Torture memoirs of a potato….


Deep underground a potato was slowly reaching its full maturation, nearly ready to face the world.

As he thought of the wonders of beyond the norm, he head a faint whimper through the soil.

It startled him as he knew wiggly had gone away and wasn’t due back for a few days.

Then as the voice grew louder he recognizes the now multiplying groans…. It was those who had passed over.

Photosynthesis had warned him about life in the light but he never imagined he would get a pre-warning!

The first voice spoke of how it was thrown directly into a sack full of other potatoes, dirty and lost they were taken to a very loud place where people shouted your worth and then based on your weight, you were then sold.
He was lucky though, his buyer left it too late and threw him into the compost heap when he began to sprout.

Another told of her crash to humbleness as he was plucked with the utmost respect and care, shined and polished and placed in a bag with the best of the best only to then be slashed and thrown into a pot of hot water to scold.

A voice shouted from a short distance “They did that to me too but it didn’t end there! When my flesh was soft, they peeled away my skin and pounded me while throwing milk onto me. It was horrible.

All of a sudden a mature voice bellowed amongst the group “Well, i think i could have been treated the best of all, i was taken out when i was small and like others i was kept with other small potatoes. They chucked us into a pot of hot water, only to cut us into pieces and put us on show with other vegetables. I think i saw that lettuce we were sold with before we were born there as well.

A comforting voice came from the earth talking of tales from her past. She was taken raw from the ground and without warning stripped dirt and grime, slashed deeply and put into a black box of heat. She told us she gave up after 2 hours of heat torture and doesn’t remember what happened next but she believes the lingering smell beans and cheese has something to do with what happened to her.

A shriek startled everyone as a tormented voice whimper uncontrollably, with a strong french accent…..

“I don’t think any of you know torture like me, I was treated like all of you at some point in my life, boiled,peeled, slashed, sliced and my last piece of dignity was taken when my pieces were thrown into a vat of hot oil.”

“Browned to perfection i was then sold for £1.19.”

Everyone recoiled as they realized their stories had sent the new potato into a fear frenzy.

A diseased shout from beneath said ” Quickly, if you keep maturing like i did, they will leave you here and you will never know pain.”

In an instant the perfect potato began to summon maturity in a bid to try and save itself, deep in a trance he did his very best to think positive thought and stay strong.

Just as he felt his first black spot of freedom forming, he was plucked violently from the earth.

It was too late…..


Thoughts inside the cocoon….

Have you ever wondered what caterpillars think about as they transform into butterflies…..

“Did i prepare enough for my new life?”

“How will life in the air be?”

“I wonder if i will be blown away by a sharp breeze on my first flutter?”

“What colour will my wings be?”

“Will the humans think i’m pretty?”

“I wonder how far i can fly?”

“Any aphids about, i’m starving!!?”

“Is this cocoon supposed to get this small or am i an obese caterpillar?”

“I wonder if i will have to make new friends or will my old friends recognize me?”

All this, and turns out i’m a moth…..

Times of Change or Change of Times???

At such a tender time in Global society, i can relate on a personal and global level with the sudden realization of our mortality and how quickly things can all change.

Some blames laws, some blame the lack of humanity, others may think its how (badly) we treat each other but December sure has been an emotional month and i’m not talking tinsel.

The life we live is so precious however the distraction of media will make us believe that if we do not own a tablet computer, have not yet got out PPI claim in or have not done a million squats that we will perish publicly ….. It sad to see so many people caught up in this materialistic world.

I, myself am guilty of being bedazzled by the media yet i have somehow dug deep into my soul and not given into the dreaded call of the plastic (Credit Card). I am trying to live by the rule of ‘Necessity not Desire’ and yep it’s HARD!!! (Must remember to remove myself from the Groupon mailing list!!)

Since my year abroad in Cuba i have become aware of the power of advertisements and that without a mental holiday, our society has almost entirely conformed to the the need to have everything and the result of no hard work. We demand everything in an instant, from food to technology, we have become a bunch of  irrationally impatient people!!

Elderly people are using contactless cards without knowing the risks while young children are going to school not knowing how to read and do basic math yet they will set-up your tablet to your wifi, no problemo!!

This Christmas it seem to be a lot stronger due to the sure state of our economy they want us to spend less time with our families, work more hours in employment in order to pay for these gadgets we hope will raise our children. Not to mention the pressure of processed foods being forced down our throats.

If there is to be a major shift in society i think it will be economical where we lose the value of money and status and have to look at what we have in front of us and in the mirror. Strip away all the products and really look at what we have become.

That would cause a state of pandemonium, the world could never be ready for!!

How much time do we spend with our loved ones, have we ever genuinely helped someone with wanting something in return, even smiled at a stranger for no reason??? Selfless acts give value to our souls.

On a brighter note, my health process is moving forward and even though my travel plans have been delayed, i am still holding onto my dreams and living my life like its golden.

I have a restless soul that may never settle but i hope you enjoyed my latest rants because a crazy is never good alone!!!

Bless ALL angels taken too soon…….


Graduation babaaaaaaay!!

graduate babay


So i have been having an emotional few weeks accepting that my life might be on a new path but i’m trusting in God to take me where i need to be cz he made my heart and knows what it wants…..

Today was actually the first day of many that i can say i was filled with pride as a result of my hard work and determination. I was one of the stereotypical students during my time at University, even though i decided to stay home, i live in London PARTY CENTRAL!!! So i was always hitting a student night (50p vodka shots and foam parties!!) and rolling into class whenever i got to many ‘absent’ emails in my inbox. I did like education but as with many students, i was not taught how to write or read effectively.

In our young days we are taught pronunciation and confidence in speech what we need to do but it seems that at University you actually had to REEEEEAD the words and take them in……. lol…… I know, sounds crazy but you would be surprised how many people struggle with this concept.

In my 3rd year i was lucky enough to spend my year abroad in the magical city of Havana, Cuba where i learnt the importance of living life to the full no matter your circumstances and dancing the night away. I did go to class out there as i wanted to improve my Spanish in immersion classes however i learnt my most valuable ‘Cubanol’ in the late evening on the Malecon with my beloved ‘Havana Club 3 anos’ Rum with refresco Limon looking at the clear bright stars singing along to the passing boomboxes or live band. (Learnt a lotta good swear words too lmao!)

It was not until my return from Cuba and the realization it was my final year that i pulled my big girl pants right up and started studying . After choosing my modules i was blessed with amazing tutors that helped me through my struggles and guided me into the place i am in today. (Latin American, Caribbean, Brazillian Portguese departments at London Metropolitan University, I THANK YOU!!) It was hard and i missed a lot of good parties but it was only on this day i realised the worth of what i had done.

I was living in Mexico this time last year so i missed my initial graduation ceremony but today i got my time to shine.

In places where women are killed for wanting to study i have managed to become another positive statistic and make my family, friends and peers super proud. I don’t know if i will continue with mainstream education but i will definitely keep on learning.

I dedicate this blog to my family, friends and the memories of some very special people in my life:

Mr A Burke a.k.a Dad

Mr H Bailey a.k.a Grandad

Mrs Merici Galvez a.k.a My Cuban Mother

Their spirits will always be part of my successes and i know you were all shining down on my today as i walked that red carpet, showing off my education.

Never give up on yourself cz we are all we have under the spotlight.

From yours truly and now……….

Miss A Bailey with a B.A. Honors in Caribbean and Spanish and Latin American Studies with a Certificate of Proficiency in Brazilian Portuguese!!!!!!!!


Getting my ish together!!!

So after an emotional few weeks i can gladly say i’m feeling a lot better and am starting to get back to my normal crazy self. The health scare a couple of weeks ago really shook me up both physically and mentally and i had tiny meltdown because it dawned on me that i’m not in control……

Turning 25 was a milestone enough but now i have had 2 force my brain to catch up with my age and focus. Due to my many travels abroad i sometimes feel a bit left behind by society in terms of social aspects because it’s almost like i pick up where i left off before i left and no1 is still there.

One of the biggest things i have had to accept is that hardly any of my people go raving/clubbing anymore, they all have valid reasons for not going but for some reason my brain is refusing to play along. Not that i don’t spend my weekends doing anything else but i guess i don’t wanna grow up and things like that don’t compliment my ‘eternal PartyRocker’ dream!!!

I have my temporary job here that is funding my move to Honduras and spending time improving my nutrition and health these are what i need to focus my energy on. At times like this you realize what priorities are and even though i do miss the wild days with my friends i am just happy to spend time with them.

There is nothing like a hospital stay to scare the crap out of you and make you behave so just like a tazer when my body tries to plan a wild night out or 4 i remind it of the pain we survived and we soon reduce it to one mediocre wild night out!


Yep another insight into the mind of Aic3la.