Plantain or Plátano…..


Plantain or Plátano?

As the title suggests, even though language separates them immensely there is no denying that Latinos and Afro Caribbean people have a lot of things in common.
Discovered or re-discovered as’The New World’ in 1492, this area of the world is famous for its care-free lifestyle, its tropical climate and welcoming people to name but a few, however there are many similarities that people many not have been exposed to making these neighbours, almost flatmates.

On that infamous wrong turn (Originally bound for Asia!), Christopher Columbus amongst others, introduced European Colonizers to the Caribbean and South America as a new land waiting to be governed. From the brutal slave trade connecting West Africa to the islands and mainland to the Spanish Encomienda system in Cuba, from the start Latinos and Caribbeans have shared memories of imperialism at its worst. It is well known that countries such as Cuba and Brazil had a vast number of slaves brought over to work on various plantations but there were also prominent numbers of African slaves taken other colonies in Ecuador, Mexico and Peru for the similar purposes, in turn creating pockets of African culture in these countries The Amerindians, the Aztecs and other native groups were forced into a system of slavery in order to make the region profitable and from this we see one of the earliest similarities between the cultures.

When someone says they are going to the Caribbean, the most common assumption would draw to islands such as Jamaica, St Lucia or Trinidad however the Caribbean diaspora goes as far as the Mexico across Central America and down into the South American continent. There are 30 Modern-Day islands territories including Cuba and the Dominican Republic making them a part of the physiological structure of the Caribbean however regions such as the UNESCO protected Garifuna culture and the Mosquito coast of Central America to Archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina of Colombia can’t be denied to influence of the Caribbean Sea upon their lands. The fact that in 2009 Peru officially apologized to Afro- Peruvians for the devastation caused by slavery across history shows that African presence definitely made a huge impact on their country and culture and in many parts is still alive today. We can also see the that geography plays little part in the cultures of Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana who are all run by foreign department regardless of being on the South American Continent. Therefore the Caribbean is not just a chain of islands; the most accurate definition has to include multiple Hispanic countries as well.

The 90’s created a rebellious musical movement around the Caribbean and Latin America. From the influence of the USA and the desire to create their own identity music genres of Dancehall and Reggaeton were created. Infamous for their sexually charged lyrics and infamous dances such as the ‘Dutty Wine’ and ‘El Perréo’ the two genres have gained a lot of enemies, blaming them for social problems such as increased peer pressure, drug use and glorifying vigilante behaviour. Another theme up for debate is the degrading of women, many of the songs talk about infidelity, domestic violence and promiscuity as a common theme which has caused protests all over the region. This being said we can’t deny the percentage of female liberation these genres have inspired. In a society very much controlled by Catholism, Latin American women found comfort in women such as Ivy Queen and the late Jenni Riviera who spoke about current issues affecting young Latinas as well as giving them power in a ‘macho’ society. Though very different culturally, Grammy Winning Jamaican vocalist ‘Lady Saw’ did the same for young women of Jamaica, being the first women to rap within a male dominated genre and even gave brought the importance of safe sex to a very conservative island. However we interpret the controversial genres there is a prominent common ground in both culture’s approach to rebellion and equal rights.

Food is one of the biggest evidences of cultural assimilation that can be found in both cultures. There is no doubt that if you visit any Latin American or Caribbean you will be offered a meal that includes the staple diet of ‘rice and peas’ or ‘Arroz con Frijoles’. Whether it is the economic popularity of the dish or the caloric benefits the two have cemented themselves into the cultures. The tropical climate has also made way for a number of snacks to be made in a similar way. The ‘baleada’ or the ‘Arepa’ are easily compared to the ‘Fried Dumpling’ or ‘Pattie’ due to their easy preparation and wide range of variations. However the most popular connection between the two diets has to be the ‘Plantain’ or ‘El Plátano’. This starchy banana can be boiled, mashed, fried, roasted or chipped, you will find a bunch on almost every Latino and Caribbean shopping lists. At any stage of maturation you will find a recipe including this staple food from the abundant plantain chips to the tasty chapo juice containing blended plantains.
These are just a few examples of how the two cultures have come to be almost identical although linguistically they could not be further apart so next time you pick up a plantain just think of you are holding they key to the assimilation of Latin American and Caribbean culture.

(This Article is based on my own personal opinion and research do not wish to offend anyone, just putting some food for thought out there….)

Let me know what you think!


Pitbull – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Pitbull

Date: Saturday 3rd August 2013

Location: 02 Academy Brixton

Concert Review

First impressions were slightly biased as Brixton is quickly becoming my favourite venue. Its easily accessible, has just the right incline from the stage so everyone can see and is very roomy. (Even got my own spot, if your ever at the same gig as me im at the back right side of the stage by the bar, follow the fro and say hi!!! hehehe). Anyway back to the review.

Pitbull arrived in true style around 20 minutes late but it was a nice vibe in the academy as they had a DJ playing music to get us dancing and etc. The audience was a pleasant mix of cultures and styles. From the Latinos who come out to rep their Cubano to the new skool dance heads who never put their arms down the entire time! No drama, just straight fun times. Even saw a pair of little girls who were their with their families having the time of their lives, so cute!!

Mr 305 burst onto the stage complete with live band and started with an album hit ‘ Ohhh Baby Baby’ with warmed us up nicely. He kept up the tempo throughout the show, doing all his classic hits accompanied by a group of ‘high-leg leotard wearing booty shakers’ to keep the salsa flowing. Songs such as ‘Rain over me’ and ‘ Get on the Floor’ with artists appearing on video playback showed us why even though many people think he is chessy and robotic, we need Pitbull in our lives. At times i did feel like he was missing ‘another voice’ as he has done so many collaborations but he kept it moving by giving us the best snippets rather than dragging it out.

A Cuban America raised in Miami, Florida (305 refers to the area code of Miami) Pitbull made a name for himself in the rap game early on going on tour bringing Spanish and Rap music together. It was something that was well overdue as the two cultures almost dominate certain parts of the sunshine state. As he developed his sound he decided to delve into Reggaeton and Party Hits with bangers such as ‘Culo’ and ‘I Know You Want Me’, he also did his hit ‘ Shake Senora’ in which he paid homage to Jamaica for its influence. (I love that song because it’s in The Little Mermaid 3!!) Maturity and his love for music developed Pitubull into the artist he is today. An Intense, fun loving character who is proud of his heritage and not afraid to mix genres to get his point across.

A controversial point his Pitbull’s career was when he reacted musically a comment made by George Bush where he made a statement saying that anyone living in the U.S. should speak English and learn the national anthem. Being of Latino heritage he decided to stand up for his people and make a song called ‘ Nuestro Himno’, a song that would later become an anthem for immigrant rights.

Part way through he decided to take us back earlier in his career and do some of his urban hits that we know and love. He did songs such as ‘Culo’ and ‘Move, Shake, Drop’ however in my opinion he didn’t do the songs justice. The songs burst onto the scene at a time when Latinos were becoming musically global in a new genre and instead of embracing Reggaeton to the fullest, he put a rock backing behind the songs and almost hid that infectious ‘Perreo’ beat. As a fan of Pitbull from those days i do feel he should have kept it real regardless if his new fans knew him back then or not. WE DID AND WE LOVED IT!!!

He went on to perform his latest hits ‘Feel the Moment’ ft Christina Aguilera, ‘ and ‘Don’t stop the Party’ but the moment of madness came when he took of his glasses and adjusted his trademark suit to take us back to his magical worldwide number 1 smash ‘ Give Me Everything’. It is one of those songs where your inner soul starts to ache with happiness and you actually start to move involuntarily. I saw people crying, hugging, jumping and screaming, definitely a song of many emotions!!

In conclusion, a very good concert that ticked all the boxes for the newcomers to Mr 305’s world, for the people who remember him before the transition, it was a hard pill to swallow. Many people say he sold out and doesn’t do Latino music anymore and this concert was a slight demonstration of that. He spoke Spanish a lot and dropped a few salsa moves but all the Latinos in the house left looking a bit deflated. You can tell they wanted more from him. I’m happy i went to see him as he is an amazing artist but i don’t know if i would see him again.

Gotta be honest with y’all!!
Either way you gotta go once just to ‘Feel the Moment’
I’ll leave you with a flashabck and the song you will never forget.

Enjoy xoxo

La Idioma de mi Corazon….

Primero donde esta los acentos y todo de eso en WordPress ingles si creo escribir bi lingual!! Ya fue mucho tiempo para aprender cuando los uso y ahora que!!! jajaja

Pues bienvenidos a mi otro lado, lo llamo la idioma de mi corazon…..

He aprendido Espanol hace 12 anos desde secundaria pero como todos con segundas lenguas voy a comitir errores asi te bienvenido ayuda de todos lados. Tambien he vivido a Espana, Cuba y Mexico asi tengo una mezcla de dialectos de estos paises y pronto Honduras tambien WHOOP WHOOP!!

Pues me llamo es Aic3la y voy a tratar de poner algunos puestos en Espanol asi mas gente pueden disfrutar mi locura!!

Mi primer amor en cualquier idioma es la musica, sobre todo los generos me cae en amor con canciones y hay algunos muy cerca a mi corazon k quiero compartirlos con ustedes y te lo juro hay miles maaaaas……

Disfrutar! x

Primero es tu mi primero encuentro con espanol, soy caribena y mi profe trataba de unir mis mundos y culturas y la resulta era esa:

Segundo era el himno de Cuba cuando fui en 2009 para estudiar Espanol en la Universidad de Habana, CADA DIA, CADA FIESTA!!:

Unos de mis memorias mas fuertes de Catalonia, Espana cuando estaba trabajando en un campamiento de ninos, han ganado La Copa Mundial:

Desde mi querida Mexico tiene k ser el grupo Jesse y Joy:

Uno de las leyendas de Mexico Selena:


Un Clasico:

Y eso k casi me pone a punto de llorar cada vez lo escucho:

Y finalmente, mi precioso reggaeton, no me importa k nadie dice es musica, si no te gusta, es tu cosa!!!


Espero k te gustaba mi primer puesto en espanol y disfrutaste!!!

Deja un comentario si quieres y te escribo pronto!!!

Disfruta! x




My first night out in Mexico!!!! (Por Fin!!)

Wassup everyone!! As i sit here hanging a head in Tequila shame i fort it would b the perfect time to tell u about ma first authentic raving experience.

Now i’m sure a lot of you are aware of the safety situation in Torreón (regarding the drug wars n etc…) but obvz us young people need a place to go out n put down some squares so along with me housemates n ma new mexican homies we decided to hit 1 of the most popular gay nights in Torreón.

Now i know some of you have very strong views about gay people and etc but let me tell u now I straight always have and alwayz will be and if this club is the only SAFE place open until late then so be it. I have my faith in God and his world but i will not let secular views change the way i live my life. Theres a difference in being surrounded in sin and staying strong to your beliefs and being a sheep n bitches i don’t baaaaaaa!!! (phew, rant over!!!)

Anywayz, had an amazing time at the club, music was decent even though after a month of random dance music ima have to have a quiet word with the DJ!!! Me n Terry being the only gurls of colour for MILES we literally took center stage n we had major GIRAFFES INA FARM moments but it was all good vibes, i just think they have never seen morenas in Torreón and thought we were lost n forced to groove but NO PEOPLE!!! We are here to STAAAAAAY!! for now anyways…….

Met some kool people and the night had a superhero theme so there were random bodypainted superheros all over the place so u kno i had 2 paparazzi those mofo’s!!! oh yeeeeeh the Tequila in Mexico is soooooooo much nicer than the poison they give u in the UK!! Might b a problem soon tho!! lol

Can’t remember what time we left the club but all i remember was the words ‘Burger King’ n i was ready to go!!! My FIRST EVER Burger King experience was classic and yeh the chicken tenders they do r sayin a lot to me but regardless….. I WILL ALWAYZ B 1 OF RONALD MC’DONALDS chicas!!!

We got a cab home after our Mega Munch n when pulling up to our abode we realised we didn’t have the key…. Im sure if we were inthe UK we would have had riot police tapping on our backs the way we attacked our house from every corner!!! Me fighting the doors with a hair pin while Terry and Emma took turns being spiderwoman over our garden walls (as well as ripping off a window guard n being chased by our squatter cat that tries to live with us….. U kno hw i feel bout intruders…….) After bout 20 minz we managed to get in n we all scattered to our rooms n dived into bed.

All in all had a really good night and as time goes on i will deffo find ma Reggaeton/ HipHop/ Dancehall scene in Torreón and if all else fails i got a talented homie coming to Mexico real soon that will have to come up n do some special sets n im guna have to learn to hit the Dj Decks as well…..

Start work tomorrow so will hit y’all again around midweek…

Peace out homies xoxo