Nelly – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Nelly

Date: Thursday 8th May 2014

Location: The Forum, Kentish Town

Concert Review

Has been a while since i been to The Forum and in true THROWBACK THURSDAY style i went to see an artist who i have been wanting to see live for around 10 years!! The ‘Hot in Here’ man himself Nelly performed a one-off show and yes i was in there losing my voice with everyone else.

We had to wait a while for Nelly to come on but we were well entertained with DJ Swerve keeping the groove in the house. The venue was full by showtime came around and as the location boasts, the crowd was full of an eclectic mix of people.

Bursting onto the scene in 2000, Texas born, Missouri raised Nelly put his hometown of St Louis on the rap – map which had been dominated by the West, East and South coasts. With his unique rhyming slang, vocabulary and his boys firmly at his side, Cornell Hayes Jnr (aka Nelly) was ready to take on the world. After forming a HipHop ‘St Lunatics’ crew in high school, Nelly had a taster of the rapper lifestyle and after a slight setback (no record deal) he decided to go solo.

Over the past decade Nelly has gone from strength to strength, had an on/off relationship with R&B Ashanti, started a clothing line and starred in various advertising campaigns. He also set up an organisation to educate society about bore marrow diseases and the lack of donors, inspired by his sister’s plight with leukaemia, sadly she passed away in 2005. Not letting anything take away from his dream, he made sure that he gives back to the community in more ways than one.

The infamous plaster, Nelly wore on his cheek in the early part of his career was an ode to his younger brother and fellow St Lunatics Member ‘City Spud’ who was serving a lengthy jail sentence at the time.

In true Nelly style, he compacted years of material into an amazing set that definitely made up for his absence on our shores. Kicking things off with ‘Party People’, we were taken into a hype as he ran through hits such as ‘E.I’, ‘Country Grammar’, ‘Shake Ya Tailfeather’. I had an amazing sing along with some people I met to ‘Hey Porscha’, didn’t realise I was still so hardcore!! (doing my 15yr old self proud!) He included some other material which included ‘I’m so Faded’ and ‘Move that Body’ which kept the crowd in the zone with a fresh vibe.

As the show went on Nelly thanked us for sticking by him all this time and that we should to continue to support new music and gave advice to new artists to keep trying to reach their dreams. A highlight of the show was the crowd integration, Nelly pulled 3 ladies onto the stage and after various conversations, proceeded to serenade each one to his classics ‘Body On Me’, All In My Head’ and ‘Dilemma’. The looks on their faces were priceless as Nelly twirled and grinded with them….. (not jealous at all!!) Either way he was a good artist for doing that, some artists just expect you dance for/on them but he actually took the time out to do something different and unique.

The closing hits were somewhat sentimental as he wanted to show his gratitude as well as get the party started. The infamous ‘Hot in Here’ tore the house down and as Nelly took off his top SADLY many others felt the need to follow suit. I’m all for liberation but please, keep it civilised!! That song had us all jumping and singing along like it came out yesterday, timeless!!! On a more sombre note he spoke about his fight to get where he is now and closed the show with ‘Just A Dream’.

I know I’m biased as I am already a fan but this was an excellent show of MidWest’s finest, he made sure he came in top form to deliver the goods and as the saying goes: BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!!! ❤




Musicalize presents August Alsina and Ryan Leslie plus Angel – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Musicalize presents August Alsina and Ryan Leslie plus Angel and support

Date: Sunday 9th March 2014

Location: Indig02

Concert Review

Due to transport delays I arrived at the venue late and luckily managed to catch the main UK support act Angel halfway through his set. I saw the singer songwriter a few years ago and it was nice to see him develop into such a good artist. He had the stage presence and the talent to sustain a very mixed crowd and deliver a great performance.
Be sure to check out his upcoming EP ‘Possession with intent’ out later this year and I’ll include a link to one of his biggest hits below.

Main Acts

After the cancellation of a scheduled Hip Hop show I was pleasantly surprised to see Musicalize jump straight back into the light with a whole other show lined up. One veteran in the R&B game and a newcomer to the mainstream who is causing palpitations all over the globe!

Without further ado, after DJ EverOfficial got us warmed up, a hooded figure appeared from backstage and with the shrill of high pitched screams I knew it was the man they call August Alsina. Dressed in a big parka jacket and shades the singer/rapper came on stage and knew what he had to do. 21 year old August burst onto the scene in 2011 after various tragedies in his personal life including exposure to addiction and violence led him to take refuge in music and make a better life for himself. He began his career in a very modern way, uploading a video to YouTube which started ripples in the music industry. Starting through mixtapes and collaborations, August got his big break with a duet featuring US rapper Trinidad James called ‘I Luv This Shit’ and he’s gone from strength to strength ever since.

To the delight of his female fans and cringing dismay of their parents amongst other supporters August gave us a good performance introducing us to his music. I feel that he wanted to take a different approach to his career and instead of focusing on the US market only, with the help of social media he was able to create a global fan base and luckily managed to do an international tour before his 1st album has been released. Many top selling artists are yet the cross the Atlantic….
Although he had just left Amsterdam from a show and was suffering with fatigue and exhaustion, August still managed to vocally lift us and show what he can do. Some of the highlights were his crowd interactions, causing literal landslides as he moved across the stage and his performance of ‘I Luv This Shit’ which gave him the freedom to seduce us musically while showing us his ‘lovemaking moves’ (I can still hear the screams ringing in my head!!) Other stand out songs were ‘Ghetto’, ‘Numb’ and his lead single ‘Make It Home’ which are part of his musically biography album ‘Testimony’ due out April 2014.
Overall I think it was a good set that ticked all the boxes of a tour for a new artists, of course his good looks helped fill the arena but as seen tonight he is more than just a pretty face.

Onto the final main act.

Firstly I will say that I am not a huge follower of R&B music therefore the part of the review will only be based on what I saw tonight. Dubbed the ‘Black Mozart’ and supported by a live band complete with a keyboard for him Ryan Leslie graced the stage with immense energy and passion. By this time a lot of the younger listeners had began making their way home as they did not find a connection to Ryan Leslie, which is fair enough as they saw who they came to see.

From the get go I could tell this set was going to be very different to that of August Alsina and it was a nice way to end the night. Singer, Songwriter and Producer Ryan Leslie proved his talents tonight by bring a very acoustic sound to his music. I definitely felt like I was watching a live show and the band supported him flawlessly. I know Ryan Leslie through collaborations he has done so was nice to hear what he has been doing over the past few years.
From an early age, his love for music and playing instruments paved the way for Ryan Leslie, earning him scholarships and accessed to some of the top schools and universities in the U.S. Once perfecting his niche and working with other artists, Ryan Leslie burst onto the scene after collaborating with R&B singer Cassie on the track ‘Me and You.’ From the he gained the exposure needed to go into his own and build his own career. 3 studios albums later and one on the way we were given a musical history lesson in the life of Ryan Leslie. Songs such as ‘Addiction’ and ‘Diamond Girl’ definitely got the crowd going and wanting more. His next album titled ‘Black Mozart’ is due to be released by summer 2014.

Tonight was a civil mixture of urban music ranging from home-grown talent, new singers and r&b veterans. It was nice to see such a line up live as I doubt a mix of supporters would have ever come together if it wasn’t for the music.


Trey Songz – Concert Review

Trey Songz


Concert Review

Artist: Trey Songz

Date: Thursday 31st January 2013

Location: Hammersmith Apollo

Support Act: Bluey Robinson

Handed the review pen over to another blog friend of mine who gave her personal spin on the London show of RnB superstar Mr Trey Songz. I have seen this artist at least 3 times so i thought it would be interesting to get a fresh point of view. After reading her review, check out JayBee’s blogs and get involved!! heres a link to her page :


The show opened with Bluey Robinson serenading the crowd with his beautiful angelic voice and soon after UK artist Angel took to the stage in a comical bulletproof vest. Why he was wearing a vest no-one knows – after all it was an RnB show full of chicks!

Bang on time like clockwork Trey Songz took to the stage at 9. Opening up with one of his biggest club bangers ‘Say Ahh’. The girls went crazy, the screams were deafening  Three girls actually fainted from the excitement and had to be carried out. But Trey was just getting started….

We were treated with hits after hits from ‘Can’t help but wait’ to his many collaborations including the steamy ‘Can’t get enough’ with J Cole.

After that the stage went dark and Trey Disappeared. In his place we were greeted with a video of him preparing for a seductive night with a mystery lady. And we knew that we were in for a hell of a ride.

He then popped up topless and sang all his greatest love songs from ‘Neighbours know my name’, ‘Invented Sex’ and his newest sexual song ‘Dive in’. The ladies melted.

The show was fantastic and Trey Songz definitely got the crowed on his side. The sensual nature of the show was to be expected but one that we all thoroughly enjoyed.

Imma about to Dive in now and say goodnight.


My Opinion

For those who don’t know this young man has been on the music scene for a while gracing us with pure, honest, R’n’B music. At times he does describe some of the worlds deepest fantasies to a catchy bass-line but there is no denying the man can sing!!

From Petersburg, Virginia, USA Trey Songz has been one of the most humble artists of our times as he never forgets his overseas fans and makes an effort to give back and show his appreciation. He even has a community foundation project movement called ‘Angels with Heart‘ where he uses his success and fame to give back to various communities and people in need.

A lot of people are very critical as Trey often uses his dashing good looks and sex appeal to cause palpitations across his audience and many feel that he would not have been as successful if he looked different. In times like these, everybody is using their attractiveness for something but when it comes down to it, you will not have longevity and respect in your field if that all your bringing to the table. And after 5 studios albums and close to 10 years in the ‘game’ Trey Songz has long proved the haters wrong.

Its almost as if this once shy singer still hasn’t come to terms with his rise of fame and somehow understands the need to remain part of the ‘normal’ world despite his success. With collaborations with artists such as Fabolous, Nicki Minaj and Drake there is no denying that Trey Songz is here to stay.

I will leave you with one of his most successful songs to date

Enjoy! xoxo




Miguel – Concert Review


Concert Review

Artist: Miguel

Date: Saturday 12th January 2013

Location: 02 Sheperd’s Bush Empire

Support Act: Daley (UK artist)

Letting one of my longtime homies help out in my world of concert reviews. Miss N Luke (@nandyluke) is an everyday multi-cultural fashionista and always has a unique opinion about everything so when she told me she was going to see ‘Miguel’ I jumped at the chance of getting her voice out there, so here it is:

“Sold out venue, hence it was little over crowded.  Great vibes, there were as many men as there were women, which was a little surprising seeing as he is a male R’n’B artist who predominately sings love songs. However, in my opinion he is the ‘Prince’ of our generation and is vastly becoming recognisable  and is transcending through gender, race and social background.

 The biggest cheers of the night went to his successful ‘Adorn’ which had the crowd roaring.  His other hit singles ‘sure thing’  and ‘quickie’ also received a good response.

 Overall the concert was great, worth every single penny, people really enjoyed themselves. He is an amazing performer and vocalist.”

My Opinion

With a secret love for R’n’B i must admit Miguel was a breath of fresh air in the music world as he is one of few artists that fought adversity to be who they are. Even though he is a blend of many styles including classic rock and neo-soul, Miguel has managed to captivate millions throughout the land with his breakthrough R’n’B single which is a thumbs up for any artist.

From Los Angeles, California, Miguel sought out following his dreams from an early age and over the past decade has learnt many hard yet valuable lessons about the music industry that many artists would shudder at however he still came through and released his talents upon us.

From the responses he is receiving all over the music industry, I feel that Miguel has finally found his niche and from here will continue to morph into the artist he no doubt will greatly personify.

Here is the song that is introducing us all to this great vocalist and beware ‘you might just bust a small groove when you hear the bassline!!’


iTunes Festival – Alicia Keys, Support Act – Lianne La Havas


Concert Review: iTunes Festival

Artist: Alicia Keys

Date: September 28th 2012

Location: The Roundhouse, Camden

Main Act: Alicia Keys

As a result of my networking abilities i was able to get tickets to this selection only concert and see one of my favourite musicians on this planet. This in total was my 7th time seeing Alicia Keys in the UK and she was just as good as ever.

Her set was on time which was a good sign for the rest of the night as she graced the stage, she looked good!! Rockin that new haircut as well. I loved her rendition of ‘You Don’t Know My Name’ which had a classic old skool reggae beat to it, keep everybody swayin hard up in there!!

The highlights of the show for me were ‘Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart’ which she partly did in a beautiful acapella and ‘Empire State Of Mind’ where she had everyone everyone with their lighters, phones and fingers in the air air bouncing the beat along with her.

She ‘closed’ the show with a passionate version of ‘No-One’ which provoked many couples around me to remember they were there and engage in an eternal hug kiss dance combo……. (I held onto my Blackberry with the same emotion!!)

Then a few minutes later she showed up for an encore of ‘Not Even The King’ and finally actually closing the show with ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ sending shivers down our spines and raising goosebumps all over that place!!

Whatever critics said about this New York Girl that played the piano and didn’t have the faith she would fit in should sell their tongues to the devil because Alicia Keys was, is and always will be a true artist and i would see her a thousand times over.


Support Act: Lianne La Havas

Firstly i would like to apologize as i didn’t arrive in time to see the support act Lianne La Havas but here is some information about her and a link to her latest hit ‘Is Your Love Big Enough?’

Lianne La Havas is a musician/singer from South London. Of Greek and Jamaican Heritage, she successfully mixes electronic folk and soul influences into her music. With her debut album released July 2012 we certainly will be hearing more from this talented lady….


Review and Setlist Image by Aic3la

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