Yesterday i was an stain, today i’m a beautiful ink blot…


It’s Britney, Bitch!!

Anyone who knows me from school days knows that music was, is and always will be my life!! From going to as many live concerts as possible (Check out my review section) to religiously checking I had my trusty cassette player with me.

Growing up in London as black teenager, I was often judged for listening to pop music such as NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and Britney to name a few yet my room was plastered with HipHop and Dancehall legends. I was the embodiment of Eclectic and didn’t give a damn.

Developing into a woman I encountered and survived many a bad relationship and Britney was always one of the strongest glues that put me back together. There is seriously nothing like listening to ‘Stronger’ with a chilled glass on Hennessey and coke in both hands.

I even worked ridiculous overtime so me and 3 friends (Shout out to Jennifer, Krystal and Christy) could go and see her live, a frickin dream come true a thousand times over.

So when I heard Britney was doing the BMA’s 2016 I honestly wanted to sit down and take a minute to calm myself and remember the road is tough but I will make it.

We all remember Britney in 2007, hell I even referenced it when I was in my last semester of university trying to make word counts and find the right bibliography style. This young woman has come so far I feel like we were by her side the whole way.

This picture is somewhat freeing if not completely intriguing as we see a beauty of the modern world literally shave off the reigns of the media and celebrity norms.

If any woman, anywhere in the world can’t relate this this need to liberate and be one’s self then my dear, the wave will soon reach. I’m not condoning or praising Britney’s spontaneous balding sesh but as many people have yet to understand celebrities are people and sometimes they crash and burn just like us, but they too can shine again.

So this is for you Britney, thank you for showing us your crazy and getting back to the star you always were….









Once upon a now…….

Once upon a now there is an old girl/young woman who is living in a world of beautiful shit and ugly masterpieces.

She, herself, as like everyone else, is barely keeping her head above water in the global sea of problems. Finances, Love or lack of, Health, Career, even Carbon Footprints?!?!?!?!

At times she wants to escape into a closed space with a multi-coloured packet of sharpies and scribble her every last dream onto the whitewash walls because in her fear of failure, she thinks that would be as real as they’d get. in permanent ink…

At other times she feels as fit as a fiddle, wearing a perfectly co-ordinated outfit, T&A (Tits and Ass) set to ‘flirty’, her work life gaining gold stars and she’s so confident she can talk 2 anyone cz she’s cool like that.

All this, same old girl…..

Oh no maam, Please don’t have a Bitch Fit!!!



Hey bloggers! So today i’m touching on a topic that i know all of you have had or are brewing up the confidence to have. I DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE IN ANYWAY but i do however support freedom of speech…..

For the past couple of weeks i have put myself in certain emotionally frustrating situations that i could have avoided but my good nature allowed me to look for a good light and go. Now i can be honest enough to say there are a fair few things in the world that can and one day will inspire  AN EPIC VERBAL BITCH FIT upon the people who have taken my kindness for weakness.

Also defined as a ‘Nigga Moment’ a Bitch Fit is ‘A moment in which ignorance overruns the brain causing an outburst of irrational aggression’.

From these silly Banks claiming things that don’t belong to them or people using their position to take advantage and all those in between, i have had enough and need to tell them how i feel in a calm but direct way.

This who know me, understand my personality and i can say what i want in most situations. What i’m afraid of is the stupidity of people who don’t accept freedom of speech. The pointless fights i have seen because someone has ACCIDENTALLY nudged past you on a packed walkway are enough to irate a nun.

Society has forced people into 3 herds of sheep:

Herd 1: The Kamikaze’s – these are the people who have pushed anger to be their number 1 emotion, in any situation they throw up a defense and use anger and sometimes violence in discussions.

Herd 2: The Twitcher’s – these are the people who sit and smile sweetly while dream about putting salt in your coffee instead of sugar. It is not that they are scared but they realize the have a lot to lose if they are pushed over the edge and would rather sit and grit their teeth and indulge in an almighty Bitch Fit.

Herd 3: Finally these are the people who have decided to put all their energy into other emotions to cover up the anger they prefer to hide. From force of habit they are used to being a target for another person’s anger and decide to make excuses for them rather than voice their emotions.

I can honestly say i am a perfect sheep in Herd 2 as i know that my position in life is blessed and i don;t want to let a moment of madness take it all away from me. I hate the fact that people feel they can take advantage of those trying to do good or help out of the goodness of their heart.

Well this shit stops today, take my kindness for weakness and one day sooner rather than later you will be graced with the presence of an Oscar winning ‘Bitch Fit’

On a lighter note, here are three classic examples of a bitch fit, here purely for entertainment purposes so don;t get any ideas Herd 1 sheep!!


Bitch Fit #1

Taken from the classic film ‘White Chicks’

Taken from the Series ‘Boondocks’

Also taken from ‘Boondocks’


Enjoy!! x