‘Body Bag’ mixtapes and more recently into his sophomore album ‘Trials and Tribulations.’, Real name ‘Antoine McColister has remained faithful to who he is, which in my opinion is a God fearing man who loves his family and isn’t afraid to work hard and divulge in his earnings’ and quite right too. Signed to the ever popular ‘We the best’ record labelled fronted by legendary DJ Khaled through Cash Money Records, Ace Hood maintained his showmanship tonight in London and didn’t miss a beat.

The highlight of the show included his classics ‘Bugatti’, ‘Hustle Hard’ and various features he appeared on. Now again, to me, i don’t think people reeeeealllly came to see Ace Hood, i think a lot of people were caught up in the hype and came to hear 1 or 2 songs. I make it a habit to mainly listen to the artist i will see the hours before a concert and i can honestly say i entered that arena filled with ‘spiritual energy of a young generation who weren’t afraid to show success yet for me,’ Ace Hood didn’t give himself enough range until the end of his set. A good number of people left after he performed ‘Bugatti’ which was a shame because that is when the his other side started to show.

Overall i’m uber happy i went to see the show but as a die hard hiphop fan, a lot of fakers could have got through with having a good time tonight. Songs like ‘Lord Knows’ and ‘Hope’ never got their time to shine. The street rapper does have a very spiritual side that i think should have come through more. Although i did spill my Brandy and coke a few times while ‘gettin down’ to my songs without givin a damn! (very rare….)

As always i will leave you with classics and i will throw in 2 of my favourites as well.

Support Act: J Spades

Pitbull – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Pitbull

Date: Saturday 3rd August 2013

Location: 02 Academy Brixton

Concert Review

First impressions were slightly biased as Brixton is quickly becoming my favourite venue. Its easily accessible, has just the right incline from the stage so everyone can see and is very roomy. (Even got my own spot, if your ever at the same gig as me im at the back right side of the stage by the bar, follow the fro and say hi!!! hehehe). Anyway back to the review.

Pitbull arrived in true style around 20 minutes late but it was a nice vibe in the academy as they had a DJ playing music to get us dancing and etc. The audience was a pleasant mix of cultures and styles. From the Latinos who come out to rep their Cubano to the new skool dance heads who never put their arms down the entire time! No drama, just straight fun times. Even saw a pair of little girls who were their with their families having the time of their lives, so cute!!

Mr 305 burst onto the stage complete with live band and started with an album hit ‘ Ohhh Baby Baby’ with warmed us up nicely. He kept up the tempo throughout the show, doing all his classic hits accompanied by a group of ‘high-leg leotard wearing booty shakers’ to keep the salsa flowing. Songs such as ‘Rain over me’ and ‘ Get on the Floor’ with artists appearing on video playback showed us why even though many people think he is chessy and robotic, we need Pitbull in our lives. At times i did feel like he was missing ‘another voice’ as he has done so many collaborations but he kept it moving by giving us the best snippets rather than dragging it out.

A Cuban America raised in Miami, Florida (305 refers to the area code of Miami) Pitbull made a name for himself in the rap game early on going on tour bringing Spanish and Rap music together. It was something that was well overdue as the two cultures almost dominate certain parts of the sunshine state. As he developed his sound he decided to delve into Reggaeton and Party Hits with bangers such as ‘Culo’ and ‘I Know You Want Me’, he also did his hit ‘ Shake Senora’ in which he paid homage to Jamaica for its influence. (I love that song because it’s in The Little Mermaid 3!!) Maturity and his love for music developed Pitubull into the artist he is today. An Intense, fun loving character who is proud of his heritage and not afraid to mix genres to get his point across.

A controversial point his Pitbull’s career was when he reacted musically a comment made by George Bush where he made a statement saying that anyone living in the U.S. should speak English and learn the national anthem. Being of Latino heritage he decided to stand up for his people and make a song called ‘ Nuestro Himno’, a song that would later become an anthem for immigrant rights.

Part way through he decided to take us back earlier in his career and do some of his urban hits that we know and love. He did songs such as ‘Culo’ and ‘Move, Shake, Drop’ however in my opinion he didn’t do the songs justice. The songs burst onto the scene at a time when Latinos were becoming musically global in a new genre and instead of embracing Reggaeton to the fullest, he put a rock backing behind the songs and almost hid that infectious ‘Perreo’ beat. As a fan of Pitbull from those days i do feel he should have kept it real regardless if his new fans knew him back then or not. WE DID AND WE LOVED IT!!!

He went on to perform his latest hits ‘Feel the Moment’ ft Christina Aguilera, ‘ and ‘Don’t stop the Party’ but the moment of madness came when he took of his glasses and adjusted his trademark suit to take us back to his magical worldwide number 1 smash ‘ Give Me Everything’. It is one of those songs where your inner soul starts to ache with happiness and you actually start to move involuntarily. I saw people crying, hugging, jumping and screaming, definitely a song of many emotions!!

In conclusion, a very good concert that ticked all the boxes for the newcomers to Mr 305’s world, for the people who remember him before the transition, it was a hard pill to swallow. Many people say he sold out and doesn’t do Latino music anymore and this concert was a slight demonstration of that. He spoke Spanish a lot and dropped a few salsa moves but all the Latinos in the house left looking a bit deflated. You can tell they wanted more from him. I’m happy i went to see him as he is an amazing artist but i don’t know if i would see him again.

Gotta be honest with y’all!!
Either way you gotta go once just to ‘Feel the Moment’
I’ll leave you with a flashabck and the song you will never forget.

Enjoy xoxo