I love this town too, Dizzee!

love london graff

I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was my leaving party for i left for my Mexican adventure in August 2011, the garden and house where filled to the brim as my heart desired. There was food, drink, music and general good times everywhere.

In conversation with my cousins and friends, i checked my Blackberry (As you do… ALWAYS!!) and i saw a few ppl had changed their DP (display picture, come on keep up!) to a burning police car in the middle of the road.

My 1st thoughts were ‘is that real?’ and ‘where is it? because i recognized it as a London police car.

As the world know today it was the start of the infamous London/UK Riots.

The endless images of delinquency even shocked my global eyes, i mean how are people CARRYING PLASMA TV’S down the street in dozens and other’s treated ‘reputable sports outlets’ like some kinda of flea market.

A question that quickly arose was ‘Where were the authorities?’

By the time the authorities made a stand, the riots had spread citywide and starting to ignite across the country. For that whole week it was almost like the UK was entering a social meltdown.

The news reporters were all over the place trying to catch the latest looters or vandals in action. For me, it was a haze as at times i felt like it was movie.

It was only until for some reason i decided to go out on one of the nights with enforced curfew (Don’t ask lol), was on a bus and saw an entire riot squad walk past me, it dawned on me ‘This is capitalist insanity’.

I have many theories on the cause of the riots but i will not divulge as i feel i don’t want to stray off blog.

Fast forward to present day, Nov 2013

Was flicking though the music channels and i came across Dizzee Rascal’s new video ‘Love this Town’ ft Teddy Sky, it’s very rare i catch a video from the start so i planted my bootay and feasted my eyes.

For those who don;t know him, Dizzee Rascal is an award winning, UK urban artist who managed to break into mainstream in UK grime which over the years has brought him global recognition. Coming from a controversial background, many critics questioned his direction however over 10 years later, no-one can deny he is one of the UK music’s National Treasures. Youtube him, you won’t regret it!

The video is a cinematic masterpiece with such a controversial yet honest message i rewound it a few times and just watched the story unfold.

During the 2011 London/UK riots, one of the most documented cases was that of an young man who was clearly injured being surrounded by a group of young men who while seemed helping him, began robbing him of his belongings. The video, which was shot in broad daylight on a CCTV camera, shows the man was dazed and believed they were helping him which made it harder to watch. The criminals were caught and convicted however as many other events, it did not help the image of young people or ‘hoodies’ as some ‘stereotype sheep’ call them.

I personally was disgusted by the case as it was obviously done for thrills because they saw the chance and were running of the adrenaline that filled the streets of London at the time.

Dizzee magically managed to incorporate this heart wrenching scenario in his music video and change the dynamics by changing the plot. While watching i couldn’t guess what the video was going to commence with however i was not disappointed.

Re-enacting the scenes from the infamous crime footage, instead of robbing the young man, the surrounding ‘hoodies’ are filmed packing his bag with snacks before sending him off into the day. It was a subtle change but spoke volumes as did many other juxtapositions in the video.

The message behind the video is working towards rebuilding the connection between society and youth as mainstream media are making young people out to be a terrorist organisation of some kind…..

This post and moi are in full 1000% support of Dizzee Rascal’s recent outburst against UK radio as many stations who originally praised and welcome the London born artist have now turned their backs on him and refusing to play his new song.

I was personally shocked that Radio 1 had an issue with the track as it does not in any way incite violence however they have many other artist’s content played daily that many would consider to be ‘risqué’ and have not considered action.

It is very shallow to treat Dizzee with such disregard as he has brought so many good things to the UK music industry not to mention uniting music fans and genres in general.

It goes to show that when shit gets tough, you see who is real and who is not. Companies who play peek – a – boo with content red tape should know that we need to change society and music is one of the most powerful speakers.

By not playing ‘Love this Town’, it’s almost like you are condemning youth and not giving them a chance to show that everybody is different even if they follow the same popular culture.

So Dizzee, if you ever read this, keep up the good work, we got your back!

Here is the video that is a window into a chance to change youth stereotypes that some of UK radio is trying to stifle…


We were the rain…..

The life we lead is one of many directions and connections

We too are crafted as unique as a snow flakes yet given the freedom to melt as we please

This place i call home is full of familiar faces all doing what they feel is best

Some people say that he is going down the wrong path

needs to stop dreaming and ‘get real’

while others marvel in his independence and freedom.

And her over there, she did everything by the book

listened to the elders, found her perfect love

only for him to be taken by the night so now she roams alone.

The homeless man on the next street is fighting to be accepted

it’s funny how we are all made of the same stuff yet

no-one wants to find his soft side beneath his hard exterior.

Now i’m about the go on my journey into the world,

I have seen others take the leap and follow their dreams

I love hearing their stories when they come back up here.

I bid my peers farewall, found my spot and began to fall.

At first i was afraid, not knowing what would happen

or if i chose the right spot.

Saw the rebel take the wrong turn and hit the ground hard

but this was no time for nerves.

And just before i hit the water, it was only then i realised

That we were the rain…..


Speck of rouge freedom

Bursting out of the anthill is a stream of ants it was back to work for everyone.
The mission: search and destroy anything in their path and dismantle for the queen.
After making the 4th kill of the day, a small crowd began to gather behind a leaf, opening a gap in the prominent string of ants.
“Shes crazy!” someone said
“Maybe she’s high off tree sap” another gossiped.
In the middle of a chaotic pile of the rouge army, sat a ant who was fed up.
“Aren’t you fed up of doing the same shit??”
“This cant be life!”
“Im done following butt pheromones and living with my head down”
This was a first event of rebellion for this colony who rarely thought outside the box or spoke freely.
It wasnt that they were controlled, they were just so used to the routine of being an army ant, any other action sent them into major confusion.
Provoking various responses, this outspoken ant had had enough.
“Im leaving, you might be able to survive with no identity but me, i want more”
And just like that she became the speck of freedom chasing the dream.

Times of Change or Change of Times???

At such a tender time in Global society, i can relate on a personal and global level with the sudden realization of our mortality and how quickly things can all change.

Some blames laws, some blame the lack of humanity, others may think its how (badly) we treat each other but December sure has been an emotional month and i’m not talking tinsel.

The life we live is so precious however the distraction of media will make us believe that if we do not own a tablet computer, have not yet got out PPI claim in or have not done a million squats that we will perish publicly ….. It sad to see so many people caught up in this materialistic world.

I, myself am guilty of being bedazzled by the media yet i have somehow dug deep into my soul and not given into the dreaded call of the plastic (Credit Card). I am trying to live by the rule of ‘Necessity not Desire’ and yep it’s HARD!!! (Must remember to remove myself from the Groupon mailing list!!)

Since my year abroad in Cuba i have become aware of the power of advertisements and that without a mental holiday, our society has almost entirely conformed to the the need to have everything and the result of no hard work. We demand everything in an instant, from food to technology, we have become a bunch of  irrationally impatient people!!

Elderly people are using contactless cards without knowing the risks while young children are going to school not knowing how to read and do basic math yet they will set-up your tablet to your wifi, no problemo!!

This Christmas it seem to be a lot stronger due to the sure state of our economy they want us to spend less time with our families, work more hours in employment in order to pay for these gadgets we hope will raise our children. Not to mention the pressure of processed foods being forced down our throats.

If there is to be a major shift in society i think it will be economical where we lose the value of money and status and have to look at what we have in front of us and in the mirror. Strip away all the products and really look at what we have become.

That would cause a state of pandemonium, the world could never be ready for!!

How much time do we spend with our loved ones, have we ever genuinely helped someone with wanting something in return, even smiled at a stranger for no reason??? Selfless acts give value to our souls.

On a brighter note, my health process is moving forward and even though my travel plans have been delayed, i am still holding onto my dreams and living my life like its golden.

I have a restless soul that may never settle but i hope you enjoyed my latest rants because a crazy is never good alone!!!

Bless ALL angels taken too soon…….